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Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Random Thoughts

Finally it's Friday. I completed my 10th straight work day of early workouts today. It's starting to get easier. I rode the bike 6 miles and then did one set of arm weights. Only so much time in the day. Wish I had time for more.

Random thoughts:

* Is it weird that I enjoy going to the bathroom?  Not necessarily because of what I'm doing in there, but because it's quiet and peaceful. With the fan on I can just be quiet a few minutes. This is especially noticeable at work. I do a job where people are always asking me questions and wanting something from me. It's nice to just be alone a few minutes. Weird huh?

*If you are wearing a towel in the locker room at the gym DON'T bend over. Just sayin'.  I got an unpleasant surprise this week at the gym. Not cool. Shivers....

* I really enjoy the fact that I work out more than most of the skinny people in my life. Sometimes when I tell them what I've done that week they look at me like "no way". I love that look. Yesterday a drug rep friend of mine asked if I was still up to my martial arts. I said, "Of course" He says, "So if you wanted to kick me in the face right now you could?" Me: "I could not only kick you in the face, but I could kick you, grab you and then take you down." Him:"Uh.Woah...cool.. No way....Don't do that."  Then I proceeded to show him how high I can kick. Dude is easily 6 ft 2 and showed him I can hit him in the head with either a side kick or axe kick. Ha ha ha should've seen the look on his face!

* I haven't had any time to read this week and it's making me grumpy.
* I haven't had any time to watch any of my shows and it's making me grumpy.

*Speaking of the bathroom. Ever go to the bathroom and then laugh?  Yeah..well..I'm weird that way. The other day I weighed and the scale was up a bit. So I'm basically pouting until I arrive at work and spend some time in the bathroom. I'll spare you the details, but it was really clear why the scale is up. Thank you veggies. I just laughed at myself for pouting for no reason. You'd think I'd learn.

* Only a few more hours to the weekend and actual grown up time for me and hubby. Yippee. Just a little nervous about food at the casino where we are staying. I've never been there but I'm assuming it's the same casino fare as most places. Must. Stay. Focused.

* I miss football already...........Senior Bowl this week, Super Bowl and that's it. I do not count the Pro Bowl as no one actually plays. Might as well be a flag game.

OK that's it for now. Considering I'm doing the 2 posts a day, I'll leave it at that. I'd love to hear your random thoughts....have a great day!


  1. okay - I will have to admit I laughed at all your random thoughts, but giggled a bit more about the bathroom things....
    and yes....enjoy your time away with the hubby, but ....must.....stay......focused is a good thing to repeat!! Enjoy your weekend!!


  2. I agree with you regarding the joys of the bathroom experience. I did an entire blog post Oddly Satisfying - Eliminations.

  3. So I saw a show with Oprah and Goldie Hawn and they both talked about quiet bathroom time for meditation!

  4. Your bathroom thought adventures amuse me. I'm similar for sure. Sometimes I do my best thinking there. Sometimes I get the biggest body-related surprises there too. heh. Then sometimes the person in the next stall says hello and when you say "hi" back, after getting over the weirdness of talking whilst excreting, you realize they're on their cell phone... and think... "wait... who's weirder in this situation?"

    lovely thoughts.


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