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Friday, March 4, 2011

Things I've remembered! How FAR I've come and ...dumbest thing ever.

Sooooo yesterday didn't go as planned for me. Seems to be par these days. Whatever. I ran late at the office and missed TKD class at noon. Boy was I frustrated. I thought that I would go to the gym. BUT, I wanted to run and I don't have the guts OR is it because I have too much gut?  Anyway, I still have not done treadmill running in the gym. I just can't quite do it. Plus, I love my elliptical and when I'm there that's what I want, but I needed to run. Then I looked out side and saw the beautiful day and that decided.

I changed into running gear and went to the park for a run. I realized about 1/2 way through this was my first outdoor run in about 6mo. Sad, I know. And then I started to remember a few things about the differences I had forgotten.

Things I remembered about running outside:

1)  It's harder: Literally a harder surface. And guess what? HILLS even when I don't plan them. And bumps. And those neat little side walk lines that are cool to count and pace, which I liked.

2) There's wind:  Nice gentle breeze to keep me cool and distracted and relaxed. AND freaking TEXAS wind gusts that SUCK to run into. It's nice on one side of the track and SUCKS on the other.

3) Fresh air:  Spring is coming here in Texas. The trees are starting to bloom. The grass is getting green and it is just lovely EXCEPT for the TINY detail (pun intended) of POLLEN. Mental Note-make sure you puff on that inhaler when running outside.

4) You might "run" into people you know:  In my line of work that means patients. Or 2 or 3. Yeah they saw me sweaty and with a look on my face akin to what you might see while I'm sitting in the dentist chair. BUT, they saw their doctor putting the money where her mouth is. By God when I tell them to exercise I mean it.  It also means that the high school kids at the high school next door might see me running, and I use that term lightly, up the hill as various body parts jiggle.  Great. But, no rude yells. I did get a, "Keep going you can do it." Maybe the youth in America are not all lost.

5) Evil geese and other water fowl:  That's right I forgot that geese are damned mean when they have babies. And WHY do they need to sleep in the middle of the trail? Assholes. Can you refer to an animal as an asshole? I don't know but that's what I called them. Yep, out loud.

6)  The old guy will pass you:  Running trails are full of runners. Real ones and yep...there's always that old guy you can tell has been running forever who passes you like you're standing still. Sigh. I'm OK with it. Means that I have a goal. I want to be the old lady passing all the fat youngsters one day.

7)  When you are done, you might NOT be:  I did the C25k Week 3 day 1 yesterday and that means I did 3 min intervals. Which doesn't sound like much, but feels like an eternity. Nothing and I mean nothing makes you feel better than when the Dude in the program says, "Workout Complete."  YES! Another day done. I made it I did it. Woo Hoo! .................Crap, my car is parked on the other side of the lake. Fabulous.  More walking sounds great except #1 I'm tired damn it! and #2 I'm on my lunch hour, I still have to stretch, get home and change and back to work. Oh well, more calories burned and What a lovely day.

8)Scenery:  Much better than my white walls, BUT no ESPN scrolling news on Sports center to read. That's OK, plenty to keep me distracted out here.

And so......I enjoyed my run, got changed and back to work. Finished work and decided to go to TKD with my daughter. She's a green belt which is a higher rank, but we're in the same class.  Here's where I might have made a different choice. I felt fine. I was excited. I really love TKD. And it's so good for my anger issues, ummm...., I mean it's great cardio.  So I go to class and I'm stretching. And.......POP! FUCK! Hamstring. Felt it pop. Luckily I don't think it is torn. I was able to finish class, but dang I can't kick very high and it's my right leg, my best one.

So. Maybe I'm learning that I'm pushing myself too hard too fast? Maybe I shouldn't have run yesterday when I knew I planned on TKD. I don't know, but I refuse to stop. I'll keep stretching and moving. I'll let it heal, but I won't quit. I'm not giving up and I've come too far.

I found an old spreadsheet the other day from a few years ago when I was "trying" to lose weight. I was weighing weekly for like 4 weeks. Typical. But, the shock was my starting weight was 274. There it was in black and white. Last year I was 250 when I said enough. I'd forgotten I'd lost about 25 pounds and kept it off before I started for real this time. My total weight loss from then now is 77 pounds!!!!!!!!! That was great news and a discovery that I was so much fatter than I felt. And this am the scale says 197 which is still up 1 pound from 2 weeks ago. Up and down up and down. But luckily the overall trend is down.
NSV: I can look down while I run and see my feet! Tummy's getting smaller!

NSV: I have a lap without a belly sitting in it!

Yesterday I ate a little more calories, but I burned 1200. Plan or no plan double workout days require more for me. I had 1390, and that was fruit and a little extra protein at dinner.  I'll keep doing what I know is working. I am not perfect, but DAMN I'm good. And no matter how bad I want crap, I will not stray.
Even when the scale is not showing what I feel like it should.  Even when I'm limping and my leg hurts. Even when it seems like it is taking forever to get this done. I will succeed and I will rejoice in this new me I'm building.

I'll leave you with this:
Is it me or does this NOT scream colon cancer prevention? A cake? Really? How about some veggies, fruits, or anything with fiber? Seriously one of the dumbest things ever.


  1. Congrats! those three minute intervals are awful.

    Laughing over here at the cake...

  2. I just came across your health and fitness blog. Your article about the struggles and hurdles of losing weight was especially interesting. I especially liked your comments about sticking to it and pushing your way through obstacles...those pesky geese! I am adding you to my favorites. Since you and your readers are interested in health and fitness, we thought you would like to check out our ab workout machine called The AbStand. The AbStand is a full-body workout machine that provides an easy way for you to keep your New Year's resolution! Any feedback would be appreciated as well. Thanks!

  3. Ha Ha HA! The cake really is just too ironic.

    Spring has sprung. I'm popping zyrtec and singulair every day and clinging to the inhaler for dear life, but gosh darn it all, isn't is GORGEOUS outside?!?

    Most excellent on the running, Doc!

  4. Maybe it was a black bean brownie? yeah, I'm totally grasping here.

    I have to pace myself with physical activity. As I get older (ouch) I find that with my genetics I'm pretty much asking for a knee/ hip/ ankle/ back outage if I do too much at once. So I'm trying to find a balance between "couch potato" and "challenging but not life-threatening".

    It's harder than you'd think.

  5. Let me guess, colon cancer cake left by a drug rep...

  6. @Jan: Sadly no. The damn cake was from a GI docs office!

  7. That's so great that your patients see you working out. A great role model for them. It must add to the credibility of your message with them.

    And yeah, the cake? Your caption nails it.

  8. Congratulations on a great run, no hecklers and having lost 77 pounds!

    You are a role model! Hope no harm was done to your leg. Take Care

  9. Ouchies on the hamstring! I've never heard a pop, nor do I wish to. It's a pisser when you can't workout as much physically as your mind says you can...but would you ever have thought that you'd have to throttle BACK on your workouts? LOL, how things change.

    Read your newest post - hope your daughter gets better, poor thing!


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