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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A good day and BLOG LOVE.

As far as Tuesdays go, today has been a good one so far. I screwed my hubbie out of coffee when I reset the time to pm on accident. Sorry! But, I noticed in time to get my coffee brewed and I reset the clock to the right time so all was not lost.

Can I just say how much I've enjoyed the actual food for breakfast these last 2 days? I had egg substitute and wheat english muffin. Tasty yummy. Of course I drank tons of water and my coffee. At lunch I went to TKD. It was one of those days where I was struggling to get through class. I think it's because of the hard workout yesterday. My back and chest are sore and my legs are tired from the weight lifting. I pushed my way through class, but I was much less powerful with my punches or kicks. I also had a harder time with coordination so I kept screwing up the combinations. 

It didn't help that the instructor had us doing push ups and after the 40 with a twist I did yesterday, it was rough to get through. He had us doing push up then move to the side, then push up and move back and push up again. Don't remember the techinical word for these kinds of pushups, but I can think of a few and none of them are nice words. And after the 30 situps yesterday, the 25 leg lifts and then long hold leg lifts were pretty awful. But, I made it through and after class I felt good that I'd finished and pushed through.

Tonight I have a dinner meeting. I know, "Danger, danger". But I've already checked the menu and there will be grilled salmon and veggies, so I'll be on plan. Of course they'll also be dessert and bread, but I won't be having any of that. I'll save my evening snack for when I get home and I've had my water today as usual, although I'm feeling a bit dry after my hard workout at lunch.  The scale keeps moving downward and I'm super excited to see what the next weigh in brings.

Have I told you lately how much your comments mean to me? There have been so many times that one of you left a comment just when I needed it most. So please keep commenting and I'll keep reading and commenting on your blogs as well. If I don't already follow you, leave a comment. I love finding new blogs to follow!

I really enjoyed all the comments yesterday. Hearing from some old friends like Tish, Alan, Michelle, Christine and Karen was fabulous.  Stop by Tish's blog if you don't already follow her. She's back from a hiatus and been through a lot lately. Lend her some support. AND I always enjoy hearing from new bloggers.  Check out these guys who have recently just gotten started. They could use your support. Meghan at I'm On My Way and Letters to Absolem from Cupcakes to Crunches. BTW Meghan, I tried to comment on your blog, but couldn't. In answer to your question, I wear my fitbit in my bra and haven't had any problems and believe me I sweat a TON at TKD.  Also Treading Lightly has been around about a month and I've recently discovered his blog so check it out.

Finally, while I'm spreading the blog love, Head over to SJB's blog at This isn't Cute Anymore. She's back with us after an absence and needs our support to get back in the grove. We've all been there. Those times where we were not eating right, not exercising. It's like you wake up from a bad dream and realize somehow you've wound up somewhere you don't recognize. The weight back on and feeling defeated. The key is to pick up and move forward.  Don't lie to yourself. Realize that you have the control. Only you can chose to be healthy, to LIVE or not. And that choice is one we all make every day.

I've learned so much here in blog land. I've come so far and I really believe that blogging has been an invaluable tool in my healthy lifestyle.  How do you get back on track when you've had slip ups? What are some gems you can leave for our new blog friends?

Have a great evening!


  1. You have done so well, and I'm sure you will see 60 more pounds if you keep working so hard! I still have a few pounds to go, and am trying to figure out keeping it off for-EVER.

  2. I love your blog, Dr. F. You're doing great!

  3. Thanks for the shout out! I'll check them all out... tomorrow:) As for getting back on track, all I can say is that without blogging and reading blogs, I have no idea where I'd be!

  4. Thanks for the nod (Karen took my shout out expression!) today. It means a lot. I know just what you mean about those positive comments-really keeps us motivated. This is for life! You rock!

  5. When I slip, I just try to wipe the slate clean and go from there. It's kind of like they say good athletes "have no memory". A closer may give up a game winning home run, but the next day he just has to forget about it and execute his plan. That, and I have a little extra protein.

  6. Even those of us that have been in blogland for awhile would be interested in what others do when they slip up....
    For me, I just start making the right choice right then and there. There is no use waiting for "tomorrow". It's not easy. I found losing weight really easy in the beginning but then you get comfortable and slowly start letting the bad habits creep back in again. That's when I have to just pull up my socks and get back on track. It's not as easy when you get comfortable.
    And I wear my fitbit in my bra too - find it much easier and never notice it is there.
    Are you on their site?

  7. I read the first sentence "I screwed my husband.." and I was thinking "now this is going to get interesting."

  8. I'm with Laurie, that's what I first saw, "I screwed my husband" and laughed!

    I've just been looking into the fitbit, glad to know there is an alternate place to put it!

  9. Glad to hear that you are doing so well Ann. I think what helps each person get back on track it so individual and it really depends on what is going on in your life at the time.

    We have to make our health the priority and that isn't always easy.


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