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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Do the Work .

Long week this week, but it's already Thursday. It's been a very tough week at the office. I swear some days I just want to go work for someone else where I can just show up, see patients and go home. Then I wouldn't have to deal with employees which is my least favorite part of this job. Sigh.

I've been so busy this week with meetings and such. Between that and the kids I just haven't had time to post.
Health wise my week is going well. Tuesday I ate well and I worked out twice. In the morning I rode the bike, then I went to TKD class in the evening. I had a bad headache and it was hard to get through class, but I made it.  The weather has been changing and I always get headaches when the cold fronts move through. The wind is super crazy here the last 2 days and the pollen counts are super high. Today it's raining which always triggers my asthma and again with the migraine, although it's better now. Of course the rain means pollen counts will go down, but then mold will be going up. Oy!  I hate me some allergies.

Yesterday,  I got up early and rode the bike, plus did some upper body work.  I had a meeting at lunch so I didn't get to workout again at lunch. I was so so so tired last night. I think it is the stress, the weather change and the TOM altogether made me just draggy. I'm still continuing it today. Of course I also realized I haven't been on my iron the last few weeks. I stopped taking it for a bit because my stomach was so upset for a while on all the medications. I guess I forgot to get it back in my pill box. Bummer. That will be fixed ASAP.

Despite my ass dragging, (And my friends, when my sizable ass drags it's a problem) I made it to TKD class today. Of course the day my ass is dragging is the day the Master decides to do extra sit ups and push ups. Yippee. We did 150 crunches and 30 push ups. I made it through all of them. Then we did some punching and kicking speed drills. Doesn't sound like much, but when you do roundhouse kicks for 10 minutes rapidly, your legs get sore. Then pile on the axe kicks, about 20 each leg and now I'm sore. Not to mention the rest of the class. Yes, I was pretty damn sweaty after that. Nothing better than being challenged in a workout and being able to meet the challenge.

Food today has been great, but I'm behind on the water so I'm trying to catch up now. I mean right now as I type I'm drinking my water. Lately I've been religious about wearing my fitbit. I love that little guy. There's something satisfying about seeing how many steps I've walked.  I use it to track how many calories I've burned. I track my intake on my LoseIt app. Now that they sync up my calories automatically show up in the fitbit app and the calories burned in the LoseIt. Before I was manually entering my exercise into LoseIt and it would subtract the calories burned out so it made it look like I could eat a lot more. I think the fitbit is more accurate and it only subtracts off calories if you burn more than they estimate for your BMR (basal metabolic rate).  For instance on Tuesday with nearly 2 hours of exercise, it only subtracted 366 calories whereas before LoseIt would estimate over a thousand burned for the exercise I did. I never ate back all those calories anyway, but this way I'm not tempted to.  But, the scale isn't moving this week. Ugh.  I'm doing the right stuff so I'll just trust it and move forward. Eat right. Move more. That's it.

My youngest is sick again. Poor thing. I think she inherited my allergies and asthma. She has another ear infection. Bummer. This keeps up and I'll have to take her to ENT about tubes. Boo.  On top of all this it is Teacher Appreciation Week or as my husband calls it, "teacher shake down week".  It's the week where we have a theme every day and have to bring some sort of gift or token each day for the teacher. One day was flowers, one a thank you card, one a sweet treat, one day is "favorite thing" day where you bring one of the teachers favorite things from a list of what they like. Sigh. Basically it is just one more thing I have to do or be "Bad Mommy."  I just realized I don't have tomorrow's thing. With 2 kids in school it really adds up to a lot between their teacher and art, music, PE. Crapola. I guess I'll be going to Wal-Mart or somewhere tonight. I hate Wal-mart. Hate it. Maybe I'll just swing by the grocery store and get a gift certificate to somewhere.

Next week is spring break, but we're not traveling this year. My husband has a business trip and will be gone Sunday through Thursday. A mixed blessing. With the kids at home all day they'll be banshees by bedtime. I just pray the weather is nice so Nanny can take them to the park, run them ragged and then I can come home to tired kiddos. I get to sleep in my own bed all by myself. I love hubbie, but an occasional break is welcome.Especially after 22 years together.

I read a particularly good post yesterday by Nanette.  It was regarding the idea that a lot of us have that when we're thin all our problems will be solved. I see this a lot in patients and I've even suffered from this earlier in my life. I thought if I was thin everything else in my life would be easier and fall into place. Fact is being more fit and losing weight has increased the quality of my life, but it hasn't solved all my problems. Those really successful in losing a lot of weight talk about that the hardest part losing weight is the mental part. I'm finding they are not wrong. I am still learning how to change my "self-talk".

Not only that but I've had so many patients think that getting bariatric surgery would solve all their problems. It doesn't. You have to do the mental work. Work on your issues. Find the "real" cause of your drive to eat so much and the source of your stress. You can't avoid it. To be really happy, the WORK must me done. And that work isn't all physical.

She ended the post with this quote which I find very meaningful: 
 One must enjoy the practice as well as the performance or one will spend the majority of the time miserable. Eating right and exercising can be challenging AND fun... not just something to endure until we're thin - because if we haven't learned to be happy by then, the problem isn't weight, but attitude.

I love that.


  1. Aw, thanks for the shout out! :) I think self talk is something we're all still struggling with in a way... I'm really good at ignoring my self talk when I want something that I know isn't good... I can hear it, but I just pretend my inner twig isn't shouting at the top of her lungs for me to step away from the fancy cheese section of the grocery store.

    But here's to trying to find the fun in new healthy recipes, that mental blissing out state that happens after a work out, or feeling the stiffness and the satisfaction of having worked your ass (no matter how sizeable) off! :)

  2. I *think* I'm back in the swing of things -- sounds like you are as well. :)

    I'm so grateful that my job as office manager/ HR person doesn't include personnel issues. We're a small office and, like in your office, the partners handle that stuff and not me. I'd be a wreck, so my sympathies.

  3. Employees can make or break you...sorry that you're dealing with the bad side at the moment.

    Teacher appreciation WEEK? Damn. They had a day back when my kids were in elementary school, and we PTA parents were the ones who supplied a feast. Gifts every day from the kiddos? That would not make me happy to have to participate, but I know, if you don't, your child bears the brunt. BAH!

  4. Sorry you are having such a rough week with work and so forth. Hang in there as it will get better!

  5. Sounds like the teacher appreciation thing has gotten out of hand. To expect the children to have some giftie for their teacher every day isn't what it's all about. As a teacher, I loved positive notes from my colleagues and administration and some cute pictures and notes from from the kiddos, but expecting the parents to head to Walmart every night so as not to feel like "bad moms or dads" is not good. Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox now.

    Keep at it--you're absolutely right, eat right, move more and the scale will follow.
    Hope next week goes better!

  6. Doc, good quote at the end. This is all so much about the journey.

    Hope next week is better. My sob story is this - the UW men's basketball team are regular season Pac-12 champions, but lost the first game of the Pac-12 tourney to Oregon St., and they may be the first regular season champ of a BCS conference not to make the NCAA tournament. Goodness. Make your free throws fellas, that's all I've got to say.


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