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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's a NEW day......thank goodness!

Well, my daughter is still stick. Still had fever this morning. Geesh. BUT, she slept all night so that means I slept. She is home today and although she's better, she's not well and we'll keep up the fluids and meds and such.

Yesterday was a hectic day. And I'm not kidding. It went something like this:

6:15am Son to track practice
8:00am Little girl to school, Big girls meds and kisses and hugs as I leave and Nanny arrives
10:00am In clinic working, depressed and sobbing patient.
11:00am In clinic and discover pt has life threatening lung blood clots. Sent to ER for admission after panicked call from radiologist.
12:15pm Finish am clinic. Damn. Missed TKD again. Crap. Paperwork, call husband and make arrangements to go to night class. Realize I'll have to go from work to Daughter's open house and THEN to TKD. Decide to work through lunch and catch up on paperwork.
12:45pm SHIT! Forgot I told Nanny I'd pick up little girl from school after TKD. Rush to get her by 1pm
1:20pm Arrive home to drop off little girl. Check on sicky. She's better, not great. Grab a yogurt and banana and protein bar for snack/lunch and drive back to office for paperwork.
2:30pm Seeing patients in office. Discover one patient was abused and threatened by partner. Counseling and such arranged.
4:00pm Old lady with bad pneumonia refuses to go to hospital. Arrangements made for home oxygen and such made.
4:15pm Received call regarding need to pick up freakin stupid frozen cookie dough sold a month ago. DANG IT!
4:45pm Finally finish with patients and rush to daughter's school
5:15pm Back at work and deliver cookie dough. Rush home to drop off rest.
5:30pm Take son to TKD for his class
6:00pm Try to make it to daughter's open house and realize I can't. Return to TKD for my class
6:30pm TKD class. thank goodness......Lots of sweating. Hamstring held up, but I had some trouble w/ kicks by the end of class and was sore.
7:30pm arrive home. Shower, Dinner
8:45pm Kids to bed, me to computer for paperwork while icing my leg
11:00pm Paperwork finally caught up. Smile. Sleep........

So I feel better today. Sleep REALLY helps. My leg is better. I am planning a walk at lunch, here in a bit. First I have to run to pick up my kiddo and take her home. Check on the sick one and hopefully there will be 20-30 min for the treadmill, walking only as I don't think I can run yet, and then some stretches.  We have no activities tonight so we have some around the house planning to do. Somewhere in there kids must be bathed and PLEASE GOD she'll be back to school soon. Thank goodness it's only first grade.

My calories yesterday were 1223. I did an hour of TKD at about 800 or so cal burned. I was hungry late last night, but that's mainly habit. I drank some more water and went to sleep. This morning I had whole wheat blueberry muffins made by Nanny yesterday (thank GOD for her AGAIN.)  They are about 110 cal each as they are small and made with no sugar, no oil, yogurt instead. Also I had some egg substitute, my coffee and water as usual.

Plan tuna and salad at lunch and water, water, water. What else is new? Dinner is not for sure yet. Probably fish as I'm craving it and salad and veggies.  I'm thinking asparagus? We'll see.

Thanks for all the support in the last few days. I'm waiting to see how things do. I'm taking all your advice to heart. Hope you all are having a good week and learning to squeeze your life around your healthy lifestyle instead of letting your life squeeze your healthy lifestyle away. That's what I'm learning to do. Good day all!


  1. I'm exhausted just reading what you had to do in this post!!
    Hopefully the sickness will all be over for you soon. Stay strong and take care of you and your family!

  2. Damn woman I got tired just reading all that... I get up around 5 or 530 get to the gym and work out.. of course I have not done that for 3 weeks since my foot has been in a boot.. but next week I am going to start at the pool early in the am before work. Having morning me time.. really helps me face the day .. and cope better.. wishing you more time in your day for you.. amazing how much of yourself you give in one day and still hold it all together and take care of yourself.. Bravo!

  3. Add me to the list of the exhausted -- and I've had similar days, barring the patient contact (which would seriously have put me over the edge, BTW).

    Recently I've been into cooking with egg whites or Egg Beaters White (depends on my mood). And I've learned that egg whites with some salt, pepper, and a bit of fresh dill aren't bad at all. Toss in a couple of pinches of parmesan and some Canadian bacon and I'm good to go for under 100 calories before veggies. And possibly after, depending on the vegetable.

    I don't know why I said that. Overshare :P

    Anyway, I'm so glad to hear your daughter is doing better. Sleep is good, both for the mother and the offspring! You'll both make it :)

  4. I am exhausted to, I admire so much what working mothers do. you are on the run my friend., goodness. you inspire me and I wish for more time in the day for you...if only. take care. glad your daughter is feeling better too.

  5. I don't know how you do it. You would fall into a coma if you lived a normal day in my life, lol! Sure hope your daughter gets better - this is a long time for her to be sick, poor little thing!


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