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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Chaos Continues and WHERE have they gone?

Today is another day on the hamster wheel that is my life. I wok up around 6 am and got to work on the computer stuff I couldn't get done last night.  After that, I spent about 40 min getting packages ready to ship out today. The last of it. I got all my Christmas cards done last night.  I got ready for work and out the door late, but I was very happy I didn't have to deliver 3 kids to school today. For breakfast I grabbed a jimmy dean lite sandwich and a banana with my coffee and water.

The office was hopping. Lots of people are sick. COVER YOUR COUGH and WASH YOUR HANDS. Goodness I'm seeing lots of illness. Stamping out disease. That's me. More water. Pear for snack. Out the door at lunch to mail the packages and cards.  Another thing on my list done. Yeah!  Then to the gym. I was glad to get there a little early. I didn't get the workout in this morning so I made it up with 30 min of elliptical. OH Elliptical, how I've missed you. How I've needed you. How I've longed for you to make me sweat.

Just walking in the place made me smile. I've missed you gym, my friend. After the elliptical, I had a session with my trainer. It was heavy on core and light on knee and elbow since my right elbow is starting to act up a little again. Hope I don't need another shot as that hurt.  Anyway, we did all sorts of stuff, I burned like 600 cal with him. The best part was....HE said, "You've LOST more weight?  I was worried you'd been gone so long. I was worried you would have gained."  HA HA. Showed you. He was really nice and really proud. I haven't trained with him since like before my surgery

I made it through the work out, even the planks and hamstring roll outs and back extensions w/ weights and reverse flys and sit ups with weights and biceps curls on one leg and all the other. I did better than I was afraid I would, but I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow.  Lunch was a turkey subway sandwich I ate in the car on the way back to the office. Ever tried to eat one of those while driving? Messy. What I managed to get in my mouth tasted good. More water, of course.

Tonight it's home to finish my candy making, more wrapping and...well isn't that enough already? The kiddie karaoke machine I ordered for the girls came today and I've been loading their favorite songs on it. I can't wait to see them play with this thing. They will love it.

I spent a while this morning going through my blog roll. I didn't remove anyone, but I may have to . I did send out some comments to people I haven't heard from in a while. I was sad to see a couple of them are just gone from blogger completely. So sad. Where'd they go? Did they get sick? Did they give up? Did they just get tired of it all?  Here's a request: If you decide to stop blogging, let us know.

We really do miss hearing from you when you're gone. We worry about you when you don't post for weeks. And not just because we're worried you'll gain weight. Because we get to know you. The Blog you anyway and we like you.  We want to know you are ok, fat or thin. Successful or not. We won't judge you if you fall off the wagon. We've all been there. Come back. I mean it. Not blogging doesn't solve any problems. In fact it might make them worse.  If you need us, we'll be here. Just post and you'll remember how nice it is to have these friends out here that care about you.

And DON'T do that, "well it's already Christmas, I'll start back after the New Year."  You know that bullshit got you where you are right now. So, get back to it. Even if you don't feel like you're in the place where you can really make efforts at diet. Just come back. Start to blog again. It will help you get motivated. And if it doesn't for a while, at least you won't be facing being miserable alone. Stop it. Right now. Stop thinking we don't really know you and that if we did we wouldn't really care. Stop thinking you aren't worth it. Stop thinking that you can't do this, even though you want to and KNOW you need to. Stop thinking you are just too busy.  Just stop. Take the first step. When you are done reading this, POST something. Anything.

We're waiting for you.


  1. That was such a nice way to address people feeling shitty. I often think I shouldn't write, I don't deserve to write because I am in my dark place. I usually march on because this is for me. But, hearing what you said was really helpful.

  2. That was a very productive busy day!

    Sometimes it is so hard to come on my blog and tell of my lack of willpower or weight gain... my "failures" but I do it... its hard but oh so helpful!

  3. Hi Dr. F.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving such kind comments.

    I remember the days of working, having three kids, and trying to get ready for the holidays. It is chaotic, to say the least, so I know what you're talking about. Try to find some down time for yourself in the midst of it all. Take care...

  4. Thanks for stopping by and helping me reconnect. After one year of tremendous success, the 2 months of family stress (good and bad) was a surprising challenge to my tough won habits. But, I'm back in the saddle. Yee haw and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all.

  5. Hamstring rolls? What the heck are those? Sounds like something I would eat (because of the ham..and the roll). Speaking of which, you are on a roll! Keep it up doc -- quite a (th)inspiration.

  6. I am tired just reading about your hectic schedule! My goodness you are doing a lot and making people feel better too!

    I agree with you about people who just drop out of the blog world all together with out letting anyone know what is going on. It worries me when that happens!

  7. Oh I remember the gym. I really want to get me a membership and start going again. I love going to a gym. I am betting since I would not be the absolute fattest guy there at this time, I would like it even more. Hmm I may go explore the possibility.

  8. Very cool how you impressed and surprised your trainer! Nice workout, too. :)

    Hope life slows down for you a little now that you've gotten the Post Office part of Christmas over with - that is always such a huge amount of work, isn't it?

  9. Ah, the gym! I went Sunday afternoon and spent two blissful hours there, and it felt so GOOD! Mostly because there aren't any offspring or husband begging me to bake something. I'm on baking strike this year. I handed over the apron to Teen Daughters and told them that if they wanted cookies they would have to make them.

    So far, no cookies have shown up in the kitchen, which is a good thing for me! That will probably change today as I just received a call from Teen Son#1 asking where the Knot Cookie recipe is hidden.

    I'll be going to the gym again today after work.

  10. I think it is hard to dedicate yourself to anything, let alone exposing an attempt at weight loss that the world can see. I think there will be a lot of familiar strangers after the New Years resolution kicks in.

  11. I don't have issues with posting, it's commenting that is hard for me. My home computer is whacked, so I can only comment from work, which can be tricky. I'm glad for the everyday posters, it helps me keep on track to read about what otehrs are going through. I've got some social anxieties so I could never do group wieght loss therapy, but this serves a very similar purpose for me.

    You sound like a busy lady these days. and you are holding up remarkably well, I'd be a quivering puddle of nutbar if I had as much to do as you do.

  12. I totally agree about the bloggers that disappear! Whenever someone goes on haitus I'm always worried that they have given up and are gaining weight again. I hope that's not the case! I feel like a pest when I email them saying "WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU???"

    You're busy, but I'm glad to see that you priorities are still firmly in place. You're doing wonderfully--keep it up!

  13. I know I've been slacking lately, taking a few days off here and there for mental health purposes. It does appear that there is a lot of that going on aroun d here. Must be contagious.

    It's a great idea to shoot them a message get let them know they are missed. It might just be the nudge they need to get back on the wagon!

  14. I don't comment as often as I'd like, but I have to say that your comments about the bloggers who just stop is dead on. I hope it reaches the right people.


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