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Thursday, March 3, 2011

What is THAT?

So I had this weirdo experience this morning. I guess it's an NSV of sorts. I find it amusing and well...silly. But, it is the gosh honest truth.

I'm on the way from dropping kids at school and I realize my belly kinda hurts. Right side, kinda in the middle. I know I'm sore. I rubbed around the area and tried to figure out what was hurting. I feel this really hard lump. I mean it's hard and tender. I'm thinking, "What the heck is THAT? A mass or something?"  Then I remember my anatomy. That's my hip bone. Cripes. I'm not too sure I've ever felt that before. Not at my waist like that.  I know it seems silly, but I literally discovered a body part.

Yesterday was a train wreck, not eating wise thankfully. But, I didn't get to go to the gym as I had planned. I had planned on a trip at lunch only to find out we had a lunch meeting with another doctor. Brought in as a speaker from the drug reps to talk about cholesterol meds. I personally usually avoid these, but this doctor is a local cardiologist I really like and he actually knows a lot and he knows ME so he'd know if I bailed. So....I had the salad and talked lipids for an hour. On the bright side I caught up on paperwork.

After work I headed off to the Chiropractor. I know it's weird. An MD seeing one and all, but for back issues they can be helpful. So I went because my S-I joint gets wonky and my neck needed some work. After the adjustment, he did some work on my elbow and I think it helped. I'm still struggling with the tendinitis. 

After THAT, I headed to my youngest's TKD test. She got her blue belt and was soooo surprised when she broke her board. She's done it before, but kids are so cute and excited about every experience. We could learn something about life from them.  And you should see those little ones sparring. My little chick can kick some boy booty I tell you. She took on a boy bigger than her and she had him running from the ring. Hee hee!

Another night where we didn't get home until 8pm. I ate some brown rice Nanny had cooked and some salad. I am bloated and the scale says I haven't lost anything. I knew those carbs were a no-no, esp during my you-know-what. But, my calories were OK. I drank a little less water than normal, still the minimum, but less, so I'll try to catch up today.

Today I plan my TKD class at noon and if I can make it, another class w/ my oldest daughter. She wants me to come to her class since she's a higher rank than me. So, a lot of exercise on the agenda today which is good since yesterday I got none.

I'm off to get some work done. Hi-Ho, Hi-HO!  Have a great day everyone!


  1. I remember when my wristbones resurfaced. I though I'd developed some sort of joint problem for a few minutes...

    Way to go for your youngest!!!

  2. Hipbones are good lumps to have. I remember my thin days and how I liked to put my hands on my hips right at those points! It's been a while for me, Dr. F., but they're still there--just waiting patiently to emerge. I'm trying to be patient too. This weight loss thing takes a "boatload" of patience, but what choice do we have but to stay the course.

  3. Ha ha! That's funny. I noticed my collarbones the other day and thought, Wow! I haven't seen those in a while!

  4. Yup the first time I could feel past my boob to my chest... OMG I thought I had a mass and I was going to die...nope just a rib.

  5. I remember reading a book where a woman who lost a ton of weight was fully convinced for days that she had a cancerous lump in her hip as well. She tearfully went to her husband who told her it was her hip bone! Too funny! I'm excited to actually find some bones under all this squishyness!

  6. Apropos of your discovering your hip bone -- a few years ago, a neighbor who at the time was a senior veterinary student put her dog on a diet. Some pounds later, she found a lump at the caudal aspect of the dog's breastbone. Concerned, she had one of the veterinarians at the hospital take a look at the dog. The verdict? Not a "lump", simply the dog's xiphoid process.

  7. CONGRATS ON THE BODY PART DISCOVERY. I am on a quest to find my collar bone. I just KNOW I have one - maybe even two! xoxo GP

  8. I am beginning to notice that I have a neck!! So, I know exactly hat you mean!

  9. Hipbones - love it. I was so happy when I found my collarbones...we dieters are a strange bunch!

    Catching up on your other posts...I, too, got the "too thin" comments way too early in my weight-loss. Don't know why people say things like that - are they genuinely concerned, do we just look so different, or is it jealousy?

  10. Bravo for NSV and hip bones! That is so cool!

    Wishing you a great weekend!


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