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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Here's to Not Sucking....One Moment at a Time

First post of 2012! Finally!  I had a very fun and busy New Year weekend. No time to post. I was using all my time to enjoy my BFF's visit and my family. We realized that this was the 12th year we've spent New Year's together!  It is a tradition that I've come to cherish.

On Friday, hubbie, BFF, and I spent the day shopping. We saw a movie-Mission Impossible, which was great. Then we had lunch at a cute and great restaurant and the weather was so good, we sat out on the patio enjoying the sun!  We had a long leisurely lunch and spent time catching up. It was a wonderful day.  That night we headed home, watched movies with the kids and then the OU bowl game on TV. OU won their game. Whew. I was worried with all the injuries.

Saturday, New Year's Eve, I planned a big dinner and invited a couple of friends over. I slow roasted a prime rib and served it with a tasty salad and roasted potatoes. OH and we had crab cakes for appetizer. It was sooooo tasty and awesome.  I had a few drinks. I did not count calories, but I did try to keep my portions reasonable. We spent the evening watching TV, laughing and playing board games while the kids played. It was just a great time. We stayed up very late (early?) and I didn't go to sleep until around 3:30am!

Sunday was a sleep in and lazy day. We always do our Christmas gifts on New Years day. Usually while watching the Rose Parade, but of course it wasn't on until Monday this year. Boo.  Anyway, the kids were happy and we had yet another round of gift mess to clean up.  I cooked a ham and black eyed peas for dinner so now I can buy that lottery ticket, good luck and all that. I watched only part of the horror that was the Cowboys loss. Yucky.  On a much brighter note, we did watch The Help which was a very good movie.

Yesterday I cooked a big breakfast-eggs, bacon, toast for everyone. Pancakes for the kids. We ate late and then spent the morning relaxing and watching the Rose Bowl parade. I love that parade! BFF and kids left back for Oklahoma in the afternoon. I ran a few errands with the kiddos and found the stores much too crowded so I high tailed it back home after only 2 stops. Wal-Mart is......tiring.  Then the rest of yesterday was spent watching football and eating left overs, preparing for school to resume. I did not do one bit of Christmas take down. I just wasn't in the mood.

This morning was surprisingly uneventful for a back to school morning. All the kids were up and dressed on time. I was so happy right up until my little one got mad that she couldn't get her coat zipped and threw her backpack and lunch bag on the floor. She then proceeded to throw an outright crying fit and refused to get up when time to get in the car. I told her that she'd probably be ok there by herself and wished her luck for the day. This resulted in a very sour, pouty expression, but she was in the car soon after and we even made it through carpool on time.

OH and I forgot. Apparently my son has no coat that fits. How does this happen every freaking year? I swear I'm a loser Mommy. Every year one or the other of my children has no cold weather clothes and I have to run that day to the store to buy some. This year it was my son. The temp this morning was 23 degrees which is COLD for north Texas.  His coat wouldn't fit and Daddy's old one was too big. Soooo he went to school with 2 hoodies. Styling by any 14 year old's standard.  Guess where I was at lunch today? Buying a coat. Which is fine because I got him a nice leather jacket on clearance for $40!

Of course I planned on going to TKD and I woould have if it hadn't been for the continuous stream of patients in the office today. I hate post holiday catch ups.  Plus there is the first of the year change in insurance, need new prescriptions for the new pharmacy, I have a deductible, I don't know if my new insurance covers it, chaos that happens like clockwork in a primary care docs office come Jan 1.  Not to mention the weather change.  All of that combined makes the office nutso.

I weighed this morning. I've gained 16 pounds. Whoa. Typing that number made it real. I knew I'd gained 10 after the cruise and until the last 2 weeks, I was doing fine, maintaining. But, last week when I got the bronchitis I was put back on steroids. Of course that is no excuse, but I'm puffy and swollen and a carb craving machine on that crap. Add holiday treats and fun and it's a recipe for disaster. Luckily I'm on the down hill end and will be off them again soon.

Today, I've eaten well. Drank all my water and tracked my food in LoseIt. I have peed a million times today because I hadn't been drinking all my water lately, but I already feel better. The water makes a huge difference!  I'm hopeful that I can get in some exercise tonight, even if it's a quick walk. 

I am pleasantly surprised to be in a good mood. I  am usually starting to feel my winter blues come on this time of year. Maybe it's because we've had a lot of sunshine?  Maybe it's the glow of prednisone? I don't know, but I'll take it. I feel ready to take back control on my diet. Ready to get back to work toward my goal. I don't do resolutions, but I did see one I really liked and have decided I can do.  Helen over at Doing a 180 had a great post and I've decided to steal her resolution.

In 2012 I don't want to suck.

It may seem silly, but when I saw this I totally got it. I want to be the best me I can be. As long as I'm on my way to that goal every day, I will not suck in 2012. As long as I keep my focus I know I can do it.  I've been reading a lot of blogs. There are a lot of old friends returning to blog-world after an absence. Glad to have you back if you've been gone a bit. 

Just remember this......in a few weeks when the initial inertia has worn down from your New Year's new leaf and you are starting to slide, make a few bad choices.......remember that you can do this. Try to bottle that feeling of motivation you have now and really savor it so that later you can remember how good you feel right now. Focused on your goal. Putting all you effort into getting where you want to be. Feeling confident that this time is for good. Then when you have that I-can't-do-this moment you can get past it. And that's really all it takes to be successful. Getting past that moment when you want to quit.

I hope all of you are finding the New Year treating you well. What are you doing differently to keep you successful lately? How is your New Year so far?


  1. Happy New Year!
    Sounds like a great way to welcome in the New Year with your BFF and families!

    I am planning on doing about the same for 2012 (after I get back home from FL): eat less and move alot. I have no huge goals either-just getting out of the obese category is what I hope for. That is only 15 pounds away so doable.

    Staying focused is the most important thing. Yes, you, and I can do this. One day at a time. Let this year be more fit and healthy than last year.

  2. I am right with you and Helen on the not sucking in 2012!

    Glad you are feeling so optimistic - that goes a long way, and like you said, no real need to figure out why, just go with it. Oh, I've finally been able to get back to my water drinking and I'm right with ya on the frequent bathroom breaks. Fun times? ;)

  3. gonna take another shot at posting to your blog. Happy New Year Doc! I am glad to see you had a good time with family and friends. I wouldn't even fret about holiday weight. even the skinny folks put some on this time of year. just do your thang and it will be fine. next round of the Christmas season, you will probably gain again, but the difference will be your starting weight will be lower!

  4. Doc, have a great year in 2012. You'll get those 16 pounds off and then some.

    Glad you got to watch some football games. I did, too. Did you see the track meet that was my Washington Huskies vs. Baylor? Wow. Stanford vs. Oklahoma State was fun last night, too. Oklahoma was disappointing, but at least they pulled out their bowl game.

    I read Mike Leach's book over the holidays. Do you love him/hate him? I'm guessing there's no middle ground. As a UW fan, I'm nervous with him at Washington State.

  5. I always enjoy reading your catch up posts. What a great holiday tradition that you have with your BFF!

    I'm afraid to step on the scale... Not because I cannot face reality of post holiday gain but because I know I am not my weight. During vacay I also stopped tracking food. Big mistake. I am back to walking, slowly gaining some endurance. I don't wanna suck either!

  6. What a nice tradition and routine (I LOVE MY ROUTINES so it's not a negative word :))
    It feels as though 2012 is just starting today as my girl heads back to school.
    here's hoping for a NONsucktastic one.


  7. Wife & I went to MI4 on Christmas day, and we agree it was great. Will there be a MI5?

    Typing in our weigh gains is tough, it took me a couple days to step up and re-engage my blog and announce to the world I gained 47 pounds in 2011, that was NO FUN... but very necessary for me to do.

    Yes, in 2012 we need to put all of our effort into where we want to be. But I might add, don't focus hard on where you want to be in a year, or a month, or even a week. Where do you want to be in a few hours? Me, my goal this morning is to drink 34 ounces of water, walk the stairs at work twice and only eat the healthy snack I brough with me. That is where all of my focus energy is at moment. Once I successfully accomplish that, I will move onto the next goal, lunch. Micro goals, string 10 or more of them together in a day, you have had a successful day.

  8. Here's to a happy and healthy year of not sucking!

  9. Happy New Year! I hope it's a good one for you. :)

  10. I always enjoy your posts Ann. So far so good with the new year. It's back to healthy good eats walking every day and a more normal schedule

  11. Alan- I did see the Huskies play. I really started to think that both defenses should just sit on the bench the way they were playing. What a score!

    I love Mike Leach and I want to read his book. I think he is hilarious and really smart. Was the book good? If I were you, I'd be nervous. He's a coaching genius.

    I'm enjoying the football as usual, but as always sad to see college ball on it's way out for another year....

  12. Thanks Dr. F. After tonight, I want to see Baylor play West Virginia.

    Leach's book is great. You'll enjoy it. What a mind he has. He's one of those guys who's so smart he makes it all sound easy. And he was at OU before TT, so no wonder you like him!

  13. I'm GLAD you co-opted Not Sucking - it's totally doable! Well, maybe some days it will be harder than others but isn't that true of most things?


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