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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Unbelievable Temptation

So I was reading Allan's blog today and he was talking about the temptation he deals with every day. I am in the same bag. It is amazing to me the amount of crap that comes streaming into the office this time of year. So far this week I've dealt with cupcakes, pies, pastries, and brownies twice.  Today is just Wednesday. It just amazes me.  I don't eat that stuff. Don't even let myself taste it because I know one taste isn't enough for me.

I have done so great this week on my eating and water. I've got to get my exercise back to the level it was.  That starts in the morning no matter how much I whine and try to get out of it. I am getting back to daily morning workouts and I'll continue my twice weekly TKD.  The days I don't do TKD I will be running errands to finish shopping and what not until Christmas. Except on Monday when I'll meet with my trainer. Can I just say that I dread that?  I do. I know I love to go and I love to work out hard. I also know he's going to kick my ass. Don't get me wrong, it needs kicking.

I've slipped into the mode of making excuses and that is over. I am just going to make myself get back to where I was. I have to prove to myself that I can be consistent with exercise. I haven't stopped this whole time, even with the surgery I did some amount. But, since the surgery it has been less. Yesterday marked 8 weeks. There really is no reason why I don't ramp it up again. The only reason is that I have to get my self out of the way.  Tomorrow morning I am restarting the C25K. I am determined. DETERMINED to finish it and achieve my goal of running the whole 5K.

I have to measure in a few days. It's been a month. I think I'm still losing inches, but much slower with less workouts. This should be great motivation.  I bought a pair of "real" size 14 jeans today. I haven't tried them on yet. I just haven't had time as I bought them in a hurry at lunch. I can't wait to see if they'll fit. I'll keep you posted.

Yesterday's food:
breakfast:  egg substitute, bagel thin and canadian bacon.  Coffee and 4 oz orange juice=301 cal
snack: apple=95 cal
lunch:  Roasted tomato and red pepper soup, carrots and dressing=323 cal
dinner: Chicken breast and quinoa 1 cup (yummy!)=411 cal
snack: small apple=70 cal
Total calories= 1200cal

I drank 144oz of water yesterday. I did 1 hour of exercise in TKD where I burned about 800 cal.

Today's Food was good.  Total Calories was 1146.  Breakfast= Jimmy Dean D'lite English muffin and coffee. Lunch= Chicken breast from dinner last night on 2 pieces of light wheat bread. Dinner=roasted red pepper and tomato soup, and bruschetta. I had one apple for snack. I drank 128 oz of water, 12oz diet mountain dew, 16 oz of coffee.

Now I am exhausted so I am headed to bed. BTW, my baby girl got her green belt tonight. She broke a board with an axe kick. She was so proud.  My son brought home his tuxedo shirt for his band concert next week. He did not care for wearing a collar. Wait until he adds the bow tie. Ha ha. Welcome to manhood little dude. Middle chickie read and read tonight. She's reading above her grade level.  They really are my "happy thought". 

How's your week so far? Have you battled temptation? Who won? You or the cookies?  What is your happy thought?


  1. yep... same here...one nibble is never enough, so its a zero tolerance zone for sweets.


    love you happy thoughts today. Yay kiddlettes!

  2. One bite is never enough and yet it is too many, because it leads to more and more. I truly need to abstain if I am ever going to maintain a lower weight, or it will creep back up on me.

    Glad you're doing so well. I can tell you love your kids dearly and that you're a great mom! It sounds like they're great kids!

  3. This week the M&M's are winning. But tomorrow my husband will be back in town and I'm having him hide the damn things - I bought them for gingerbread house decorations, which won't happen for another 10 days...obviously I bought them way too early! Lesson learned.

    Glad you are doing so well - and your kids sound like they're thriving!

  4. Amen, sister. Those temptations are everywhere these days, plus schedules are jam packed. Umm...I think I'm fighting the food to a draw. Is that winning?

  5. Yep - not even one little bitty teeny weeny bite!
    Glad you are in such a good place !

  6. I'm liking the board-breaking axe kick your wee girl did - that's awesome. I am also in need of kicking my butt, exercise-wise so i can relate to your post today.

  7. I had a battle with the Girl Scout party pastries and got my ass KICKED! But it was due partially to sleep deprivation, a caffeine crash, and the fact I was starving and wanted to go home but was talked into going to the party. Not as bad as I make it sound, but I would have been better of to have not gone and fell asleep in my recliner dang it!

  8. Can your daughter come to my office and axe-kick the pastries? Would be great if she could! Yes, we have a line of goodies out every day..cakes, cookies, etc... I avoid going in that direction anytime I move around the building. If I do pass it, I keep eyes averted and remember that 1) I don't eat standing up (a Beck rule) and 2) I no longer eat that stuff. I'm usually ok as long as I keep the feet moving and head turned away.

  9. Hey Doc
    I found my way to your blog from Allan's challenge.

    You amaze me with all that is on your plate (no pun intended). I was a full-time working mom up until this summer and the balance is so very hard. But now I need to stay home to care for my bipolar daughter. It's all good.

    Everyday is temptation for me. But I believe the brain is the atro gets muscle and will kick my ass into guilt if I stray from the challenge. Or, Allan will :-)

    Have a great day!!

  10. Hate spell check. I meant to type the brain is the strongest muscle.

  11. You gotta let us know about the pants. Thanks for your comment, I couldn't agree more. I;m a bit jealous of all of you folks with your temptations, I work in a ghost town these days so my biggest temptation is how close the nearest jack in the box is to my office.


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