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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Boring day but, that's ok.

Yesterday I spent most of the day again dealing with my poor sick kiddo. I was able to get some housework done which was nice. She actually took a short nap in the afternoon. the kids and I watched a couple of movies last night and then to bed. We were up several times but she did get some sleep.

This morning we slept in a while.We both needed it. Can't tell you how glad I was that I didn't have to work today. Nanny came and I left to run errands around noon. Got the oil changed, tires rotated and grocery store. I also went to the pet place to get a new light bulb for the turtle and sand for the gecko.  Some fun Spring Break, eh?  I didn't work out yet today. I am going to do some TKD and I had planned to run when I got home, but we had storms here so it didn't happen yet. I can always hit the treadmill.

BFF arrived today and I'm so excited. We have a girl's day on tap for tomorrow including a stop at the gym and hopefully time with the trainer which should be good. Then maybe some shopping, movie and lunch together. It's rare we get time sans kids so it will be fun.

My post today is boring. Nothing very thoughtful or insightful to say. Just persevere and be consistent. That's all I can do. Day in and day out. It isn't fun or exciting. Sometimes it is frustrating and irritating. But the end results is that I am getting healthier and I am happier than I've ever been. That's what it's all about. And now it's time for more advil for the kiddo.....


  1. Poor kiddo. I'm glad you get to get out and have a bit of a break :) Hopefully all the kids will be healthy again for a spell.

  2. Hope your kiddo gets feeling better soon!

  3. Perseverance and consistency will win the race every time. You're doing great, especially with all the family illness you've been dealing with. When I was taking care of sick kids and sometimes being sick myself, I would be at high risk for getting into the food. Hope your kiddo is soon well!

  4. Day in and day is right. Consistency, in the midst of sick kiddos, work, friends, family, house...

  5. Both my boys have had throwups in the past few days. My wife stayed home with our oldest today. So I can relate. Better days ahead. Thanks for your kind words on my post today!

  6. Glad you are getting a little reprieve with your BFF and a day off. You need it after all, too. Enjoy it and laugh alot!


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