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Thursday, May 19, 2011

A MAVelous day and.....KNIFE!

I'm so super tired today. These NBA playoffs are killing me. Of course last night I was at a meeting until 10pm. Then I got home and watched highlights from the game and then I got to bed. Tonight there's a Mavs game and I'm wondering how in the world I'll be able to stay awake. I see coffee in my future because I'm not missing it. Yes. I'm that big of a sports nut.

Speaking of sports. One of our OU players died today. So very sad. Really thinking of their family today. Such a huge loss and he was so young.

Yesterday would have been my cousin's 40th birthday. I guess it bothered me more than I realized. I didn't really talk about it all day, but it was weighing heavily on me. I had planned a gift and funny card for him. We were always teasing each other about our age. There were 4 months of the year I was 2 years older than him and he was ALWAYS teasing me about it. Still so hard to believe he's gone.

I went to TKD today although I was very tired. I also woke up with a headache which didn't help.  After class I felt better, but still tired. At least we didn't have to do push ups today. I'm still sore from earlier in the week.  We worked on kicking drills and forms. Then we did our form with our eyes closed. Interesting.  Really helps your balance. At least I didn't fall down.

I'm eating on plan and I'm on track for a decent loss. It is hard,not impossible. It certainly seems to be working so far so I'll stick with it. Excited that chicken is on the menu tonight.  You know you've lost weight when your little old lady with memory loss realizes you've lost weight. It must really show. Either that or she remembers me fatter than I was. Ha ha.

I went to Kohl's and bought a few new clothes a while back. Gonna have to be sure and try them on from now on and wear them pretty quickly. The dress I bought about a month ago fits still, but barely. It's getting pretty loose. What's really cool is being able to go in, pick something out and buy it without trying it on, knowing it will fit.  This week I went and bought capri jeans and a couple of shirts without trying them on. They fit great, size 14. I'm getting close to being able to wear some 12s. I even have a couple of shirts that are size Large. Which is great considering my um........bra size. :)

Warning. Female talk ahead........

And speaking of bra size,(this is wear the guys might want to skip down.) I'm getting ready to have to buy new sports bras again and they are expensive. So worth it, but expensive. I wear the ones from Moving Comfort. I have a couple of Enell and I like those also, but they are harder to get on and show with lower cut shirts, like my TKD uniform. Plus their bras seem to squish the girls together and sometimes they spill out the top, especially with the jumping and bending and squatting we do at TKD.  I'm happy to have the size come down though, so I won't complain.

(ok guys. You can read again)

Anyway. I'm headed home soon and after dinner I'll be getting kids to bed as early as possible. The game starts at 8pm and I'll TIVO it. By the time I get done with the kids we'll be far enough ahead to skip commercials, at least for a bit.  I'm a little frustrated our games are on ESPN. I prefer to TNT guys. That way you get King Charles Barkley who is hilarious and generally right on with his commentary. AND he's predicted the Mavs will win, so he gets my affection. Mainly I love him because you never know what he's going to say and the other guys on the broadcast always get this look on their faces when he starts to go off on one of his tangents that cracks me the hell up.

I wish I had something inspiring to write about today, but same old stuff mostly. OH!......I learned 2 of my knife defenses today. So now if someone attacks me with a knife I'll have hope of fighting them off.  I love learning that stuff. Anger issues? Paranoia? Either way, it's fun.

OK I suppose that's enough rambling for today. Stay strong and never give up!


  1. I am sorry for your loss :(

    Way to go on the dress size reduction. I kept a few things in size 12 that I hope to fit into again ;-)

    Enjoy your game.

  2. Congratulations on fitting into smaller clothing. It sure is a nice surprise to find out that you aren't as big as you thought you were.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Thanks for the tips about the sports bras. I actually don't own one, yet, because I only remember those ones from years ago that did not fit with women who have amble girls. I will try to find the two you mentioned.

    Have a great weekend and go MAVS!

  4. "So now if someone attacks me with a knife I'll have hope of fighting them off."

    Now THAT's a useful skill!! Everyone will want you to be their running buddy!

  5. I think you are experiencing the "firsts" of loss - first birthday, first Christmas, etc. I'm sorry...I know it's hard.

    How awesome about the clothes - it gets more and more fun to shop for them, as you are discovering!

    It's a pain to have to shell out more money for smaller sports bras, but considering how often you wear them, it's totally worth it.


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