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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Still busy, Ramblings and Sports Talk

Well here I am posting at nearly midnight. Why? Because I've been busy since I got home and I am just now sitting down to get ready to wind down. I got home tonight and finished up dinner that Nanny started. It was tasty. We had grilled chicken with a sweet potato risotto, peas, carrots and salad. It was really good and healthy. Of course I ate only a tiny amount of the risotto. I love that stuff, but it is high calorie.Luckily I had room in the budget for it because I skipped lunch. Not on purpose, but again with the busy thing.

I got up this morning early to catch up on yet more work. Got dressed for work, breakfast was my frozen light Jimmy dean. No time to cook these days. Out the door and off to Wal-Mart to pick up a few small things for the kids stockings. I also got a copy of Salt on Blue Ray. It's a good movie. Also, The Town is out now and I loved it, but they didn't have it out yet, at least I couldn't find it. Pretty sure Santa is putting that in my stocking.  

Work was busy as it often is this time of year. Lots of people calling in for refills since they are going out of town. of course they didn't notice that the bottle only had 7 pills last week so they could call to get it taken care of. A lot of people are mad when they find out the reason it has not been refilled is because they are past due for an appointment. People don't realize that chronic health problems must be monitored. The medications must be monitored. I've never understood these doctors that give a year of refills and then wonder why patients don't comeback in.

It really has nothing to with making money, although a patient accused me of making her come in because I wanted the copay. Yeah, that $20 is my priority. Look lady could it be that you are diabetic with a history of heart problems who hasn't been in the office for 7months?These people are the ones whose family will sue me when Mom drops dead of a heart attack and accuse me of not making sure she knew that diabetes could kill her.  For some reason I just can't accept, "my sugars are fine" as a complete assessment.

The other problem I ran into was with an elderly couple of mine that are just having too many health problmes to be alone. They don't have family that can care for them. I've ordered home care, but they only do so much. I actually received 2 calls from the Adult Protective Services in the last 3mo on these two. Considering they've been in an out of the ER and hospital repeatedly lately, I felt it important that we discuss placement and options for care. Believe it or not, but these kinds of poor outcomes and frequent hospitalizations will someday soon affect whether I get paid for my services. Whether it is my fault or not.

That aside, I worry about these two with failing memories and bodies. They have a home care nurse during the day but were refusing care at night. I simply reminded the patient that I have to be sure they are safe and I needed him to cooperate or I'll have to call APS and have them placed. I've seen this pair for years and I've had to threaten to fire them several times for being rude to my staff, not following my advice or just not showing up to appointments. For some reason they keep coming in and say they think I'm the best doctor ever. I think I am the only tender-hearted one who has been willing to put up with their shit this long.

As physicians we have to take care of our patients, all of them. No matter how likable or unlikable  they happen to be. Truth is I rarely run into patients that I don't care for. Mainly because I love my job and I take it seriously. It truly is a calling. There are simpler ways to make a living.

Sorry for the tangent. Anyway. At lunch I ate only a pear on the run and drank a bunch of water. I ran to Target and to Kohl's. You'll be proud to know I am pretty much done shopping.  After dinner tonight I got busy and wrapped up all the candy in bags for the office. Most of it will be out the door tomorrow. I ate a tiny piece of the fudge, I even weighed it so I could count the calories. I wanted to make sure it tasted OK. Didn't want to give gifts that taste crappy. It was good and that tiny piece fit in my calorie budget. I am at 986 calories for the day and I'm full.

After that I got busy with wrapping presents. Had plenty of help from my little elves and now I'm pooped, but a little wired so I'll try to wind down. I spent the evening watching a documentary on Vince Lombardi on HBO while I wrapped. Yep. I love my sports. It was interesting and a good film. Well done.

(Warning, sports talk ahead)
Of course down here in Dallas all the talk is the Cowboys sucking and the Rangers not getting any good off season free agents. AND the Mavs who are playing great, but don't they always this time of year? It's the home stretch and the playoffs that really matter.  Let's not blow it all too early. But, anyway. Big Dirk surpassed Larry Bird's record tonight in their win against The King James (not of bible fame).  And what happened to hockey? I thought we had a team, but no one seems to care anymore which is sad since they are now in first place in the division.

For some reason I couldn't get excited about the Beef Noodle bowl tonight. Geez how many bowls do we need anyway? And we can't have a playoff. Such bullshit.

In other news, I'm excited to hear that Mike Leach may be getting back to coaching and I hope it isn't Miami because he could do some real damage there to the BCS and our hopes. He is an excellent coach and I think he got screwed. Maryland is looking at him, reportedly and that's great for him and far away from my Sooners, so.... Go Leach.

And did anyone watch that mess last night? I know my friend Michelle did. VIKES. Favre. Peterson. All a disaster and yet people were mad there wasn't more exciting weather and mess? And the Bears winning the division. PUH-lease. I am not a Bears hater as they have historically have quite a few Sooners, but I am by no means a Bears believer.  I just don't see it. I do think Cutler is a better quarterback than people give him credit for and it is yet another big middle finger to the floundering Broncos who have completely screwed themselves from being a competitor, which is ok with me and I'm sure it's great for him, too. But, Favre looked like a beaten old man on the sidelines last night and I just find that a little bit sad. Pride goeth before the fall my man.

Tomorrow's bowl-The Vegas cash in some chips and spend money bowl, should be good unless Boise wins. Go Utes. Still bitter from that bowl game a few years ago? Absolutely.  This is peak college football time here so don't be surprised if you see more sports talk. I have to enjoy it because football will be gone too soon. Sniff sniff. But there's still NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl here in Dallas. Everyone is talking about renting their houses out for thousands of dollars. It's big money folks.

OK. I suppose I've done quite enough babbling for tonight.  Perseverance is the key. I found this quote and I kinda like it.  You?

People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are.  I don't believe in circumstances.  The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can't find them, make them.  ~G.B. Shaw, Mrs. Warren's Profession, 1893


  1. at this point, I have lost all but an inkling of respect for Brett to be honest. If he had either said yes or no on this last "will he won't he" go around instead of drawing it out, maybe I don't get so pissed at him. His yearly I won't say till I have to crap, I am done. I personally thought he should have maybe stayed home after the Green Bay drama, should have definitely stayed home after the Jets stint. That being said, I know the Vikes made a run last year and I do believe he may have been strong armed into coming back this year by Steve and Chili and the gang. I understand that, but if he does the waffling this off season, I will lose all respect for him.

    I love your quote and have unknowingly been living it for the past 4 years! I may steal that from you!

  2. Again with the busy thing!
    Hope it all mellows out for you....
    At least before midnight!

  3. I thought the game was great, but I'm a Bears fan. It helped that Peterson was out of the game, though the defense really did play well. And whenever I see Favre sacked, I truly believe an angel gets their wings. ;)

    I will agree though, I don't see the Bears doing shit because they are still so wishy washy. Yet, I am still going to celebrate clinching the division (even if it IS the weakest one in the NFL.. or at least a close second to the weakest one)

  4. Great post with so many juicy points. A big one is how you may not get paid as a physician in the future if your miserable life, non-compliant with their own survival, down and out patients don't have great "numbers". The numbers geeks are after everyone in medicine with the ridiculous thought that people are just numbers. Widgets for us to miraculously widgetize. Hugging and prayer is what many of the folks need and you're doing it, but the reimbursement for that will be more from God than Medicare.
    I love Favre. He loves to play football and he loves his teammates. He's not a great PR guy these days, but the guts he showed on Monday are legendary. We need his kind of passion in my Ohio State Buckeyes, who are too systematic with their awesome talent.
    I love your disrespect for the overload of bowl games! BOWL ON and BLOG ON! and Merry Christmas!

  5. I like that you're a doctor with a heart. :) Wish we had good docs like you where I'm at. It would make things less of a fight.

  6. Yep, I was there watching. It wasn't even cold (not for us Minnesotans!). It was so good to see BF do that one last drive. I, too, am so sad that his career is over. I began an admire many years ago when I saw him do a little underhand toss while being tackled and falling in the snow. Been a die hard fan every since. Was just great to see him play.

    You carry the weight of the world around with you, don't you, doc? Such integrity and dedication to your patients. You are one amazing person.

    Thanks so much for all your support and encouragement these past 6 months. I (and you) are going to lick our weight issues in 2011. It feels so good, doesn't it?? I love the feeling of all my lose fitting clothes and being able to hop up the stadium stairs.

    Have a Merry Christmas with your beautiful family. You are a rock star in my book! Michele

  7. Even when I have nothing worthwhile to say in a comment, I want to let you know that I always enjoy reading your blog and I'm glad to have gotten to "know" you this year!

  8. Hmmm. .. I wonder what my doctor thinks about me sometimes but then when I go in and she tells me that I am a SUPERSTAR I just float on that for days. I'm a praise whore that way.

    Your job is hard. Working with people is hard. Working with sick, oozing, don't-wanna-take-care-of-themselves people has got to make it a zillion times worse. Thank God (Allah, Rah, Yoda, whoever) that there are people like you who are up to it. Thanks for all you do for your community :)

  9. LOL, I am one of those bad patients..... I want my refills, but don't want a dr appointment..... my stent is doing just fine in my opinion LOL


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