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Monday, March 5, 2012

Just one of those Days.........

The weekend was great. I enjoyed my time with the girls. I didn't get in as much exercise as I had planned, not formal exercise anyway, but I did a lot of running around with the girls. We saw The Lorax on Saturday and it was awesome. We all really enjoyed it, and I thought there was a lot of cute humor.  I wasn't perfect with my eating, but I wasn't terrible either and I kept my calories reasonable. This morning I weighed in and I lost 2 pounds last week. I'll take it. I'm on my way back to pre-steroid weight. I so so so want to see that scale back where I was.

Today has DEFINITELY been Monday. I overslept so I didn't work out as planned this morning. I arrived early at work, but due to situations going on at work I didn't get any work done or my blog post as planned. I brought my workout clothes to work and planned on a run at lunch, but that got blown out of the water by other situations that happened.  Now I have to finish work and likely have to do some from home.  Tonight is Open House at my daughters school.  I cooked pies for the teacher's dinner tonight as I had volunteered to help. No problem for temptation as both pies went out the door this morning. I've had a migraine today and now the loud and crowded school even........boo hiss.....but the girls are so so so excited that I will not dissapoint. That's what medicine is for and YES I took some.

SO with all that, no exercise today which I am very unhappy about, but such is life. I will tomorrow and I have TKD class as well. I will stay on track. And I'm drinking my water. I ended up with a lunch meeting and we went to McAlister's Deli where I had a small garden salad, no cheese or croutons and light ranch and some yummy roasted veggie soup.  I had pistachios for snack. Thank goodness I have them on my desk as I forgot to pack my usual snack bag today. Just one of those days for sure.

That's the thing about the whole "lifestyle change" attitude. Life is like this. You have to roll with the punches. You can't let any little change in routine derail  you. I know in the past if I'd missed the workout and forgotten my snacks, I would've said, "Well, I'll diet tomorrow." and gone off on a binder, especially with the stress of today. OR I would have said, "I'll start tomorrow. I'll be good tomorrow. If I can't exercise, what's the point."  Oh I've heard ALL those thoughts ramble around in my mind in the past. I've said it before and it is so true. I was my own worst enemy. I'm the one that kept myself from achieving my goals. I'm trying really, really hard to change that behavior and reprogram my "self-talk". 

I know it's working because when I got back from lunch there was a HUGE tray of brownies and cookies on the table in the break room. The break room is on my side of the hall which means I walk past it as I'm seeing patients about a 1,000 times a day, no joke.  I saw that tray and thought, "huh" and kept walking. I went in there 3 times to refill my water cup. Didn't want them. Even though I didn't have my usual snacks. Even though I was REALLY stressed today. Even though I didn't get to exercise this morning and my routine was all messed up. It just isn't an option. Those foods are not part of my life now. They just aren't. I'm really proud of myself for that.

What about you? What do you do when the unexpected happens or things don't go your way? Are you and "all or nothing" kind of person?  How do you handle it when your plans are disrupted?


  1. Listen - Did ya hear that?
    I think those brownies are calling your name!
    Good on you to ignore them!

  2. I'm fighting hard to give up my all-or-nothing perspective. Diets used to always start on a Monday. Preferably if the Monday was the first day of the month. And best if the first day of the month is January 1st.

    I'm very impressed with your bypassing those cookies and brownies. You're a better man than I, Gunga Din.

  3. You did so well!!!

    I'm more flexible than anything. I keep my home environment pretty safe -- it's rare for me to have cookies, cake, brownies, chips, anything that for me is a "trigger" food in the house. But when I'm out or at work it's not hard for me to say no. Or some days I know I can say yes and stop with one serving, so I might do that... or I might not. Just because I know I can eat something, doesn't mean I will.

    And if I misjudge, which can happen, I chalk it up to an "oops" and get right back on track. I also remember the misjudgment and allow no room for daily repeat performances, LOL.

  4. You're doing well, Dr. F. I've had am few struggles lately, and I do best when everything stays in a routine, but life isn't like that, so I'm working at being flexible and consistent no matter what.

  5. I am getting better each and every day at just moving forward. Plenty of things have happened to me that would in the past, like you, given m,e an excuse to binge and eat crap. But, no more. I am worth my efforts. And so are you. Nice work walking right passed those temptations.

  6. Letting go of the all or nothing ideal has saved me (from myself) countless times. Glad you are there with that - and big props for ignoring the brownies!

  7. I'm trying to not be all or nothing! Sometimes times I handle the stress really well and go with the flow. Other times it can be a disaster. A lot depends on how tired I am. I have discovered that if I don't get enough sleep my coping skills are not so great.

  8. I wonder how many steps you take in a day. have you considered getting a pedometer?


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