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Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm so TIRED! and HOLY Crap!

This weekend was exhausting. On Saturday I woke up and did some work left from last week. Why does it seem like work is never caught up, never done?  After that I fixed breakfast, cleaned house and got started on the Christmas cooking. I made chocolate dipped pretzels and Reese's cups.  Then I ran to the store with my chocolate crazed children. Not fun.

Returned home annoyed and sick of my children.  Got them lunch and then kicked them outside in the sunshine. One of the great things about Texas is pretty days, even in December.  Then I got to work on the food for the Tae Kwon Do Christmas party.  Then, we went to the party. I did great on food yesterday.  I ate breakfast and a small lunch. I ate very little at the party, mainly veggies with dip and no desserts.  Calories yesterday ended at 1152. I drank at least 120 oz as I quit counting around there.

After we got home from the party, I got the kids to bed.  Then I  got busy wrapping presents. I was up until midnight and I'm about 1/2 done. Christmas is exhausting. Fun, but exhausting.   The good news is I think I have it all bought. The bad news is I have to wrap it all. For some reason children seem to expect this.

This morning I woke up early to children running and giggling upstairs. After wrangling them into quieting down, I explained that Nana really wants a pretty picture as one of her presents. The girls got to work and colored most of the morning. Yeah!  I cleaned and cleaned. Then breakfast, cleaned up after. Then I got busy on more Christmas goodies.  I have to say that I ate one 1/2 of a candy today. About 50 calories.  Other than that I haven't eaten any of the sweets. The kids have had so much fun helping me with it all. I still have fudge to do and then I can package it all up and take it to the office for the people there. Then most of it will be out of the house.

For breakfast I had egg substitute with toast. I didn't eat any lunch as I was too busy. I did drink my fluids as usual.  Tonight I made lasagna. My in-laws arrived from Nebraska today. They were very pleased to see the sun.   For dinner I had a very small piece of lasagna and a huge salad. I made salad with romaine, yellow tomatoes, red peppers, walnuts and cranberry stilton cheese. It was FAB!  That with my low fat Red Wine Vinegrette was great.  I passed on the cheese bread I made for the kiddos.  Total calories today are  1182.

I weighed and I lost a pound last week. The math says it should be more, but it's less so I'll take it.   I sat down at the computer to do yet more work left over from last week and I forgot that the server at the office is backing up starting at 8pm on Sundays. It backs up and then reboots. Damn. I guess I won't get all that stuff done.  Instead I decided to go ahead and post here and get the blogs read. This way I won't have as many in my in-box in the morning.

Now the in-laws are playing a card game with my kiddos and I am trying to keep my eyes open. I'm thinking Mamaw and Papaw get to put the girls to bed and I get get a head start on my sleep. That or wrap yet MORE presents. Sigh. At least I have extra hands and eyes to watch kids this week.

OH! I almost forgot!  Friday at lunch I ran to Kohl's to get a couple of shirts. I have very few shirts that fit right now and my Mom gave me a free $20 coupon that had to be used by Saturday and she said no way in hell she was gong near ANY store this weekend. (Mom is a pretty smart chick).  ANYHOO... I was looking around the store. I got some cute long sleeved t shirts, size XL for $6.99.  I decided to take a look for some pants. Just to satisfy my curiosity I took a pair of 12 pants into the dressing room. THEY ALMOST FIT!  Holy crap holy crap holy crap!  All these years I thought if I could just be a size 12 I would be "normal" and and that would be so amazing. It is, but I have so much farther to go. It makes me wonder what size I'll be at goal. It blows my mind.

So I bought them, of course, even though they are too tight. They fit great on my legs. They are tight in the hips and are about 1 inch from buttoning. I figure 5-7 pounds and they'll look good. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I can't. I've never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever been able to get size 12s on before. I wouldn't have been able to get them past my knees a few months ago. It was so amazing.   I have to revise my goals, that's for sure. I always thought a 12 was small. Now those pants are hanging in my closet in plain sight to remind me I am so close to being down another size. I can't get distracted, especially now with the holidays here.

And that's all. Hope you all had a great weekend. Hope you are all drinking and peeing and eating right and working out and all the important stuff. Do NOT let your guard down. Not even one minute. We must stay vigilant. It's us against the desserts. Do NOT let them defeat you!


  1. What a great feeling! I think everyone in that position would've bought them too -- I know I would've! Have a good week, and don't let the desserts defeat you, either! :)

  2. wow, Doc I am worn out just reading this! I don't know how you do all that! And your calorie count is amazing! I don't believe I could make it on that low of a calorie count!!! How the heck lady?

    I am glad you got free help wrangling kids this week. Are you working a full week at the office?

  3. Even without the presents and company the holiday season is overwhelming here. There's just so much to do and so many events. It's all too much! Hang on, it'll be over soon and you'll have all these fond almost size 12 memories and photos!

    You're rockin it!

  4. Sounds like Santa is being pretty good at your house with all that wrapping you have to do. Awesome NSV on the pants that you will be wearing very soon!!!

  5. Great work with resisting and the pant! Woo hoo.

  6. @Shane: I'm working M-W this week. I'm off Thursday and the office is closed Friday. I'm on call this week, but it is usually very light with phone calls. I won't be on all for the holiday, so that's good.

  7. Congrats on the 12's! That's a big deal. Plus, losing a pound right when the kids are out of school and the craziness ensues? Monumental! Good luck with the in-laws and the kids through the rest of the week!

  8. As long as you are losing during the holidays, that is great and a miracle in my book.

    Congrats on the size 12's. I had a similar experience a a few days ago with size 10's. I couldn't believe it.

    You are so busy, but getting it done, girl! Enjoy your kids being young...they grow up too fast.


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