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Friday, January 27, 2012

Yeah me!

Post # 2 for today. Pretty sure y'all will get sick of hearing from me soon. Today I realized that this week I've exercised 415min, that's 6.9hours and burned 3,315 calories! And that's just since MONDAY! Yeah me!

I've had a good day today. As expected I was up about 1/2 pound from yesterday due to my enemy sodium. But that's OK because official weigh in is Monday. I say official because that's the weekly weight I record and track.

I'm very excited about seeing Craig Ferguson tomorrow night. Tonight is Taekwondo and then home with the kids. I'm going to post this weekend, even if it is very little. I'm tired right now and I'm sitting here trying to get the excuses out of my head for why I don't need to go to class.  I'll drink more water and I'll make myself go.  I always enjoy class once I get there. I'm having some asthma today so I know I probably shouldn't spar. Hopefully we won't be sparring tonight.

Sometimes I actually fear eating out. Especially when I'm on a "roll" with my healthy lifestyle. I don't want anything upsetting it. I don't know why. I guess I still don't trust myself sometimes? That's silly isn't it. I should be able to control myself. I get even more that way when I don't know where we'll be going for sure and therefore I don't know what choices I'll have. Silly silly. Most restaurants have at least something I can pick and stay on track. I've just got to make the right choice! But, I've got pistachios in my purse and I'll throw in a fiber bar just in case.  Do you ever feel that way about eating out?  Are there certain places you just have to avoid? What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. I definitely identify with your sentiment of staying on track and avoiding restaurants. I avoid socializing all together sometimes because it revolves so closely around eating.

    Like today... Out with friends at a coffee shop (great, green tea is a good choice) and then they wanted to go to Taco Bell for lunch. Of all places. I was so glad to have the protein bar in my bag to keep me from being a little piggy.

  2. I feel the same way about eating out, especially when I'm on a roll. In fact, I'm eating at my parents' tomorrow night and I am scared to death of 1) the super taters (don't ask) and 2) the flan. I'll be good with the salmon and spinach.

    I can't do buffets and stay on plan, so I avoid them like the plague. I mean, I know how to. I know how to pick lean proteins, vegetables, and steer clear of the dessert table. But something in my brain just turns into Animal from the Muppets (with about as much coherence) and I lose all grip on my higher mental functions.

    Way to go on your workout hours this freaking WEEK! I don't have those for the entire month. Ick. But that stops tomorrow. We picked up the recumbent bike today and got it assembled and functional just moments ago, so tomorrow I'm on that sucker, pedaling away. I'm so psyched it's almost sad.

  3. Craig Ferguson just cracks me up - I LOVE his humor. Have a blast tomorrow night!

  4. I feel that way every time I eat out...it is filled with so many pitfalls. For me, if I'm going to pay for food, I'm going to eat the food...there...and that means selecting something I'd feel good about eating...the entire thing...there. It is stressful.

    Oh...and I love how you demonstrated your high kicks to your drug rep...bad ass!

  5. Honestly, I avoid eating out as much as I can. I struggle with it a lot. My biggest problem is not that meal, but that I might pre-cheat before or keep cheating after. We are going out with friends tonight and I chose the restaurant. It was reviewed in the paper recently and every entree is under 475 calories:)


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