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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Too funny! And holy calories batman!

Good morning all! Had a great time last night! Craig Ferguson was awesome! We had pretty close seats so I could see his facial expressions really well. He just absolutely cracks me up.

Now there are just a few comedians in my list to see. I really regret seeing George Carlin live. He was my fab of all time. The king really. If you young pups don't know who that is google him and then find him on you tube. Funniest stuff ever and timeless! I'd like to see Lewis Black and Robin Williams although the older more sober Robin Williams is not as wild. Again you young ones can look it up.

Also I really like Jeff Dunham and someday I MUST see Dennis Leary live because he too is in my fav list.

I drank one run and diet coke last night and ended up with a turkey club sand which that I ate about half and a few chips. There were not any good options at all. We did a TON of walking as that casino is like a 1/4 mile long or more and we walked the length several times. We played slots a bit. I'm not a high roller but I did win $60 at one point soI broke even. Too much smoke in those places to stay long for me with my asthma.

Oh by the way. Hubby and I saw a movie yesterday and they have started posting calories for their food. All I had was a coke zero but did you know that nachos are 1390 calories!!! A large dink and large popcorn is over 900-1200 depending on what drink you pick!! Hot dogs are about 400 a piece! Holy heart attack batman!!

Today we are seeing another movie. The new Liam Nieson. I just love him. Yesterday we saw Haywire and it was ok. A little slow for my action flick taste. After the movie we'll head to Costco to stock up for the week and then home to the kids.

What are you doing today?? Any comedians you've seen and liked or wish to someday? Stay on track Sunday is not food day people!
Here's pics of the casino


  1. absolutely love tosh.0, Lewis Black... And I would love to see Sarah Silverman live too.

    I'm all for sneaking foods into theaters. If they're not going to provide healthy options, I bring my own. :)

  2. Sounds like a great time...glad you are making the most of your adult time.

    I'm not sure what I'm doing today...struggling between resting from threatening cold symptoms to going for a run.


  3. Sounds like a great mini vacation and I love how much you and the hubby packed into it!

  4. SO FUN!!!!!

    I adore any kind of standup

  5. Great fun! I adore Lily Tomlin. Lewis Black is one of my favorites also. The only late night talk show that I watch is Jimmy Fallon - he is brillian, or at least his writing team is. For total crudeness Lisa Lampanelli can shock even me, in a hilarious way. At the other end of the scale is Rita Rudner - sure her jokes are getting stale, but no swearing, and she nails it every time. A must see in Las Vegas.


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