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Friday, December 10, 2010

Hot 100 Update

Here we are. Another Friday. Geez. Where does all the time go? I remember my grandmother telling me when I was little that time went faster and faster the older you got. I always thought she was nutso. I'm sorry Grandma. You were totally right!

1) Be 199 pounds:  So far this week I haven't seen the scale move. I don't get that. But then my exercise hasn't been there. So I'm still 5 pounds from this goal. I'm not giving up. I'm still in Allan's challenge and still doing just fine with it.
2) Be a size 14: See my post from yesterday!

3) Get my yellow belt: Done. See this post if you didn't see it the first time.
4) Run a 5K:  With the illness and all I didn't get to run it, but I did walk/jog one last month. I am restarting the C25K and plan on trying again after the holidays.  You can see this post to read about it.

So that's about it for the update. I have a busy day and weekend ahead. I'll try to check in and post when I can. I hope you all have a super Friday. Drink your water! Sorry for all the links in this post, but I know not everyone has time to read everyday. These were highlights in the last month that I am very proud of.  Sometimes you gotta brag.

Do you brag when you should? Do you celebrate your accomplishments? Do you feel comfortable succeeding? I know for a long time I didn't. I'm learning!


  1. You have a LOT to brag about!! Keep up the good eating and exercise and the scale will reward you! Up the goals more too so you have more to shoot for.

  2. Wow, you're so close to that big 199 milestone; hang in there. This is a tough time of year to get it done, but you can do it!

  3. I agree with Jack...you are getting close and you can grab it. Glad to hear about starting the C25K. That helped to get me running, but I didn't stay with it...maybe you will be more focused.

    Do you have a race planned? I find that they are very motivating.

  4. Love the pictures of you in the new size 14s Congrats on all of your recent non-scale victories!

    It is interesting to me, too, that as I am downsizing, I am downsizing other parts of the junk in my life. You should have seen my office before I started! So, downsizing is a good thing, both for us as we fit into smaller sized clothes but for all the Junk (I meas stuff) we accumulate on our life's journey.

    Finally, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and sharing your support and wit. Let's hope for a good weekend of football. Not that it will top your last weekend, but, still, maybe another win for the Vikes and CB??

  5. Congrats. You are doing great. So many NSV's. Screw the scale. The 199 mark was a hard one for me.

    I agree with your no magic pill. My only difference is that I don't count cals. I eat whole, clean and eat when my body needs it. I keep the crabs under control. My weight loss is slow (stalled right now) but it is what works for me.

  6. OH. My. GOODNESS. The legendary Jack Sh*t commented on my blog. I might faint. Thanks Jack!

    Umm...not that the rest of you aren't awesome also!

  7. Don't apologize! You totally deserve to brag. You earned it. Happy Friday! :)

  8. You are doing great! Keep up the good work. I am joining WW tomorrow so I am hoping it will light a fire under my ass - and before the holidays get too crazy!

    Enjoy your weekend! :D

  9. Keep up the great work Dr. F. Those 14s are looking good and I'm liking the boots too....hachacha!

    You continue to accomplish so much and those 14s are evidence that your body is getting smaller, even though the scale is keeping its mouth closed.

    And BRAG, BRAG, BRAG!!!! For some of us, this is one of the hardest and greatest accomplishments that we've achieved and something that we've struggled with all our lives. So, to hell with ANYBODY who doesn't want to hear about it...they'll hear it anyway cause we gonna shout about it!!!!!

  10. I love the Nike shirt you are wearing!

  11. I say go ahead and brag! You deserve to do so. Congrats on all your success!

  12. Outstanding pictures and you have had an outstanding transformation this year. So cool reading/watching it unfold. Finish strong for sure and keep smiling with the pride I see in those pics :-)

  13. I saw your post on your size 14's but didn't have time to comment. You are looking FABULOUS! Keep rocking those goals, you are doing awesome!

  14. Good morning Dr. F! I'm a little late in reading the weekend posts. But...CHECK OUT YOUR SEXY SELF ROCKING THIS SIZE 14s!!! You look fantastic, and those boots are awesome on you! Wahoo, good for you! That's wonderful that you've been able to accomplish so many of your Hot 100 goals. I'm so excited to see how much you are going to be able to achieve in 2011.Imagine, in 2011 you can reach your goal weight, learn a few more karate belts, run in a few more 5Ks, etc. There's no stopping you, and it's a real pleasure to be able to follow your journey!


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