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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Settling in to routines

Another good day today. Eating was easier as my body adjusts back to where I was before. Last steroid today and I am starting to feel almost normal (whatever that means). I'm back to being cold a lot. The dang steroids made me hot and sweat a lot. Even had night sweats with them. Yuck.

This morning I got up and fixed breakfast for my husband and son. Packed hubbies's lunch. I'm so proud of him because he is really making an effort to eat better. He's not always tracking but he is eating much better and has even lost a bit if weight. He hasn't gotten his act together with exercise but he's starting to talk about a schedule to do it.

He works in downtown Dallas and that is about 45 min to and hour from here depending on the traffic. That means he spends nearly 2 hours in the car each day. Luckily he carpools most of the time. But it does mean that he leaves early and gets home pretty late. He has time and once he sets his mind to it he will realize it. We all have time if we want to. Time is not an excuse not to exercise. There's always time for the important things and I'm pretty sure adverting death is important. He just hasn't got his mind around it yet. I've offered to get up even earlier and work out with him. Just waiting on him to make up his mind.

After getting husband and son off I went upstairs to hit the bike. I'll admit my legs were a bit sore, but I was able to keep up with the program and above so I know things are coming back.

After the bike, shower for me and the girls. Got dressed. Dried hair. Makeup. Blah blah blah. Girls to school. I had egg substitute with veggies and a small packet of oatmeal. 325 cal with my coffee

After dropping the girls at school, I took the car to get it washed and spent about 30 min cleaning it and vacuuming it out. THEN I went to work. No wonder I feel like I've worked a whole day already by the time I get to work most days!

Work was busy this morning, but very slow this afternoon so I had time to catch up of some paperwork.

I went to TKD class at noon and it was a hard one! They worked us out but good! 120 crunches, 20 push ups and the usual other warm ups. Then we spent 30 straight minutes kicking and doing kicking drills. Yikes! My legs are sore from getting back at it this week and I'll bet it will be much worse tomorrow. Despite how strenuous it was it felt great and I was able to do it and breathe well. That's a wonderful change. Been a while for that.

After class, I went home and showered and had lunch. I ate a huge salad and the small piece of salmon left over from last night's dinner. Then back to work. I'm sure it will rain tomorrow since my car is nice and clean. Plus I've had a headache this evening so I can feel that cold front marching across my forehead.

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. The boys are camping this weekend and I'm looking forward to a girls weekend. I'll have some chores but we will be spending some time just hanging out. I'm sure they'll be movies and nail polish involved at one point or another.

The big thing is to avoid the temptation to eat crap. In the past with no other adult to witness I might have succumbed to a binge. But I think I'm ok as I am really ready to stick to healthy eating AND it's been so long since good food tasted good I'm really enjoying my fruits and veggies!

The big question is when I'll be able to run again. I want to run tomorrow but it will depend on my legs. I'll be biking in the morning and I've planned some arm weights as well. If I can, I'll run at noon and if not I'll shift that to tomorrow. I'm definitely sore in lots of places but I'm enjoying it. I see it as almost a reward for doing the right stuff. Scale is moving downward thank goodness and I'm hoping for a good loss for the week on Monday.

I'm thinking a lot about P90x and I really want to try it I think. But time is an issue and it would require some shuffling of my schedule. Have any of you done it? I know it's hard but I love a challenge.

Anyway I hope all of you are wrapping up the week as a success. Now to just continue that through the weekend. Thanks again for all of your support the last several weeks! 'Night all!!


  1. Glad things are starting to get back to normal for you. I know it's been challinging with the medical issues thrown in. Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Glad things are getting better for you .. have not stopped by in a while so I had a bunch of reading to catch up on.. I am back on the trail myself.. working hard to get healthy.. wishing you the best.. will be checking in more often now...

  3. I have thought about maybe the Insanity workout or the P90X, but not really sure myself. Might have to look at that next informercial to make a decision. Sounds like things are getting back on track. Wishing you the best of girls weekend - !!!


  4. I'm glad to read that you're getting back to being yourself. Have fun this weekend with the girls and the nail polish and movies. I'm betting on you breezing through without resorting to junk food!

  5. Nice to see things are getting back to normal. What a relief that must be. Stay strong now this weekend!

  6. That is so funny, I just finished watching an infomercial about P90X and thought - I wonder if I should try that?

    Let me know if you decide to do it! Hope you have an awesome weekend!!

  7. Death - can really put a damper on your day.
    P90X - it great! I have it and love that guy...

  8. Just this morning I heard an advertisement through Kidd Craddick's radio show that P90X is only $14.95. That sounds like a deal to me!


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