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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Workouts resume!

So far this week is cruising along and I'm trying hard to get back in the swing. I've been tracking my food and although I've been really hungry I've done pretty well on keeping my calories reasonable. I'm so happy to be able to eat fruits and veggies again!

I'm also so happy that water tastes good again. Thank goodness now it is so much easier to stay hydrated! I'm back to my 100+ ounces again and it really does make you feel better.

I have one more day on the steroids and then I hope to not need them for a VERY long time. My breathing is tons better. I still have a numb spot in my tongue but overall I'm pretty much over the surgery. Now I just have to rebuild my strength.

This week I'm back at it hard on the exercise front. It's not easy going back after nearly 3 weeks of not doing much of any exercise. I certainly learned a few things from this experience. One is that I should exercise even if it is very mild and slow and only a little. Although I'm certainly not back to where I was when I started working out I am definitely way behind where I was. However there really is something to that muscle memory stuff and I can feel my muscles and body waking up and getting going again.

Yesterday I rode the recumbent bike in the morning for thirty minutes. I did get pretty sweaty and my legs definitely felt it even though I did one of the easier programs. That's ok because I love sweating in the morning. It felt good just to get going again and know I'm getting back on track. I attended my TKD class and it was HARD for me. Today my legs and hips and even my feet are sore. The crunches were harder than usual and the push ups a bear, but I was able to do all of them. 20 pushups and 90 crunches. The pushups nearly did me in. I used to be able to do 20 without much trouble. But at least I got through the first 15 pretty easily.

The kicking was great. My body remembers how which is great. I have to admit I was nervous that I'd fall or make a fool of myself. Some of that old fear of exercising in front of people crept back in. But I did all of it, even the 360 roundhouse! The best part is that I could breathe great. I got winded but only because it was normal exertion and I'm getting used to things again. I didn't feel dizzy or like I was struggling to breathe at all. Yeah!

This morning I did another 30 min on the bike. At noon I'd planned to go to the gym but as I drove by the park I used to walk/run at this morning I found myself looking longingly at the path and the pond and wishing I could spend some time there. Then I thought why not just go at lunch. So I changed my clothes and drove back to the park. I restarted c25k AGAIN but I see it as a victory. I really enjoyed it as the weather was great and it felt so good to be able to do it again. Of course it wasn't a picnic as its been so long since I ran. The last 2 intervals were pretty difficult, but I finished it.

Tomorrow I will bike in the morning and then do TKD class at noon. I plan to run again on Friday. Next week I'll add back in some weight training and try to set up a session with my trainer.

To sum up: I can breathe! I'm off steroids tomorrow. My tongue is numb. And I'm working my way back to my regular exercise routine.

Now for the scale to get back where I was. Of course I know if I do the work results will follow. Hope your week is going well. Are you meeting your exercise goals for the week?


  1. Really great news. Way to go getting back onto your exercise regime so solidly! - esp. the TKD!

  2. Congratulations on getting back into the swing of things, exercise-wise! That's just awesome :)

    I'm being beaten to death with allergies this week -- I was in bed by 8:30 last night. Pitiful.

    1. Allergies suck big time! Take some meds and I hope it's better soon!

  3. Hurrah! Back on the work out wagon! I'm so glad that breathing is much easier!

    Are you worried about the tongue numbness? Does that go away soon?

    1. Yes, it will go away, at least it always has before. It usually takes a month or so though. It is better since it was nearly my whole tongue and now it is just the tip of it, so I'm hoping it is completely gone soon.

  4. Yeah for you! Can't wait to get back to cardio myself:)

  5. Fantastic news! So glad you're feeling better. All your previous strength and stamina will be back in no time! :)

  6. Yay! I'm so so happy to read this post - you are coming back, and like the Six Million Dollar Man, stronger and faster! Woohoo!!!


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