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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Checking in

Slept a lot today. It's amazing to me how sore your muscles are after surgery. My neck hurts so bad, likely from the positioning during surgery. I'm bruised from the IV and my back is achy. Day two is always bad as all the general anesthesia is gone and the post-operative swelling begins.

But I feel somewhat better today over all. Definitely less nauseated and less woozy. The pain meds make me dizzy but that's ok because I'm spending most of my time in bed.

Good news is that even with the terribly sore and swollen throat I can tell there is improvement in my breathing already. I had to restart the high dose steroids today and as much as I hate them they do help.

My tongue is numb from the retractor. It feels like I have a very tight rubber band around it. It's not just numb and tingling but really hurts like when your foot is asleep, only no matter how many times I move it, it doesn't wake up.

My mom came over today to help with the kids. It's great to have her here entertaining them. It's been raining all day so they are a bit crazy with cabin fever. Poor things have to be kinda quiet when I'm trying to sleep. Nana has been playing games with them and now that I'm awake for a few minutes I told them to play Just Dance on the Wii so they can hop around and get some exercise. She cooked a roast very slow in the crock pot for us and it tasted so yummy. The veggies were soft and the meat was tender so I could eat some without hurting my throat too much.

She also was kind enough to pick up my new favorite ice cream. It's a store brand from Tom Thumb. Light mocha almond fudge! So good and less guilt. I'll have some in a bit. Cold stuff helps numb the throat.

Overall I'm doing ok and I can't wait to feel good and normal again! Take care and enjoy your weekend! Thanks so much for all the kind thoughts! It really means a lot!


  1. I know all the post-surgery pains can be annoying and uncomfortable, but hopefully after this phase you'll feel a lot better overall.
    It's nice that you have support to help around when you're recovering - take advantage of it!

  2. Oh the post surgery swelling -- I nearly couldn't go to work after I had my little dealie last fall due to total lack of wardrobe!

    I'm glad your mother was there today. It's good to have help. Keep feeling better!

  3. So glad you are already breathing easier. Take good care.

  4. Gosh isn't it crazy that your breathing is better even with the swelling? Feel better, enjoy the downtime and let mom do. She will appreciate being able to help.

  5. maybe the ice cream can numb you up instead of leave your tongue tingling. I'm so glad that you can notice a difference right away. Healing thoughts! :)

  6. Hope you're feeling better today, Ann.

  7. Hoping this finds you doing even better today Ann!

  8. So glad the procedure went well. Keep taking care of yourself, and let others take care of you - until you are ready to go at life full force. Hope your airway is so much better and the steroids and soon a thing of the past.

  9. GOOD ol Tom Thumb to the rescue! They have become my fave store too. There is something they put in the air in there that makes people feel good, I think.
    GLAD you are out fo the woods and doing well!
    Enjoy the rest! *wink*

  10. Hope you are continuing to heal...I find it so interesting to hear the views when doctors become patients!


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