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Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday. FINALLY!

Yesterday was a blur of work and worry. I had my daughter come in and see my NP, we ordered blood, urine and an ultrasound and luckily all is normal so far. She still had fever yesterday and this am although she went 15hours between temps this time. So, that is an improvement. I have still not slept a full night, but as long as she gets better that's all that matters.

I didn't get to workout yesterday as I missed TKD to take my daughter to the hospital for her test. After work, I had my son's open house so for the 3rd time this week, I got home after 8pm.  Dinner was some hot tea with honey and a few crackers as I just was tired and not hungry. Total calories 926.

This morning I got up early to catch up on work that backed up because of activities yesterday and the fact that I was so tired last night I had to go to bed at 9pm. I just couldn't think straight. So I didn't work out this morning. I am planning a TKD class this evening as hubby is home with little girl. As long as I can get done at work.  I'm determined to do it because the TKD gym is closed next week for spring break. They are just doing a kids camp next week.

I'm taking most of next week off to do work around the house and spend time with the kids. I really can't afford it financially, but I really can't afford not to other wise. It is a much needed break. I need an oil change in the car and tires rotated and my garden needs to be readied and shrubs trimmed and I have some planting to do, work on the pool, fertilize the lawn, clean out my closets.  I know it doesn't sound like much rest time in there, but there will be some. And I am planning one day just for by myself stuff. Maybe a massage and a movie.  Just a short break from the daily grind will be great.  And I always feel better when I can get some To-Do list crap done and off my list (an back).   I only hope that my kiddo is well because we were thinking of camping a couple of days or at least a couple of day trips.

I'm also looking forward to some time for walks/running. I am hoping to go to the park tomorrow morning since the weather should be nice. We'll see. At any rate, I can get some down time and that sounds great right now.  I figure I can try to do the C25K and if I can't run with the hamstring, I'll just walk it. It is a lot better, not perfect, but better.

Is it me or is it quiet in blog world? Or have a lot of the blogs I read stopped writing or slowed down?  I've found myself looking for some new blogs to read as my reader is not nearly as full lately. If you have a blog and I don't already follow you, let me know and I'll check it out.  Hope you all have a good weekend and stay on track!


  1. Yeah! The week off sounds glorious. I need one myself, but can't afford it either. Tuition payments (college, high school, middle school, oh my!) are due soon. Enjoy your time!

  2. My reader was full today! But some of my favorite bloggers have stopped or gone on break or cut way back. I follow a few who post more than once a day!

  3. I think everyone who was hanging out inside blogging all day is now out soaking up the weather that we are not getting in Missouri. :0)

    I've noticed it's quiet too. I'm taking a few days off in April, It's been awhile since I had a real vacation and I want to go visit my grandparents. I think time off is important, very important.

  4. I think its been quiet too. Probably the time of year when everyone is out and about finally happy to be doing anything without snow on the ground.

  5. It's been quiet on the ones i read also.....I figure a combination of better weather and diet let down. March is where a lot of folks throw in the towel on their New Years resolutions...so a lot less to say until they find their new paths. Have a good spring break, i don't take it off anymore now that my kids are out of school.

  6. Spring break! I think everyone who can be, is outside, enjoying the beautiful weather and not blogging! I should be doing just that, but I'm procrastinating cleaning my bathroom by hanging out at the computer. Sigh...if I get it done, then I can go outside. OK, I'm off. Have a good weekend - hope your daughter is on the mend!

  7. It has been a bit quiet. The only reason I'm actually able to be online this long this evening is because Choreboy had to work late. Usually we're tied up with each other or something to do with the house/ dog/ cats/ boys.

    Enjoy next week! My kids are off but I'll still be working. I'm taking a couple of days off around Easter instead.

    Somehow, though, just the fact that I'll have a change in routine next week has me tickled to death. No homework, no worrying if uniforms are clean... seriously, it's going to be awesome.

    Have a great weekend and a productive and restful week off :)

  8. Sick Kids are exhausting. Unless you've been there, it's hard to explain to others. I think you are pretty damn amazing to get ANY exercise in, with the practice, fucked up hamstring and so forth.

    I think this is the season of contemplation for many. The end of winter and the slow beginning of spring usually is - I think it's an unconscious thing, but I'm a shrink and so I always think it's an unconscious thing.

    Thinking of you as you get that daughter well.

    xo GP

  9. Enjoy your week away from doctoring!

  10. You're welcome to read my blog, I'm warning you though, it's pretty boring. I do try to update most days. Sometimes life gets in the way though!

  11. I hope everyone gets better at your house soon!

    Congrats on taking a week off and getting some things caught up around home. It makes me feel better when things are organized and I can check things off my to do list.

    I have been kind of out of the loop in the blog world as of late. Not posting as often myself, and reading other blogs less, do to not feeling well.

    This too shall pass.


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