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Friday, February 3, 2012

On the Mend

Feeling better!  24 hours after the steroids I started to feel better. I hate that crap, but it works. I got winded last night going up and down the stairs trying to get stuff together for my daughter for school today. Today is the 100th day of school and the kindergarteners always dress up like 100 year olds. It's adorable. We put her in a dress with white gloves and bun in her hair, little purse and a cane. We used baby powder to make her hair gray. Too cute.

I'm not weighing, but I can tell I'm up a pound or two, water retention already from the steroids. I haven't worked out all week and it's really getting to me. Now that I'm feeling better I think I can restart, maybe something easy like a walk or the bike. We'll see how I do over the weekend. I'm hoping to get back to TKD next week. I REALLY want to go tonight, but I know I'm not ready. Dang it. At least I'll see the doctor on Monday.

I'm drinking water but it tastes so nasty, with lemon and every way. Stupid medicine! I'm doing my best to keep my calories down. These steroids make you crave carbs like a raving lunatic. So far I've suppressed it with a little extra fruit.

No big plans for the weekend and that is a relief. I am going to rest and let my breathing improve. My daughter has her belt test in the morning. Daddy and son have a camp out Saturday and are going fishing. Sunday we'll watch the Super Bowl. Hubbie suggested a great dinner. Last week we made pizza on flat-out bread with lots of veggies. Really great for low cal pizza! So we're going to do that again.

I'm so proud of him lately. He's been really watching his food intake, asking me how many calories is this or that.  But still not tracking himself. Talking about starting to workout. Maybe he's finally coming around and getting serious. I hope so. He needs to lose weight and get healthy just like me. It will be easier to do together.  I'm trying to convince him to get on here and check out some of the guy bloggers, but I think he thinks it's silly. To each his own. I don't care as long as he's moving in the right direction. We're thinking of getting an elliptical. Any suggestions out there?

Have you ever tried those Flat Out wraps? They are 100 cal and lots of fiber. The pizzas are great and fill my desire for pizza without the carbs and calories. Hope you all have a good weekend! Take care!


  1. I have a ProForm elliptical that I like, but one thing I found out when I was shopping for them is you really have to try them out for yourself. Some have more vertical strides, others are more lateral. The ProForm is more lateral which is better for my Stupid Knee as the more vertical ellipticals made that sucker crack every time around.

    So try them out, find one that suits your body, and go from there :)

  2. We used to buy flatbreads all the time. Great nutrition for not too many calories. I loved using them for pizza.

  3. Glad you are feeling better - steroids are a necessary evil, but they DO work. Rest, my friend - it's not a race to get to the weight-loss finish line, it's a lifestyle change...and right now, you need to get better before you start pushing yourself with the workouts. (I know, kinda nervy of me to give a MD advice, but hey...you need to get better!)

    I used to make pizza on the Flat Out wraps quite often - pretty tasty. How cool that your husband is starting to get on board - I think that whole "law of attraction" thing works, although sometimes it takes a long time! You've made it look good and now he wants that healthy lifestyle - very cool!

    Have a restful weekend, and enjoy the game on Sunday!

  4. And even better today, I hope. But don't delay that surgery! You're right about having hubby on board making it easier. It definitely is. Hope things go well today for your daughter's TKD test.

  5. Glad you are starting to feel better and I hope you can resume your exercise routine soon.

    I like the California Lavash whole wheat flat breads more than the Flatout flatbreads - but they are the same idea.

    I know it is much easier when my hubby eats what I do. But he kills me at night with his movie/tv snacking! I wish I could consume as many calories as he does but my body just loads it on as fat when I do! Ugh!


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