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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Home Again and Where's the Doctor?

Hello everyone! Busy week has left me not getting posts up as much as I'd like. I'm tired from last night and staying up late watching my Mavs win (yeah!) against the Lakers (boo)  AGAIN (YEAH!).  Can. Not. Believe. It. But we'll take it. And a couple more please. I'd love to sweep 'em.

I've done great on my eating this week. I have stayed on plan and eaten well. I haven't seen a loss on the scale yet. I'm waiting. Patiently.  I'm writing now because I'm hungry or I think I am and it's way to late to eat. I arrived in Oklahoma this evening and I'm sitting on the sofa at my Aunt's house. I'm wanting to go explore and get food, but I will not. Instead, I am here blogging because I didn't have any other time to do it and because if I'm thinking about this blog I'm not thinking of food.

Tomorrow I'll attend my medical school reunion. Thanks to all of you who left helpful comments and those of support regarding my request for tips on how to handle the temptation. I have a plan. There is a luncheon tomorrow and I've planned to stop on the way to the meeting to get healthy snacks for my purse. That way if the food is unacceptable, I'll have something to eat. I plan to eat  some fruit and drink a lot of water before the reception and dinner tomorrow. I've also vowed to avoid alcohol. I don't need the calories or the bloat. Water water water is on the agenda. I've come to rely on that and I'm amazed at how often I crave the stuff.

I found out that next week I'll take a early make up test for TKD and get my green belt. I'm most excited as I was so bummed when I was injured and unable to take the test last time. I know all the material and the instructor doesn't want me to be bored for another month until the scheduled test. I'll just have to go in and do the sparring portion of the test on test day.

I went to class today at noon and I'm sore, especially after driving for 3 hours. But I did a little stretching after and that helped. I was amazed at everything I did in class today. We did a ton of extra kicking drills and punching. I got a pair of gloves for my hands. They're martial arts gloves, not big boxing ones. I was glad because I didn't have them on Tuesday and after sparring my hands were kinda sore.  I have to say I felt pretty bad ass all decked out in my gloves and stuff, punching the bags and kicking and ducking. I am still using the fitbit and I'll tell you that I'm enjoying it immensely. I know that every calorie is being tracked and that really motivates me to stay on track. Today I walked 8, 942 steps. I'm just a few days in but I haven't done the 10,000 yet. I'm getting closer. I'm sure I can get to 9,000 before I'm done tonight.

I saw several paitents today that hadn't seen me in a while. Two of them didn't recognize me and thought I was a new Nurse Practitioner. One of them was quite upset that her appointment was changed to see the NP instead of me. I was a little amused at that.  I had to assure them that I was, in fact, the doctor and I guess after they heard my voice they realized I'm still in here. These were patients I see for just physicals once a year so they hadn't seen me in quite a while. That was weird. And I am surprised when this happens because I still feel so fat sometimes and I have so far to go.

One of my employees asked if I was at my lowest weight. I told her I was almost the lowest I've been in my adult life. She said I was looking amazing and I was so strong and she admired all the exercise I do. I tried to encourage her to workout. She and another employee are going to start doing zumba on DVD at lunch next week and I told them I'd join them on days I'm not in TKD. That should be fun.  These two employees also were shocked when I told them I had about 65 pounds left to lose. They literally said they couldn't imagine me 60 pounds lighter. I laughed and said, "me neither." But, I told them to be "normal" that's how much I have left. It was nice to have this conversation without finally feeling weird or irritable or annoyed. They didn't seem to be judging me and that helped a lot. They also didn't offer unsolicited advice which was fabulous.

What is it about being "home" that makes me crave bad stuff? Is it knowing that there is likely a bag of Oreos somewhere in the kitchen? Or is it an emotional response to the memories I have as food for comfort? I don't know but I'm ready for bed because if I don't I could be in trouble.


  1. Sometimes it's nice not to be recognized--especially when you have lost a good deal of weight! I also have more difficulty with food when I am "home." In fact, when I start craving something, I need to leave. I also need to clean out all of my cupboards. Even if I don't have sweets around, I usually have ingredients to make something off limits! Getting rid of that stuff will be my goal today! Have a wonderful Mother's Day with your family!

  2. I have an opposite recognition story that I haven't posted about on my blog yet... I ran into an old boss of mine on election day and he recognized me even though it's been just over 21 years since I last worked for him (and I only worked there for 2.5 weeks before I quit).

    Funny thing is - I am still WAY heavier than I was when I was 17, but he recognized me - LOL!

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who goes to bed because it's either bed or cookies, and the latter is unacceptable.

    Good luck to you on your green belt test!

  4. Those were funny stories about not being recognized!

    I know you can get through your social situations and stick to good eating and healthy habits!

    Remember my saying, "I never regret something I didn't eat."

  5. Love reading about your TKD class, wish we could see you in action. Good Luck on your test.

    Enjoy your reunion & Happy Mothers Day!

  6. That's a nice story. I'm happy they didn't recognize you, shows just how far you've come.

  7. Happy Mother's Day - hope you are having a great weekend. :)

  8. That's the best when people who haven't seen you for a while don't recognize you. Happy Mother's Day!


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