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Friday, January 13, 2012

Staring into the gates of hell........yeah it's the weekend.

Here I am. Friday is finally over. Glad it's the weekend. Today kinda sucked. First, I had to go to the DMV to get my license renewed. I would rather be anywhere but at the DMV. What a beating!  I waited for 45 min in the cold before I even got inside the building. Truly, the DMV is like staring straight into the gates of hell. One lady showed up with a folding chair, a big blanket on her lap and her knitting. People were laughing at her, but I was like, "Damn. I wish I'd thought of that." Thank goodness for my ipad as I read the whole time. Plus I did a lot of hopping around so I guess that will count as my workout today.

I had packed my gym bag thinking I'd go to the gym after, but 2.5 hours was a bit longer than I expected the wait to be. Unbelievably horrible place to work I would think. I tried to be pleasant despite the monotone and scowl I received at the desk.  It's not HER fault the line is so long and the building is so small after all. But, I'm thinking she could try to be a LITTLE friendly. I mean it's not like I wanted to be there either.  I was sure to give her a BIG grin and a "Have a GREAT day!" as I left. HA! I got to leave. She's there FOREVER.

After that I ventured to Academy to pick up some camping supplies for son.  How dare he keep outgrowing his thermals and water suit! And tell me WHY they have like 15 cash registers when they never, ever, ever,ever have more than 1 open? Why?

Then to Sam's. Sam's on a Friday buying crap for a family of 5........Sigh.....sucks......But I guess that counts for my upper body work out, eh?  On the bright side I did buy the latest Magic Tree House book. My girls LOVE these books. If you have young kids and don't have this series you MUST. It's really good and I'm not ashamed at all to admit that I enjoy reading them to my girls every night. Only thing is we're finally caught up. There are 47 of them. We are on the 46th. Almost finished it. I don't know what we'll read next. Any ideas? Maybe we'll start the Harry Potter Books. Has to be something that they will enjoy and that I will like also. My middle daughter has started these books called, "Dear Dumb Diary" and they are really funny, but she can read those herself so she has to read them to me for school. I need something that I can read to them that won't annoy me. I'm up for suggestions.

After Sam's I took the giant load 'o food home and unloaded. Grabbed some lunch and then headed to work.  Had a busy afternoon in our satellite clinic. And now I'm wrapping up to head home. Son has a camping trip with scouts this weekend in Arkansas. He is so excited. They'll be backpacking and hiking which sounds great until you realize it's freaking January. But, the boys love that shit. The colder the better.

Tomorrow my youngest has a play date in the afternoon so middle child and I will spend a little time just the two of us. Doesn't happen much. Husband and I want to see the new Mark Wahlberg movie. I love that guy. Maybe we'll get a chance tomorrow, but of course there's NFL playoffs which I must watch. Only hubbie isn't very interested. He's disgusted with the Cowboys. I agree, but still love me some football and I must get my fill before it's over until August.

Other than that the weekend will be spent relaxing. I might do a little gardening, need to do some weeding. Yes. We have weeds still. This is North Texas. It's supposed to be like 70 on Monday. My freaking pear tree is starting to bloom.  It always does this and then the ice comes and kills everything. Sigh....that's how it is. Better than snow all the time for damn sure.

Remember how I told you I got these really fluffy slippers for Christmas and I promised a picture? Well here it is. My youngest is wearing them. She LOVES em.
Now tell me they don't look like you shoved your foot in a small dog's butt!

Hope you all have a great weekend! So what are you all reading lately? Anything good? I love love love to read.  Do you read with your kids? The same books as your kids? I still share books with my mom all the time. Love it!


  1. The Harry Potter series is wonderful -- I highly recommend it! My younger son likes the Geronimo Stilton books (they're about a mouse), and the older one just finished the Hunger Games trilogy and is now reading the Fablehaven series.

    For my own reading, I tend to like paranormal stuff so at the moment I'm reading Richelle Mead's Black Swan series. It's the last series of hers I have to read (that's finished, that is), so after I'm done with it I'll be at a bit of a loss!

    Oh, one my mother and I both loved is Mennonite in a Little Black Dress. It's a memoir, and the author (Rhoda Janzen) has such a way with words I swear I nearly wet myself I was laughing so hard. It's available on iBooks -- that's how I got my copy -- so you might want to check it out :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. My kids just love, love, love the Harry Potter series. Being that they forced me to read the whole series to them, I can say they are not bad!

  3. Its very cold here and so is our house forwhateverreason and my tootsies are frosty. Now...all dogs watch out, because if I could find two of them nearby...

  4. I have my old picture from around 2000 on my driver's license - as long as they keep letting me renew it online, I'll do it rather than face what you did today. So what that I don't look like that picture anymore - the only people who really look at are the TSA, and I figure it keeps them on their toes!

    I'm all for starting the Harry Potter books with your girls - they get more intense as the kids get older, but the first one is pretty mild (as far as scariness goes) - such a great series, though!

    Have a good weekend - maybe you son will earn his Polar Bear badge this weekend...I am with you, those boys are crazy to camp out in this cold!

  5. I have an appointment on Friday to get my DL renewed. I did it online as long as they would allow. This time they want proof of who I am (A LOT OF PROOF!) and a vision test. At least I a specific time to be there.

    My girls and I loved the Little House books. I would also throw in a classic like David Copperfield or Tom Sawyer here and there.

  6. I love the slippers.

    Good luck on your journey.

  7. ahhh you had me at the slippers.
    I wanna crawl IN THEM and nap :)



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