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Friday, February 10, 2012


Not much to say today. Still struggling with my breathing, but I'm tired of talking about that. My eating isn't great and I can't work out. Blah blah blah. I'm still on steroids and I'm having a lot of pain in my tummy, likely getting gastritis/ulcer from the steroids. But in only 6 days all that should be better. There are MUCH worse health problems and I will take what I've got. No borrowing trouble for me. A friend of mine from high school just found out her brain tumor is back again so I will pray for her and be thankful my health is as good as it is.

Weekend will be boring as my middle kiddo is home with croup today. We won't do much because of that and because I really can't do much. I see a TiVo weekend on the agenda for me. I'm going to rest and not feel guilty about it, dang it.

Speaking of rest, I got an unexpected day off yesterday. That NEVER happens, but some weirdness in the cosmos combined and I only had 2 patients in the morning. By 10:30am I was done. All my work caught up. (Cue Twilight Zone Theme song )  The afternoon had only 3 patients and my NP had only 1 ! So I had my staff move my afternoon and I took off the rest of the day. This happens rarely, rarely and I wasn't going to waste it. I left the office and drove straight to the movie theater. I saw Chronicle, which is a decent Sci-Fi movie, but a bit slow. Afterwards I went home and got in bed. I rested the whole rest of the day and watched TV. Total slugville and I don't care.

Last night I didn't sleep great. The breathing wakes me up at night now and it sucks so I was tired. Then my daughter got up sounding like a sick sea lion, so I decided she'd better stay home. I headed to work after getting the other 2 off to school. My schedule was business as usual today and I'm just now finishing up in the office. I'm heading home tonight to hang with the kiddos. Husband has a beer date with his college buddy tonight. Good for him.

 I wanted to take son to see Star Wars in 3D, we'll see if it happens. Do you plan to see it? He is SO excited about it. I am indifferent. I LOVE Star Wars, but I don't know about the whole 3D experience. We'll see. I'm dying to see the new ghost story Woman in Black. Anyone seen that yet? Looks really scary. I love scary stuff.  Let me know if you've seen it.

What's on your agenda for the weekend? I'm thinking crock pot something for tomorrow. I know I'm in no mood to cook. Gotta think of something. I don't want fast food. Icky. Hope you all have a good and healthy weekend!


  1. Good for you for taking good advantage of your serendipity day. A movie and reading in bed sound perfect. Sorry you're not feeling up to par and glad you're going to have it taken care of next week.

  2. I'm still totally impressed with what you squeeze into a day! My wife and I have no kids. I probably waste more time doing useless crap than I should. Perhaps the next theme of "getting better and better" will have to focus on spending my time doing forthelackofabetterword "better" things!

  3. Slugville at the Pea Household, too. The Architect has had some nasty virus this week - flu and strep like symptoms, but negative cultures for both. Now a few of the other offspring and I are starting to feel gross, too. Bah!

    Crockpot Meals = love. Especially when the Mom is sick.

    Feel better!

  4. Let's see, tomorrow I think I'm going to roast a turkey breast so I can have meat that's not "luncheon meat" to eat. Then tomorrow night I'm doing pre-Valentine's for my husband -- he's working nights this week to observe his new night crew, so I'm going to put on a crockpot of redbeans (Cajun fare for my Louisiana guy) that will be ready for him to tuck into when he gets home. We both agreed no sugar-fest for Valentine's day, LOL.

    As for Star Wars, I saw the 3 that came out in our youth, but haven't seen episodes 1-3 and I pretty much don't care to. Choreboy is going to take the boys, and I'll sit at home and cackle insensibly or something :)

    Feel better!!!

  5. I love my crock pot. It makes great meals the easy way. I'm glad you took some time off. It sounds like you needed the break. I hope the surgery will allow for better breathing, rest, exercise, etc. Take care.

  6. Glad to hear you got some time off, and rest, too!

    I get a little motion sick at 3D movies so I rarely go see them. It's neat that the next generation is interested in Star Wars, but nice that you don't have to go along for the ride.

    Have a restful weekend. I'm run/walking in the morning, and then the dog is going to get a bath. Exciting, I know. Hey, they can't all be winners. ;)

  7. Sometimes a weekend of rest is what you need to feel re-energized and get back into it, especially as you prepare for your surgery.

  8. Glad you got a little break from work, hope you feel well soon.

  9. Congrats on the unexpected day off! Spent my weekend at 2 youth basketball games and getting my 11 year old ready for Little League tryouts. And hit the stairs. I'm sure I'll miss the sports with the kids when it's over.

  10. checking back in.
    hope youre feeling better.


  11. Wow what a great afternoon off, movie and bed - sounds awesome. Hope you are feeling better and can get back to exercise soon!

  12. In Nursing when we say "it's slow today..."
    THAT is a guaranteed jinx that all heck will break loose!
    Hugs and flowers and Happy Valentines Day to you and yours!


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