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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekend Wrap up.....late...AND I got an award....AND my aching abs!

I've been trying to find time to get a post in since Monday. Sigh........But, here I am now.  I guess I need to post shorter posts on days that are busy.  I want to let Michelle know I got her tag and I'll post on that really soon. It's another thing I have to sit down and think about. I really enjoy those posts so I'll definitely get it done soon.  I've been reading and commenting. I love the new reply option in the comments. Now I can reply to people directly. 

Last weekend was good, but I ate too much and too much salt. When will I learn to control myself on weekends???!!!??? Sigh..... I didn't do much. I took my youngest to her play date. Then middle daughter and I got to spend some rare time together. We decided to go to the mall, mainly to shop at Barnes and Noble for books. I spent my gift certificate in William-Sonoma (LOVE that place) and got a cherry pitter. My cousin has one and ever since I saw it I've wanted one. Can't wait to use it. On cherries and seeded grapes. Any other uses for that thing? I'm sure my kitchen guru friends will have ideas. Sunday I took the girls to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D. Is it weird that I'm REALLY excited to see Nemo in 3D in September?? It is honestly one of my favorite movies of all time. I've seen it 100 times, literally.

On Monday when I weighed I had gained back the pound I had lost on Saturday morning. Woe is me and my weight fluctuations. Yesterday I got back on track with food water and exercise. I had 1149 calories yesterday. My workout was an hour on the elliptical. I just love that thing. I don't really love my achy hips after that long. I do quite a bit of resistance, up to level 18 and back down.  I hadn't planned on doing the whole hour on it, but I was reading and sweating and enjoying myself. I looked down and it was 46min. Well....with 5 min cool down that's 51 min and it just seemed silly not to do that piddly little extra 9 min and get the 60. I love when the timer rolls over. It's like the machine is quitting in defeat and saying, "You win. Now get off."  Hee hee. Love it.

Also yesterday I ate a boatload of carrots.  I don't know why I get in these moods and just eat tons of one thing or another, but I do. I've also figured out that when you eat crap for a day or two and then go back to eating good, whole, healthy, fresh and FIBER filled foods it can.....affect your......digestion. I'll spare you the details, but leave it to say that after the peas, carrots, grapes, apple, orange, green beans, celery and more carrots I ate yesterday I am making many trips to the potty. This alone should remind me why eating healthy foods CONSISTENTLY is so important. Your body just functions better on healthy fuel. I feel better today, more energy.

Today I've had 1049 calories, but I am full and satisfied. Again I had a lot of fruit and veggies and this will likely not help the aforementioned problem, BUT I know my body will adjust soon and everything will straighten out. I've been down this road before. I had a lot of fruit again today. I just love it. For breakfast I had egg substitute with a splash of chipotle tabasco. That's yummy stuff. For lunch I had some fruit and cheese. Just sounded good. For dinner I had chicken and brown rice. I also had some stir fry Asian veggies. These are new. I got them at Sam's last week and it was really good. 50cal a cup and the kids even loved it!

For exercise I got up early to workout.  This is something I haven't been doing. When looking back through my blog to when I was losing weight faster, I realized morning workouts were routine then. SO, I'm restarting the trend. When I work out in the morning, my whole day goes better. It focuses my attention on healthy living and I'm less likely to succumb to temptations. I did 30min on the bike, 50 push ups, 100 crunches, 50 reverse crunches and planks. Felt so good to start the day sweating again.

At lunch I was honored with a plaque from the local radio station. Seems that they've started a thing where they have a tribute to doctors nominated by the listeners. I'm the doctor for this month. Apparently I got a lot of nominations. I feel so honored to be recognized that way, by my patients, for going the extra mile and doing a good job. Here's a pic of me and my staff receiving the award.
They also brought lunch for the office which is one reason I had cheese for lunch. There was a cheese tray. There was also a cookie tray, but I did NOT eat that.

After work, I changed my clothes and headed to tae kwon do for class. It was a VERY hard class today as we spent the class doing sparring drills. I definitely felt the 90 crunches we did in class after this morning! Then we ended with free sparring. I did great until the very end. I suddenly couldn't breathe. My asthma and subglottic stenosis strike again. This is the first time I've tried to spar off the steroids. Bad news. I'm going to the ENT next week to get checked and schedule my surgery.

I finished tonight off doing work I didn't get done at work. That's why I'm posting so late. I promised myself I would NOT go to bed without posting SOMETHING tonight.   There's so much more I want to discuss like certain celebrities who have finally admitted they have diabetes and various irritations and experiences I've had lately, but .....speaking of bed.......I'm tired. I'll work on that post and maybe the post for my tag from Michelle tomorrow.

Welcome to all my new readers! If I'm not yet following your blog, please let me know in the comments. I love discovering new blogs to read.

Do you have a favorite kitchen gadget?  Do you have a cherry pitter?  Do you ever get stuck on one food for a while? If so, what? 


  1. Congrats on your honor!

    I get stuck on foods all the time. Some day I plan to write about it on my blog. Maybe. But it has NEVER been carrots!!

  2. Wahoo! That is quite an honor! I am not surprised that were recognized as a great doc. My impression of you from your blog is that you tell it like it is, whether it be about yourself or about other things happening in your life. Throughout your writing we hear your compassion, humor, tenacity, perseverance, and of course, but only at times, a pissed off attitude that comes from exasperation.

    My favorite kitchen gadget is an apple corer/slicer. I love apples, but can not stand to bite into one. Skin always gets stuck in my teeth. So love my corer/slicer.

    Keep up the exercise. You are inspiring, too! Thanks for stopping by my blog during your day. Means a lot.

  3. If I recall, Alton Brown used cherry pitters for pitting Olives and maybe even Dates. I'm sure they may even work as a nutcracker too!

  4. What a great honor - and well deserved. I'm proud to "know" you! :)

    I ate half a pan of roasted carrots last night in answer to your question. Plus I've been eating clementines like crazy - either I'm going for a tan from the inside out, or I'm stuck. But hey, as long as it's not junk, it's fine.

    I was given a cherry pitter - quite fun, although you will make a mess, so wear old clothes when you use it.

  5. Congratulations! I have no doubt you deserve it. Your rediscovery of the efficacy of morning workouts prompts me to re-consider setting my alarm earlier. A great thing about blogging is the ability to go back to see what's worked well in the past. I know I feel better about myself and lose faster when I do a morning workout. Even a simple 2 or 3 miles around the block are helpful.

    I have an oxo cherry pitter. Best for cherries, but also useful if I mess up and buy un-pitted olives. Favorite kitchen gadget? probably my mango cutter. Most used? My new immersion blender!

  6. I love cherries but do not have a putter. I will ask the Valentines Bunny for one. Until then my fave gadget it the immersion blender; got something that needs blending I am your guy!

    You Rock by the way :)

  7. Carrots, eh..... you could have had carrot cake cookies!
    Pitter for cherries? don't they just grow in the bottle they come in?

  8. Congratulations on the honor from the community! Quite an achievement!!!!

    (Blogger is not letting me post under my WordPress ID - weird...)


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