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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh the Irony.

Good lord this week sucks. At least my little girl's ear is better. No more fever so back to school today. However my son still sound's like an old man with smoker's cough. He's getting better, but NOW I'm getting it. Dang it. Why is it I can be around sick people all day every day and be FINE until my home gets contaminated and then I'm doomed? I went to bed early with a sore throat. I'm coughing worse now and I'm full of mucous. I hate mucous. Truly. I do. I can handle blood, poop, pee, and all sorts of variations, but have a patient hack a wad of mucous in front of me and ....ewww!

I called and got an appointment with my ENT for Monday as my breathing is worse and the inhalers aren't helping like they used to. I cry uncle. I'll get the surgery. Now it's a matter of getting on the schedule for the laser for my subglottic stenosis or upper airway scar tissue.

I'm back on prednisone because that seems to be the only way I can breathe. I didn't work out this morning I coughed all night and feel like crap. That's also why I didn't blog twice. I'm failing this challenge. Sigh. Anyhoo....I didn't go to TKD yesterday as my breathing had started getting bad and I knew better. Now that the scar tissue in my airway is bad again, the inhalers don't help much. That means when I get winded I can't do much but try to slow my breathing down and sit down. If I'm still I'm OK. So frustrating for me now that I WANT to exercise. How ironic.

I have an appointment to get my hair done at lunch and I really don't want to go, but I have to because it's hard to get those lunch time appointments. So I'll go and snooze in the chair if needed. I have my ipad so I can read and I brought my lunch. Although I don't really feel like eating. That's just plain weird to even think for me.

Today I've had yogurt with berries and coffee for breakfast. One of my whole wheat muffins for mid morning snack. I brought an Atkins shake and some fruit for lunch. I'm trying to drink my water, but it tastes so nasty on the prednisone. I thought I had some crystal light at work, but I guess I'm out. Have to restock.

I'm super tired of people asking for diet pills lately. As if there's a magic pill. Do these people think I'd be fat if there were?? And I guess since I'm still fat they look at me and think, "where does she get off telling me to exercise."  Well, nowadays I can nip that in the bud with an explanation of my workouts and my weight loss and all that stuff. Shuts up that , "I just don't have time" excuse pretty quick.  It also changes the way they look at me. Don't judge a book by the 60 pounds overweight I am! You don't know where I've been....

Anyway I didn't even really want to post because I have so much negative news, but Oh well. That's life. I'm reading and trying to comment so keep your posts coming. They help me stay on track on not just throw in the towel and give up. It would be easy to say, what's the point, when I'm on these steroids. But, I'm not. Never give up. Never stop trying.


  1. Oh ick! I'm sorry you've been nailed by The Vile Illness as well :(

    I couldn't look another Slimfast in the face (I had some left from when I was on the "Liquids Only" phase of gum surgery recovery), so today I went out and got some hummus and cucumber. That plus a Greek yogurt (Fage 0% Strawberry Goji) hit the spot. I have peanut butter on tap for this afternoon along with some fresh salsa if need be.

    Yes, I eat the salsa plain. With a spoon. I'd do that every day if it weren't so freaking expensive!

  2. That's a good way to end this post - Never Give Up. Never Stop Trying!!! (being sick is the worst - feel better soon)


  3. Oh Baby...sorry you're sick. That just stinks. And prednisone makes it stink even worse, because it makes EVERYTHING taste nasty.

    Feel better soon!

  4. Hopefully today is the "turnaround" day where EVERYONE (including you) gets to feeling better. Hang in there...

  5. Atkins shakes? Crystal Light? Ugh...and you are a DOCTOR. :-/ You should KNOW better.

  6. I'm so sorry for your tough week, but I do want to say how proud I am of you for what you are accomplishing. It may not be fair, but you are right about how a doctor's health is perceived by their patients. Your efforts to get fit will improve the lives of your patients as well. You are a model that many others should follow.

    You'll never have to be the one saying "Do as I say, not as I do."

  7. I was on steroids a while back. Keeping to my plan kept me from gaining. I wonder why water tastes so awful. Why the pills taste awful. Crystal lite is a good idea.

    My doc is overweight. I never think he should not be lecturing me (even though he is not very nice). But I understand the apprehension. It IS much easier to say - hey I am struggling too! AND WINNING!

    Be well. Mucous IS disgusting - especially if they swallow it back down.

    Too bad you cannot harness the not wanting to eat but dying to exercise feeling when sick. The rest is for the birds.

  8. Being sick makes dieting difficult. Give yourself a break and don't worry about it until you are well. That doesn't mean you should overeat. Eat small amounts of what tastes good and get as much rest as possible. You need to get well!!!

  9. oh man... when I can't handle water or it's not tasting right, I usually buy stuff like metro's peppermint water. Just a light taste of something different. But it's made with actual peppermint, so no fake crap or sugar.

    I've never thought about the doc office from the other end. It's so weird to me that people are asking you for a magic pill. I thought it was general knowledge that those are terrible for you and all a gimmick. Do you get a lot of questions about that HGH stuff? Human Growth Hormone? is that what it's called?

  10. So sorry that you're sick. I put lemon in my first quart of water for the day. After that I seem to be able to drink the plain water easier. Hang in there. :)

  11. I could have easily been a respiratory therapist. I love mucous.
    I love the sound of suctioning.... ewwww.... well, I like it, at any rate!

    Hope you get well sooner!
    (Get it- Sooner!) lol

  12. Yes, get that surgery! Hope you feel better. Hugs.

  13. What a week you are having! Hope you get past this not feeling thing and of course I always admire your great attitude about not giving up!

    You have to be an inspiration to your patients and once they find out you are doing it the good old fashioned way with sweat equity they should admire your accomplishments.

  14. Damn! I am so sorry you have to face surgery again and play patient. You know the steroid weight is just a blip, so do not weigh while on the steroids and pay special attention to keeping the carbs lower. Hang in there! It will pass. Your breathing will get better. Your weight loss will pick up speed again, and you will keep kicking TKD butt.


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