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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Will the sickness ever end???

Well, today was...unproductive at best. My littlest daughter is now sick. Older sister has been fever free for 48hr, but now the little one has fever 102. Virus city around here I guess. This has resulted in Mommy needed round the clock for cuddling and other comforts. So I haven't exercised or done much of anything including exercise.

It has also resulted in mild overeating. I say mild because it hasn't been huge, but a little.  I had a piece of pizza for the first time in a LONG time and I'll tell you it tasted good and now I'm totally sicko. Yuck. I can't eat that crap anymore.  No good at all. For dinner I had some grapes. This having sick kids thing is getting REALLY old. And I am still lacking in sleep although I did sleep in today. Little girl arrived in my bed this am with a high fever again. I was able to get her down for a nap this afternoon which means I got a much needed one as well. So far none of my big plans for house work and such are getting done, but....whatcha gonna do?

Yesterday my husband and I went to see Battle Los Angeles and it was really good. If you like action flicks with lots of special effects and things blowing up and battles against evil aliens and such, which we do. I really loved it. Nana took the big boy to see it today and they loved it as well. The theater is the one with the restaurant. I was most proud of myself because I wanted the bbq ribs, but I had the black bean burger instead. No bun and diet dp instead of the margarita I wanted. You know, when you haven't had diet drinks in forever they taste pretty awesome. It was kind of a nice treat.  I had planned the salad, but I had one for lunch and I just couldn't again.

I've gotta go little girl is calling again........see you tomorrow.........


  1. I hope everyone is well soon. It's soooooo hard when mommy can't make things all better instantly for them.

  2. Dr. F., you've had way more than your share of these this winter. I hope things are much better for you and your family this spring.

  3. Damn those early spring viruses!

    Thanks for the movie recommendation. We've been thinking about seeing that one & now on the list for escaping the in-laws. Proud of you for avoiding the typical movie food and disposing of the buns!! I also have started drinking the occasional diet soda after experimenting to make certain it wouldn't rev up those awful sugar receptors in my brain that scream, "FEED ME!"

  4. Take care of your babies and let the housework go. And you can catch up on the exercise, as well. I'm glad your other daughter is better. Hang in there!

  5. Oh Baby! I hope you all shake this virus soon. It stinks.

  6. It just sucks when the kids (the babies) are sick. I hope she feels better soon and you get some sleep. You all need a vacation from illness!

  7. I love your new blog colors. :)

    Sorry about the other little one being sick - I'm sure between work and home, you must feel completely surrounded by sickies. Hope everyone gets well, and soon!

  8. Oh you poor thing! I hope this passes quickly and you all get healthy and back to a normal routine.

    Great job on your eats when you had date night!

  9. Hope everyone bounces back soon. great job on passing up the bbq and margarita. You'll be back in regular routine before long. Hang in there.


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