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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm HUNGRY! and NO I'm not giving in

Just a quick post today.

I'M HUNGRY!  I don't know if it's eating real food or what, but I'm hungry today. Didn't help that lunch was baked potatoes and mac and cheese and salads and cute little mini bundt cakes brought into the office. NONE of which I ate, but ALL of which looked awesome. I ended up going home for a while and eating on plan but I'm still hungry and trying not to think about it. Just drank some more water.

I'm not exercising today. I'm so freaking sore from my two rigorous workouts on Monday and Tuesday so today I'm resting. I have a board meeting tonight and I had to dress like a "real person", ie no scrubs. There's just something that irritates me about dressing in nice clothes, getting undressed to exercise, and having to shower and get dressed again. I should have worked out this morning, but AGAIN with the so freaking sore thingy.

There's no shame in a day of rest,right?

I wonder if no exercise is why I'm hungry today or if it's just my body adjusting to real food again? Anyway, I'm fighting it and ignoring it, but it makes me crabby. So this is what Allan's always talking about, eh?


I've been reading and commenting some today and as usual it helps. I wish I had something profound to write about today, but I don't. Only thing I can say is, some days you breeze through and others you struggle more. Today I've been faced with a bunch of temptation. I've had to remind myself why I'm doing this. I've had to argue with myself about why "just one taste" DOES hurt.  So you see we all go through this. Even now after 80 pounds lost, I struggle. Sigh......

That's ok though. There's no shame in the struggling. There's only shame in the quitting which I will NEVER do.

For me ONE TASTE can set of a binge of biblical proportions. ONE cookie-not a good idea. ONE dinner roll. ONE piece of pie. ONE scoop of ice cream. ONE sip of Coke.  All of which sound like it should be ok, but it's the cravings that come AFTER that I hate. You see I always want more. Always. And even if I watch it and eat good healthy food sometimes it's hard for me to maintain control. So for me I reserve these "just one" episodes for very very very very very very rare things. Like pretty much never. Don't fool yourself. Just "one bite" does a LOT of damage. I can't tell you how many pounds I've gained from that!

I read Tami's blog as I always do and she has this FAB recipe for jambalaya today which has me drooling and not helping my cravings. BUT, knowing I can have shrimp helps.  She has the best recipes on there!

Well, I'm off to my meeting now. (boo!) But at least I won't be home and tempted with food. That's all for today except........GO MAVS!!!!


  1. Stay strong. Yes, struggling is okay. If it was easy, we wouldn't be in Blogville. After yesterday's workout you certainly deserve a day to rest your muscles.

  2. You are preaching to the choir! One bite can do me in too. But so many others can handle moderation. Sigh.

  3. Me too! I give in to "just a few" of my daughter's Raisinets and there I go. It's not worth it. Sucks to be hungry though. :(

  4. Some days are definitely harder than others! I agree with you, I can't do moderation of certain foods I really just have to stay away from them!

  5. I noticed the same thing....I've been hungry at times that I wasn't last week. I weighed my protein after cooking and only parts i can eat tonight and will see if that helps. Yes, you get a rest day......remember that inflamed muscles from an intense workout may need time to heal. Go Thunder!

  6. Perhaps it's the weather but I was holding one of those internal debates on eating off plan, just one little muffin but I know, for me, that's a slippery slope. I ate an extra piece of fruit and had an herbal tea and the craving went away.

  7. I agree with you on the one taste thing. Stay strong, Doc!

    Oh, and rest days are what make your muscles repair and grow. Take at least two each week. Your body will reward you for it.

  8. I am thoroughly impressed with your resolve Doc! I need to copy cat you it seems. I wouldn't say I have been "off" of plan here lately but on is not the way I would describe it either. I got some motivation from this post to do better in my eating than I have been. I need to practice what you preach!


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