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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Good Morning, all! 

Yesterday was a hectic day.  Started with the usual morning rush. Got the kids off to school and arrived at work.  Some days are just harder than others. I'm sure it's that way for everyone. In the morning I got the dreaded, "You daughter's school is on the phone."  Great. That only means one of two possibilities. Someone is sick or someone's in trouble. She was sick, 102 fever and tummy ache. Nanny picked her up for me.

At lunch I went to TKD. I was a little late as I ran late in the office. It was a good class though. I learned how to do some new stuff including a hip throw. I am getting more comfortable with sweeping people and taking them down to the mat and with being tossed to the mat myself. The first time or two I thought no freaking way the skinny chick could drop me and if she did I was self conscoius of what that might look like.  I mean, fat chick wallowing on the floor is not a pleasant thought for me. Plus I thought, what if I can't get up. How embarrassing.

The good news is that, skinny chick can sweep my legs and put me on the floor just fine and I was able to hop right back up every time, about 20 or so. I had a very sweaty day yesterday. I realized that when I'm more hydrated prior to class, I sweat less. I guess it's because if you're hydrated you can regulate body temp better. Anyway, I didn't drink as much before class yesterday and I was dripping. Eww. I hope that when I'm thinner that gets better. Although I've seen skinny chicks that sweat as much as I do.

I went home to shower after class and check on my little one. She seems fine, fever and tired, but ok. Likely a virus and this am, no fever. We'll see as she is supposed to have a belt test today and she was so excited about it. 

Back to work after a quick bite at home, tuna, tomatoes and crackers. I didn't have salad made up or cucumbers so, I had a whole tomato. I am remembering how much I like tuna.  Work in the afternoon was busy. That's a whole other post, perhaps I'll write later today. I was invited a while back to write a guest post on freelancemd.com so maybe I'll kill 2 birds.

After work, I ran to TKD to pick up daughter #1 and son. It is so fun to watch him and see how far he's come. He started Track and Field this week and that's something I never thought he'd want to do. He's usually been the slowest kid and a little chubby. But, lately he's looking more strong and fit. I was proud of him wanting to try for track, even though it means we have to get up earlier. Sigh.

After TKD, I had to run to a friend's house to pick up a squirrel trap. That's right. A trap. To put in the attic in case one of the little buggers got closed in there yesterday when the roof was repaired. Hopefully not. Husband says if so, we'll have some stew. I say NO way. I've had it, yucky. After that (YES, there's more) I had to take son to get track shoes which he needed by this am.  By now it was after 7pm and the kids were starved. I drove through Wendy's to get the kids food on the way to the athletic store.

We got home around 8pm. I was starved by then and had the chicken breast Nanny had cooked in a sandwich. I was too tired to fix salad or veggies. I had a grapefruit for dessert. Got the kids in the shower and ready for bed. Little sick one was already asleep in my bed. Dosed her with tylenol again and finally I got to bed. I decided to skip the work I needed to do. Too tired. Oh and I forgot, my monthly visitor came. Great...

That was my day yesterday and it was long and busy, but I came out the other side feeling satisfied. I got through the stress and chaos without slipping up, stuck to my plan and completed my exercise anyway. I avoided the temptation of fries and frosty. I got all my water in. Total calories were 1217.  So far the scale is not moving this week. But, I am on a mission.  Today I plan a trip back to the gym. My arms are sore, but since when has that stopped me?

What's on your agenda today?  How do you handle those unexpected things life tends to throw at us at times?


  1. What a crazy day! We had a squirrel in the attic one time and it made a lot of noise!

    Today I am staying home and trying to rest and get over this crazy cold virus. Lost my voice and just feel crappy!

    No exercise for me today.

  2. Sounds like a crazy day!!! Hope today is a bit more calm for you! GREAT job resisting Wendys!

  3. Whew! Just reading your posts burns calories for me!

    Don't hate me, but since you asked... My day is starting with Kona coffee on the lanai watching whales do their thing just off the coast. If we can hold to our promise to leave the complx every day, we will be heading to the north side of the island for sight seeing, gift buying, and supposedly the best burger in the world (hold the bread, please).

  4. I think you rock. When I get stressed and when I go off program I just think about a metaphor: If I am driving to San Francisco and make wrong turn and head towards Beaver Utah, MUST I DRIVE ALL THE WAY TO BEAVER UTAH? Hell no. I just make a U turn as soon as possible. Otherwise, in diet terms, I'll say "what the hell" and eat an entire crate of oreos or something. As it is, you are ROCKING this challenge! Am so so proud of you! Look at you! In the 190's! YAY!!

  5. You passed up a frosty! Way to go. You're my hero(ine) now. I love those blasted things and still carry fond memories of far too many of them on my hips and thighs. You're awesome.

  6. Maybe your little one's tantrum yesterday was due to her not feeling well, and just not realizing it yet? I've had similar things with my kids. You wonder, what was up with that behavior, and the next thing you know, they're sick.
    Good job on passing up fries and frosty, and working out til you're a sweaty mess. Rock on!


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