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Friday, May 27, 2011

Yawn! and DUH!

Today I've been thinking a lot about why I'm so tired this week and why the scale isn't moving this week. I realized that these two things are likely connected. I've not been sleeping well. I've been up late watching NBA games and even on nights when I'm in bed, my sleep has not been as good.

This has led me to feel more tired during the day and less likely to feel like working out. I realized today that for several reasons I haven't been working out much. I worked out on Monday, but a lighter workout than usual. I missed TKD class Tuesday at noon due to running late at work. That evening was a band event for my son and Tornado night so I missed class that evening and didn't get to workout. Wednesday I had a meeting a lunch and I overslept so no workout. Yesterday morning, same story and again I ran too late to make it to TKD at noon!

So there I was trying to motivate myself and wondering why I'm so tired. Earlier I was wondering why the scale isn't moving. DUH! No sleep and No exercise. No wonder the scale isn't moving. Even after all this time of eating right, exercising and healthy living, I still have to remind myself not to fall into old patterns.

In the past I was always too tired to workout. I have realized over the last year that without exercise, I will be consumed by fatigue. These are things I tell my patients all the time, but sometimes I have to mentally slap myself as a reminder.  When you exercise, you raise levels of serotonin in the brain. This improves your mood, and improves your sleep. Without proper sleep, your brain craves more carbs, and your appetite increases. Without exercise, and sleep, AND proper food, my chances for success are much less. It takes all the pieces to that puzzle for me to function well and lose weight. Why do I keep forgetting this?

It goes to show you that you have to be on guard. Monitor yourself. Pay attention to your body. It's awfully easy to fall back in to old behavior patterns.  So last night I left work to meet the kids at TKD. My daughter and I are the same belt rank now which means we can attend the same class. She thinks it's hilarious for mommy to be in her group. I had a great sweaty workout and a good night's sleep. I woke up this morning feeling still tired, but definitely improved.

Today I have lots going on. My little one is graduating from pre-school and she is quite excited. My middle one has her end of year celebration and program today. She'll be a second grader next year. And the big one? Well......he's 13 and 1/2 and that says it all. He'll be a big shot 8th grader next year. They grow up so fast.
It will be hard for me to get in any exercise today, but I'm going to try to squeeze something in, even if it is a short walk with the kids.

I hope you are all staying on your guard and listening to your body. Are you someone who needs a lot of sleep or a non-sleeper like my husband? He needs WAY less sleep than me to be happy. Is there something your body is telling you lately? Are you listening?

AND....GO MAVS! So excited for the finals!!


  1. They do grow up so fast! And I think time passes faster and faster the older they, and we, get.

  2. It is so great that you and your daughter can take the class together. You are setting a wonderful example for your kids.

    Staying on your guard is so important. I find it easy to fall back into old behavior patterns if I don't watch it. I keep reminding myself that "pride goeth before a fall".

    I definitely need my sleep and I know that I haven't been getting enough lately either. I skipped two days of exercise last weekend because I was tired. But now I'm back on track with that. I need my water too, I can really feel it when I'm not drinking enough.

  3. Mike turning 19 came out of no where. Time does fly by very fast.
    You are so correct on sleep, exercise and eating healthy. This has not been my week either so I have got to get back into the swing of it. I have long days with 14 hour daycare and by time I'm done, I'm toast so I understand.
    Take care and have a blessed day.

  4. I'm finding the more into middle-age I get that i need WAY more sleep than i thought! And the sugar cravings are WAYYYYYY more intense as a 46 year old - soon to be 47 year old. What's up with that?!?! I WANT to find a way to sleep 9 hours a night and have early morning walk time and I just. can't. move in the morning! GRRRRRRRR how do i get 9 hours a night every night???

  5. I like your fatigue correlation. There is such a difference between being tired from a workout and being tired from not getting enough sleep. Hopefully your life will calm down just a bit now that summer is here and you can get back into your exercise routine - I notice that your posts have much more energy in them when you are doing TKD, running, etc. Who would'a thunk we'd be better off with exercise? Oh wait...;)

  6. Hey, enjoy the Mavs. Then catch up on sleep. :-)

  7. I find that I don't do long distance jogging too well if my sleep was poor the night before

  8. Lots of great things happening in your family!

    Not enough sleep does mess with weight loss and appetite! I often find myself feeding my "tired" instead of giving myself what it really needs which is more sleep.


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