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Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm so pooped and Hot 100 update

Well, I was off work today, but worked harder than I would have if I had gone in. Day started with me on the computer by 6am doing catchup work from yesterday. Then, got the kids up and off to school. Came home put some stuff out for donation, mostly clothes from my closet which is now getting pretty bare and I love it.

After that, went to the office to deliver poinsettias.  Then to Chick-fil-A to pick up lunch for my daughter. I didn't eat any. Then to her school. Had lunch with a bunch of first graders then read to the class. Then, helped the kids edit their stories they've been writing. Then ran home, finished up the decorating and back to the school for my daughter's Christmas Party.

After that, I rushed over to pick up my son's cake and then to pick up him and his friends after school. Came home to finish up the prep for dinner. Son decided he wanted to make individual pizzas. Luckily, Nanny had time to get the dough and sauce ready for me so all I had to do was chop the ingredients and roll the dough out. I plan a veggie pizza for me and I deserve it because I am starved. I haven't had all my water yet, but I'll have some at the movie.

Yep. Not done yet. I'll be taking the kids to the movie at 8pm. Then back here and I'll likely crash while 5 silly pre-teen and teen boys stay up all night and play video games and such.  So no official work out today, but I've done MAJOR house work and I am pooped already.

Speaking of poop. Problem solved. Things are much better and I'm back down one of the pounds I had gained. I wish someone would explain to me why the math Allan is always talking about sometimes doesn't work out for me. Oh well.

I've had 540 calories so far today. I do not plan anything to eat at the theater, only a drink, likely just water. It's a dinner theater so they have food there. Really good food. They have a great house salad so if I decide to eat something I can have that, dressing on the side of course.

My Hot 100 goals:
1) Be 199 pounds-getting closer, at least I was prior to the mystery gain. I was 204.5 on Sunday.  That's 5.5 pounds and I think I can do it.
2)Be a size 14: I wore my lane bryant size 14 jeans yesterday, they have room. Now, I need to try somewhere else.
3) Get my yellow belt- done!
4) Run a 5K- well, I did walk/jog one a couple of weeks ago. I am still working on being able to run the whole thing.

Over all, things are going well and I am in the midst of a crazy wild busy weekend. I plan to post tomorrow and let you know I survived the sleep over. If you don't hear from me by Monday, call the FBI I may have been slaughtered by 13 year olds.  Hope you all have a FAB weekend!


  1. I think volunteering for kids schools and chauffering them to their activities and planning their parties burn a lot of calories!!! I think you go t your work out. Your life sounds familiar and very fufilling. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. I'm pooped just reading about your day. After all that, I would go for the salad. You will need some energy for tolerating all those boys!

  3. How did you do all of that on such a small amount of calories? I would be ready to chew my arm off!

    Very nice on the jeans - you are going to be in regular sizes before you know it!

  4. Very busy day for you,,,, your entitled to poop... i mean be pooped!!!

  5. Holy cow! That's a busy day. I think I need a nap just reading it. Great job on your goals this week!

  6. You need to eat more than that! Don't starve yourself lady! Holy cow, I'd be hungry too! Can't wait until you hit the 199 for good!

  7. These days are getting crazier and crazier. I can't wait until January!

  8. Wow! Busy. We have many boy sleepovers here. My teen, 18, still likes to have sleepovers, but usually now it is just one or two boys. Still playing video games:) It's nice when you don't have to drive them around or sit through movies with them.

  9. I guess you're ready for size 12's! Fantastic work. Your energy leaves me slack-jawed with wonder!

  10. Hitting ONEderland was a big one for me. I can't wait to see you at 199. I too have one foot out the door at Lane Bryant. It is scary. I wish you luck.

  11. I have forgotten how much work having younger kids is!

    You need to eat lady! Grab some fruit, a handful of nuts or something!

  12. I am pooped just reading this post! Hope you get some "me" time this weekend to relax!

  13. Hey Dr. F I'm tired and I'm only reading. It seems like a lot but a lot of fun for your boy and that's great. Don't forget to take care of you, including eating enough to maintain your energy.

    Hey, put a check next to the size 14 goal and move on to getting in the 12s. You did it, congrats.

  14. Sorry you couldn't find anything to do the last few days. Oh, and it's Monday morning, so I'm assuming the boys have you trapped under something heavy. I'm calling the authorities now.


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