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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm still here.......Happy Hearts Day

Yes. I'm still here. Sorry I haven't posted in days. I'm just biding time until I can get the surgery on Friday and get off these steroids. My stomach is killing me from them despite taking plenty of stomach meds, but I cannot stop them until after the surgery to reduce swelling. So.....I'm stuck.

I'm up about 5-6 pounds depending on the day and while I'm frustrated with that I feel like it could be worse. I have not been eating well as my stomach pain just won't permit it. I've had toast and crackers and soup. I can't really tolerate much fresh veggies or fruit now. Meat is also a problem. If I can get past the weird taste bud side effect, it kills my stomach. So...I'm still in carb city. However I see the exit sign and soon I can get back on the healthy highway.

I'm not working out now. I just can't. Pretty much I go to work, go home and rest at lunch, then work and home at night to rest. All is well at home other than my middle daughter is still sick today. She even missed her Valentine's Party, poor thing. Nanny made cupcakes with her this morning so that helps a bit. She still has fever, low grade and a terrible cough with her bronchitis. Hopefully she'll be better very soon. It just sucks when your kids are sick.

The weekend was good and just as I planned uneventful. We watched a few movies and some TiVo and I mainly stayed in bed. Other than doing the girls Valentine's and making their boxes for school parties, we did very little. I made turkey tacos on Sunday and they tasted great, but I paid with the stomach pain that night. Plus my daughter was in my bed as she was pretty sick that night, so no sleep then. I'm tired, but surviving.

I'm still reading and commenting on blogs so I'm around. I'm still inspired by so many of you staying on track with your exercise and diet goals. Makes me jealous to get back on track with the rest of you. I miss my workouts desperately. Sooooooo weird to me as I never, ever thought I'd be one of those whiny patients who are complaining about not being able to go to the gym. Those patients always got on my nerves because I saw them as putting their vanity before their health. NOW I have really changed that view. Working out and going to the gym is part of a healthy and happy life. Without it I don't feel as good. I really get it now. And I WANT IT BACK. Soon......very soon.....

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. I hope you all are not putting things on hold or "it's only once a year"-ing yourselves into something that you can't handle. Be very careful. I know indulgences for one day sometime lead to binges and detours I wish I hadn't taken. Be sure you don't end up with a bunch of candies or treats sitting around the house and setting yourself up for disaster.  That being said.....I did have a chocolate covered strawberry today. My FAVORITE treat. One is OK, right? AND it is fruit.

Oh and I almost forgot.....I got the best news the other day. My godmother called and said she got a clean bill of health, she is cancer free.  Good news. She's completed all her therapy and now it's just a matter of monitoring.  Good news!

Have a great Valentine's Day!


  1. Oh, good news on your godmother. That's a blessing. Hope Friday comes soon for you and you can start to feel yourself again. Once a year mentality today, not me! I'm on the straight and narrow! Happy V's Day.

  2. Wonderful news on your godmother!!

    As for it only being "once a year" I'm still paying for other "only once a year" events, so definitely sticking in the calorie zone for this one, LOL

  3. I know these aren't the best for you -- but I've found Arrowroot cookies really help with the pred tummy. Also if you can find ginger mint candies (I get mine at an ethnic store). Hope you feel better soon. Steroids suck!

  4. You are close to being able to quit those steroids and get back to your plan! Keep your chin up and remember, right now, you can only do what your body allows! :) patience. Patients? something like that.

  5. Excellent news about your godmother!!!

    I feel for you with the steroids - they are awful. It'll all be over soon, and you'll feel so good, what with that whole being able to breathe thing... ;) Just a few more days. Hang in there and keep being kind to yourself - it's not easy being you right now, I know.

  6. Fantastic news about your grandmother.

    Sorry you're feeling ill - it's not easy right now, but the end is in sight.
    Good luck!

  7. Hang in there! I know you see the "light" just a few days away. You will be back to being a gym rat real soon. I will be sending "speedy recovery" thoughts to you on Friday (which is my anniversary (38 years) BTW). Take good care. Okay??

  8. I'm so sorry for your off week or so, but you'll come back stronger than ever. Great news about your godmother...such a blessing.

  9. That's great news about your godmother! So sorry you are struggling - it's not fair! I say do what you need to do right now and most of all, be kind to yourself. You'll be back to normal soon (whatever that is lol!)

  10. It's hard not being able to be active the way you want to. I know when I've had to slow down it makes me start to doubt that I'll get back into my rhythm and on track with activity when I can again. I start freaking out, which makes me want to eat Little Debbie cakes, but we both know that's not the answer. :0)


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