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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thanks! And...I'm freezing and....Screw you Martha Stewart.

Thanks to everyone on the appetizer suggestions. I may actually make a couple of the different ideas. Tonight I have to go home and get the shopping list together. I also need to get my Christmas baking done. My employees have asked when they are getting their candy. I guess I won't get out of making at least some after all. So I'll do turtles and fudge. I also love the peanut clusters as those are done in the crock pot and are super easy. The Reese cups are a pain in the ass, but my son really wants these. Do not fear. Last year I made all this stuff and ate very little. I won't say I ate none, but I did end up throwing away a bunch of it, so this year, I'll make less. Also, I really liked the look of the pretzel thingies on Tami's site, you can see it here. I may have to try that.

OMG. I am so sorry to all the skinny bitches I thought were weird when they whined about being cold all the time. Holy crap I am always freezing now. I have to sleep in 2 shirts and flannel or fleece jammies and I have flannel sheets! If I'm sitting around watching TV I have to have thick socks and be under a blanket. And our house isn't that cold. My kids run around in short sleeved shirts!  And I even have to have a small heater under my desk at work! Now I'm wondering if I'll need a parka at home next year when I'm at goal weight.  That's a price I'm willing to pay, mind you. There are surely some very stylish parkas. And when I'm thinner maybe I can find footy jammies in my size.   How are you guys handling the cold?  And I live in Texas for cripes sake. Imagine if I still lived in Omaha with the -57 wind chill? Geez!

And....Screw you Martha Stewart and all you other overly perfect Mommies out there making the rest of us look bad with your home made gifts in your home made wrapping paper and your home made cards and your perfect food gifts and all that other crap.  I'm tired of feeling like there is an impossible standard that I can never achieve. Tired of it. I'm tired of the "Mommy Wars" and the resentment on both sides of the stay at home and the working moms.  Let me tell you this:  I'm not less of a Mommy because I work. YOU are not less because you don't. We all need to get along and stop causing each other stress.  This time of year it just gets worse.

Yes, I almost forgot about my daughter being Star of the Month and the school assembly for all the "stars".Yes I forgot the damn camera and I had to call my husband to bring it to me and take my son to school because I forgot and didn't make him ride the bus. YES I haven't had time to get the teacher a gift. NO I haven't mailed my damn cards yet. NO the presents aren't all wrapped with perfectly formed bows. BUT, my kids are happy and I am making sure they have everything they need.  News Flash: I'm not perfect. Why can't I get that through my head? Does anyone else have these problems? Does anyone else constantly feel like the are never going to catch up? Or live up to some impossible Super Mommy or Daddy image?
End of Rant...

So yesterday was good food wise.
Breakfast: Egg substitute on an everything bagel thin (these are good!) with canadian bacon, coffee=246cal
snack: 15 whole almonds, raw=100cal
lunch: healthy choice Salisbury steak dinner, low cal wheat bread w/ the sugar free peach preserve gifted to me by one of my fav patients=446 cal
snack: 10 almonds=70cal
dinner: home made beef stew=350 cal
total: 1218 cals
Fluids: water 120 oz, diet mt dew 12oz, coffee 16oz

I ate a bigger lunch yesterday as I was starving after TKD. We did some massive amounts of kicking drills and I was pooped and starved. It was a great class and I'm glad I went. I unfortunately can't go tomorrow because it is our office party and gift exchange. 

I haven't slept great the last few days. I've had some weird ass dreams. Last night I dreamed that I was getting married to this guy I didn't know and I was wearing a white dress with pink lace and I was freaking out because I didn't know where I was and I hated the dress. WEIRD. I know.  I liked the one the night before where I won a trip to Hawaii much better! Have you had any weird dreams lately?

That's all for now! I'm off to do yet more shopping. Sigh. Have a great day!


  1. Hey doc, don't let the crafty ladies make you feel bad. I totally feel you on the freezng thing, I brought a blanket to work today and am still wearing my knit cap, BBBBRRRRRRR!!!!!! I realized I didn't own a coat, since i never needed one as a fat chick, so Jeeves bought me an early Christmas gift.

    Funny story about kids who and cold weather. My four year old runs around in undies, sans pants, and sits on the floor vent in the living room when the furnace is running. Once she fell asleep there watching TV and when we picked her it looked like she has sun burn! We freaked, but it faded in a few mintues, and then it was hilarious!

  2. I am right with you on the freezing thing. WTH??? I was always the self-righteous warm one...this is not fun! I lost all that weight and now spend most of the time layered up in heavy clothes that hide my body! But like you say, it's worth it. Just something very weird to deal with.

    Sigh. I so understand all the perfection out there with the other moms. Some years were better than others for me in getting everything done. This year? Not so good. Cards? Ugh. Still haven't happened! As long as you are doing what your kids expect (like making their favorite candy) then you're good. No worries about the rest of it - life is too short and you are too busy!

  3. Hi Dr. F.

    Just forget about Martha. Martha has had her own problems. Besides, she makes a boatload of money off of us time-challenged, working mommies and grandmas out here in the real world. I wish she would leave us to our own devices. When I was a kid--in the dark ages--people just had Christmas trees (if they were lucky) with big red, green, and white bulbs and a little tinsel thrown around, and we thrilled. If you've seen the movie about Ralphie and the Red Ryder BB gun,(which has been chosen #1 holiday movie) you've got the picture. I don't think it's any coincidence that people are nostalgic about Christmases past. They have Martha S. burnout.

    I know what you mean about being cold--I'm cold all the time, even when it's not really cold inside. My husband is always too warm, so we're an interesting pair, especially when it comes to which blankets and comforters to use--we never agree. Our dog usually leaves the bedroom because she doesn't tolerate bickering well. I guess it makes her feel insecure.

    It's interesting that you mention weird dreams, because I also have been having some, and I'm not really sleeping that great. Maybe it's from all the water I'm drinking, because I have to make two or three bathroom runs every night, thus disrupted sleep patterns. I guess I should do my water guzzling earlier in the day. I also have had a few minor leg and foot cramps the last couple of nights. I guess it's time to eat a banana or two.

    Hang in there, Dr. F. It will soon be all over, and if we stay on Allan's plan, we will be in better shape for spring.

  4. I sell the stuff to the crafty mommies so that their homes and Christmas's can be picture perfect. Me? I haven't put up a tree for the past 4 years cuz I just don't wanna.
    I feel like I'm making progress this year because I have cards to send out. Woo!

    Oh...and Martha has a staff of people to do all all that crap. She's not doing it all herself.

  5. I do have weird dreams pretty regular. Had one two nights ago. I was apparently in law enforcement an was questioning someone that was in prison. I got attacked by a ninja from behind. I was trying to get away to regroup and I was trying to do the jump and flip thing to get away but he kept catching up. I finally turned and faced him and the battle was phenomenal!!

    As for the freezing thing, someone on some blog somewhere called bs on the whole thing about fat people having insulation on them. I am calling bs on that post! I get so damn cold it ain't even funny now! I used to laugh at the girls in the office for wearing sweaters inside during the winter, but now I am trying to figure out the equivalent to that for a guy so I can get one! I freeze almost every day now that it is cold!

  6. Here is how to fix your cold at night: Here is what we do in MN (you know, the Artic): get yourself a heated mattress pad. It is the greatest, greatest bed warmer ever. You will be able to sleep with far fewer clothes. Trust me they are great. I have a Sealy, two controls (one from you and one for him).

    You don't think we sleep with bear skins on here in MN now do you! It is the MODERN age-cold, but modern!


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