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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tale of Woe

So yesterday ended no better than it started. Hate to be a bummer, but just reporting the facts. I had my headache until....well.....still have it some. Sigh. But, little girl has a bad ear infection. Poor thing. Now son has bronchitis and husband has a sore throat. So far my middle child and I remain well and let's hope it stays that way.

I weighed this morning and lost a pound, but I think it would have been more if I hadn't had the crackers and soup yesterday. I was just nauseated with my migraine and  couldn't eat like I normally would or drink as much water as usual. I just can't drink water when I'm nauseous.

Little one slept in our bed last night so sleep wasn't great. She had fever through the night. Luckily son slept after I gave him some strong cough syrup and sent him to bed. I got up this morning anyway and rode the stationary bike for 30 min. I did 6.5 miles but that's all I had in me today.

I'm planning a class at TKD either at noon or tonight. Of course it is end of month which means I have to be sure all my work is done before I leave. I didn't get blogging done twice yesterday. Fail. But I did do my best and that's all I can do with a house full of sickos and me not 100%. I didn't get my tracker all done yesterday either. Not good, but I'm on track today.

I took my middle kiddo for a donut today. Don't judge me. What do you do when your kid is crying because she has to go to school and is upset that she's NOT sick?? Irrational I say. So I needed gas anyway and yes I did bribe her with a donut. Of course she is my normal eater and asked for only one plain donut and then didn't eat it all. If only I could eat like that. Happy to say I didn't finish it for her OR the other one I got since they were 2 for $1 or 1 for 99 cents! That one I'll take home to little girl for later.

Instead I had my yogurt and apple with my coffee. I didn't take time to fix a better breakfast today. Wasn't in the mood. I did bring along a yogurt and a cheese stick for snack later. I plan on TKD at lunch and hopefully I'll make it there. We'll see. Busy schedule and all that. I emailed the kids teachers about their absence. Don't want to get those calls later.

So far husband has called no fewer than 4 times to ask about what meds to give the kids. Nanny will arrive soon. Thank god. I hope I get through this day. Son's supposed to have a band concert on Friday and then camping this weekend and he's positively distraught because he wants to go badly.  Other than that no plans for the weekend except Super Bowl of course but no big parties for me. I actually enjoy watching the game. Irritates me to be at a party where socializing is more important than the game.

Middle girl has  TKD test this weekend and I hope to high heaven she doesn't get sick. She'll absolutely FREAK if she misses another test and she's been practicing very hard nearly every day. She told me she practiced at recess yesterday!  Good for her.

OK, that's enough of my tale of woe. Hope you all are well and on track. Take care!


  1. Gracious, when it rains, it pours! Ah, child rearing by bribery. I used that method on occasion myself. Hope today goes better for you.:)

  2. Having sick kids really throws a wrench into any family's schedule. I remember those days well, and I was always so glad when everyone was well again and we were all back on track and on schedule. Take care...better days ahead!!

  3. That's a tale of woe indeed! I hate it when the whole family is sick. Hopefully everyone is better soon and your middle daughter stays well for her test!

    Okay, here's a question: when the schools require a doctor's note for the children's absences, can you write one for your own kids? Yeah, crazy question, but it just struck me LOL

  4. Hang in there. At least they didn't all get sick last weekend and spoil your outing!

  5. And unless your other girlfriends are also interested in the game, I imagine you get bothered even more!

  6. I hate migraines! My deepest sympathy for having to push through. Hope your kids are on the mend soon!


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