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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back to Business

Today has been a better day. It feels good to get back in a routine. Focus on getting things done. Work has been busy. What's new? I guess I should stop even posting that. It's crazy in the office. We've been short handed and that makes it worse. Makes people irritable. Co-workers, patients, office staff.

And....WHERE did spring go? Dang it was down right cold here today. In the 50-60s and raining. Good for business though. We needed the rain so I'm happy to see it. As long as it dries up like they say this weekend. I've got yard work and gardening to do. Sixty bags of mulch will be delivered on Saturday. Guess what my workout will be this weekend?

Yesterday I did OK with the eating. I have to say I was not "on plan" as I honestly haven't had the energy to look at the new stuff. I did review what's starting tomorrow and I'm ready for it, mostly. I've not had time to get to the store after last week yet. I have most things I need and what I don't I have something close until I can get to the store. Another busy week w/ kiddos and such.  Again, what else is new?

So today I've eaten well and I've gotten the water in the last 2 days.  I don't know why that I continue to be surprised at how much better I feel when I'm doing all my "stuff".  I didn't do nearly 1/2 the normal water last week. Two days later and I feel better.  Of course I slept last night. Finally. Amazing what that'll do also.  I weighed this am and I'm still up from my previous weight, but I'm down a pound. So at least I'm headed back in the right direction.

I went to TKD class today at lunch. Found out I should be testing Saturday for my green belt. That's really exciting for me. I still marvel at how much I love it.  This weekend when things got to be too much, I went outside and just practiced my kicks and forms. It's so relaxing. You just focus on the moves, your breathing, your body. I would go to class every day if I could. Despite the 120 crunches we did today. Ugh. I hadn't done them in over a week. Ouchy. And now because I'm testing this weekend I'm heading back to another class as soon as I leave work.

Feels so good to stretch and move and breathe and kick the crap outta something. Oh, and hit things and throw people on the ground. And learning new things. That too. Helps take my mind off the last 2 weeks and relieve the stress. If you don't regularly hit or kick the heck out of some inanimate object, you really should consider it.  Plus the workout is awesome.

Wish I had something inspiring to say or new or amazing to post. Truth is, most of this weight loss business is doing the right stuff over and over and over and over and over and over again. Eat, drink, move. Simple really.  Why it took me so long to figure out, I do not know.  But if you are having trouble losing right now, chances are you haven't been doing what you're supposed to enough days in a row.  Keep going. It'll happen.  Just like it'll happen again for me. The scale will move. I'm not done yet. Not even close. And I'm not just talking about the number on the scale.

So I'll leave you with this question:  What is something NEW you're doing lately to change up your workouts? Is there something you've been thinking about trying, but haven't yet? Why not?


  1. I've been a bum. Just getting back to purposeful movement on a daily basis would be progress.

  2. Damn, that's a lot of crunches Doc.

    Something new in workouts - I simplified by cutting out all those individual muscle exercises and decided to focus on those types of exercise that use many muscles at once - Pull-ups, press-ups, squats and Planks. That is pretty much all I do besides running and using the Wii Fit rhythm boxing game with wrist weights on.

    I needed to get back to basics to get my exercise mojo back I think, and it's helping me stay motivated and get back to a regular routine after taking a couple of months out of the game.

  3. I have been doing step aerobics and have recently added Jazzercise. It's kind of "dancie" and I enjoy the atmosphere of a class. I always think I will get exercise done at home but it doesn't happen. Too many distractions I guess. It would be a lot cheaper at home but oh well - I'm worth it! I am now exercising 6 days a week. Sunday is my rest day. I would love to take a dance class - I love the old jitterbug or two-step or you know - the American bandstand stuff.

  4. Your amazing.. 120 crunches and TKD..... I could only wish... Keep up the good work.

  5. I'm just getting myself back into doing ab work - 50 crunches a day, plus my hula hoop...and I'm feeling it! Glad life is getting back to normal for you.

  6. I'm starting interval training to get ready for softball season. I hardly ever run normally, so the intervals help me get worked back up to it.

  7. I am the same way - feel so much better when I do the right stuff:)

  8. kettlebells! I LOVE working out with them. I am on week 6 of the kettleworx program. awesome program for someone with ADD like me. and what do I really want to do? ride horses. how? where? too expensive? I don't know if I am even able as I have never been on one before but I would LOVE for someone to teach me how to ride and how to groom a horse. Do people my age just call a stable up and say teach me how to groom/ride horses???


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