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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday and A Big Bowl of Nothing.

Well, I weighed this morning and scale says I'm up 3 pounds from Sunday. I do not think this is possible based on what I've been eating. But, I know I haven't gotten in all my water and that I am puffy. To top it off I think I'm getting a sinus infection. I've had a headache for several days, congestion and such. I went home at lunch and took a nap. After work I was home by a little after 5 and I went to bed. Was in bed most of the night with chills and maybe fever.  I really don't have time to be sick and my BFF will be here this afternoon. I'm going to be pissed if I'm sick and it ruins our visit.

I hate taking antibiotics. I avoid it whenever possible. I have been using saline rinse in my sinuses and it helps a lot. Plus my usual allergy meds. I do feel a little better so far today, so we'll see. In laws leave today as the BFF arrives. The revolving door continues. But, it has been a lot of fun having a house full of people for the holidays. Tomorrow I work and then off the rest of the week to spend some time with the BFF. I'm hoping to take her for a grown up lunch out tomorrow since we'll have childcare with Nanny. Maybe we'll get to squeeze in a movie on Thursday together.

I didn't track calories yesterday because I felt like crap.  I entered them this morning and I was in my range. I am tracking this am. Had my breakfast. I doubt they'll be much exercise today as I am planning another nap today for lunch.  Hopefully that gain will be washed away as I push the water back to pre-holiday levels. Mind you I've gotten all my fluids in everyday, but water is best.

And now some sports talk

So last night I watched the kind of football game I like to see. A battle. Defensive plays taking the charge. Sheer will of the quarterback forcing their team to pull through. The Saints battled the Falcons. I like both teams, don't hate either and it was just enjoyable to watch, what I saw of it anyway.  I remember when the Boys used to play like that, but it's been quite some time. And tonight I get to see my 2nd team, the Vikes, probably get pummeled by the hated Eagles. I'm really just hating on all things Philly right now.  But, NFL 4 days in a row is something I could get used to.

I did watch a little of the bowl game yesterday. Air Force did what they do. They are a good team and I was glad they won. Actually after their game in Norman this year we went out to eat at a hibachi grill. At the table with us was one of their players. I happened to glance up and see him on the side line. I was happy for him that they won. Today is the Champs Sports Bowl and the Insight Bowl. Seriously? I'm supposed to rush home to see West Virginia play NC State? And THEN I'm supposed to stay up late to see Mizzou play Iowa with a 9pm kick off? This bowl crap is getting ridiculous.

I am looking forward to the Alamo bowl. OSU will play Arizona. I have connection to both teams, being an Okie and Mike Stoops coaching the Wildcats.  I might watch the Sun Bowl. Two teams you love to hate-Notre Dame and Miami.  The Chick-Fil-A Bowl (I kid you not, that's the name of the bowl) might be good with the Game Cocks playing Florida State. I just like yelling, "Go Cocks!"  But I also like Spurrier who has always been fair to my Sooners. And speaking of my Sooners. We get to play U.Conn. yep. I know. Hard to get too excited by a complete yawn of a bowl match up. If we win, so what. If we don't, there will be hell to pay.

But, even with the lack luster plethora of mediocre teams playing in bowls this year I take comfort in the fact that there are a few more glorious days of college football. And the BEST part?? Texas is watching from home. Hee hee hee hee ha ha ha ha ha. Oh, my side hurts.

Have a great day all.  Any of you out there watching any of the bowl games?


  1. No bowl game goes unseen by me. In fact, I'm beginning to look forward to them and ask who's playing today, or when is X playing? Obviously Husband has charge of the clicker.

  2. Hope you're feeling better very soon, Dr. This week between Christmas and New Year's is a mixed bag for me. I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, but I miss the structure of a regular week. Have fun with the BFF.

  3. I hope your sinuses clear up quickly. Know how folks like us (docs) hate unnecessary meds.

    Bowl season this year is a mixed bag. Some interesting matchups - Mizzou v. Iowa could be very interesting. Heck, even Toledo and FIU was a good game. (Wow, was I bored to be watching that one.) And, in the spirit of holidays, I'll forgive your comment about Texas ;-) What a crap year UT had! OU better represent against that football giant UConn, ha!

  4. Thanks Karen! Yes, Jo, I watch them all, even the less than worthy. Jane-I too miss the structure of "normal" life and I hate the week of transition that will be next week to get back to the normal.

    And I agree, OU better represent!

    And I hate taking antibiotics. I'm paranoid that with all the bugs I'm around if I use them too much I'll get the next super resistant mutant bug.

  5. Don't you absolutely HATE IT when the scale shoots up like that for no reason? That happens to me all the time. I finally had to stop weighing myself during the week, because the fluctuations were making me crazy.

    I live in Arizona now and lived in Oregon for 26 years, and my family is there; in fact, we are leaving today to head up to Oregon. My husband will definitely root for Oregon, but not sure which way I will go... With the Auburn, U of O game, however, it is Oregon all the way, baby!! They really do have a awesome team this year and can score at a moment's notice. Should be a great game!

    Sinus infections are tough; hate them, especially when I get an ear infection to go with the sinus problems. Take good care of yourself and drink lots of fluids.

  6. Hope you feel better soon and fight off a flu blown cold. Colds/Flu are the pits when company is in town. After spending six days with family in Idaho, where the only young one was my 18 month old nephew with a cold, I am now trying to fight it off. On Christmas and the day after as my sister kept taking and reporting his temperature and that he wasn't feeling well because of his cold, I kept thinking, okay how many of the 14 adults will end up with his cold. I feel like my sinuses might be draining, but not 100% sure. My colds always start in the throat (hate that).

    Hope you stay well, enjoy your BFF visit and all the football you can handle.

  7. I hope you feel better soon. I DESPISE sinus infections!!!

    I, too, enjoyed the Saints and Falcons just for the football aspect, because I do not care for either team. I am hoping the Vikes at least show up today. I would like to see a little spark, just a little spark, boys.

  8. I hope you are feeling better so you can enjoy your friends visit Ann. A grown up lunch for the ladies, yes on that! Have fun!

  9. Every year i get sinus infections drives me nuts! Hope your feeling better soon.

  10. It's been a rough few months for you and ailments doc, so I am keeping me fingers crossed that this most recent one will be your last for a good while and that the new year will bring nought but good stuff for ya.

    Glad to be back in blogland and reading your impassioned rants about american football even though I don't understand a bloody word of it! lol....and yes, that's right, i did just say "American" football - "football" (what you guys infuriatingly call soccer) is actually the rightful owner of the name "Football", whilst a bunch of over-padded fairies running around after a rugby ball is, well...."American Football"....tee hee, I thought I'd kick the hornets nest and see what happened.

  11. Well, sometimes the scale just makes no sense. Hope you stay well for your BFF's visit!

    Funny thing about the bowl games - my husband went on a tear the other night, saying he was ready to get rid of cable because he never watched TV...I brought up all the college football he watches - OH YEAH, that is considered watching TV too. LOL. Needless to say, we still have cable! The big bowl game for us to watch is the Cotton Bowl - FINALLY those dang Aggies made it to a decent bowl game!

  12. Hatin' on Philly??? May DeSean Jackson score 5 TDs this Sunday! ;-) (Whoa, that game tonight sucked, though)

    I'm watching Mizzou and Iowa right now. Great game.

  13. I have to say, you amaze me, I can't pay attention to football. It hurts my head to watch it, I can't follow the action, give me a baseball game anyday. I love baseball season. Go CARDS!!!
    Sorry to hear about the scale, mine does that when I don't drink enough water too. But I usulally have other clues too, if I go more than a day without the water now, I get really chapped lips and I can feel the difference in my skin. It'll probably drop off in a day or two.

  14. I fear that I am coming down with something as well. Pumping the vitamin c this morning. Get well soon.

    Go Wildcats!

  15. I hope your recovery is quick. It's hard to stay on track when feeling miserable.

    I love how you warn of the upcoming sportstalk so that we nerds can just skip to the end.


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