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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Phase 6 Day 1.5 and Doing well.

Here I am a day into the challenge and I'm making it. It's not nearly as hard as I thought. In fact knowing that food is not an option is helping I think. Last night my son was like, "That's all you're having for dinner?" "Yep." I said. I really wasn't hungry. I was shocked, but I drank lots, more than the plan requires and that helps a lot.

Yesterday I did not workout. I was still suffering from a bit of a headache which is nearly gone today, thank goodness. I had to go to my middle girl's school for her birthday celebration. Her birthday is in the summer so we celebrated yesterday with her class early. You know that means cupcakes. Yep. I bought them. I took them. I didn't want them. Not even tempted. Did not even lick the icing off my fingers. Just not an option. I even brought the left overs home and the kids had them, I did not.  I definitely have changed.

Today I attended TKD class. I'll admit I was worried that I'd get light headed or have problems due to the low calorie plan we're on, but it wasn't bad. I drank double water and I was fine. I was really needing something by the end of class, but not faint.  I'll tell you when you are eating this little, you really do it slowly. That was the best yogurt ever. But, again I'm surprised by how not hungry I am. Sure hope it lasts and it's only day 2. But I get watermelon tonight so there's something to look forward to.

I am facing a challenge this weekend. I am going to chaperon my son's band trip to Six Flags. I'm a little worried about how to handle the plan, but I've talked to Allan and I think I've got it figured out. I cannot take food in, but I'll deal with it. This is life, right? I won't miss hot dogs or burgers. Amusement park food is usually nasty anyway. It's going to be hot, so I'll drink LOTs of water and I'll do fine.

This plan is clearly the most restrictive diet I've ever been on, at least this first part is.  I think it is really good for me to take a step back and not think about food so much. I'm not worried or obsessing about what to eat. The only thing I'm thinking about is drinking water all day. That's not new to me. It's really taken food out of the equation for now though. I'm kind of interested in how I'll feel a week from now.

I'm looking at this as an experiment. In one way it's a huge challenge for me to trust the plan and follow it. Let someone else dictate what I'll consume. Let go of the idea that I WANT food. In another way it's great for me to experience this gastric bypass type diet. After all, if I would recommend a patient have the surgery, it's good for me to know what it feels like. And finally, it is proving to me that I don't NEED nearly as much food as I thought. I feel fine and I'm eating less than 1/2 the calories I'm used to. VERY enlightening. Maybe this will finally convince me that the stuff I thought I knew about nutrition and food is probably not all accurate and intertwined with emotional baggage.  In the old days when I was in med-school, we'd put people in the hospital to do this kind of diet. Just plain new territory for me.

How is your week? Have you been faced with a challenge lately that you'll have to work around? How's the workouts this week?


  1. Workout has not happened this week, I'm going back tomorrow. I ran a 6 mile obstacle course on saturday and until today it hurt to breathe.

    Good luck with the challenge doc!

  2. Funny how excited we all are about our watermelon. I also felt that today's yogurt was the best.....of course I was looking forward to it since lunch yesterday. I too noticed that it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and its affecting the way I look at diets and nutrition in general. Good luck at the park.

  3. I've noticed that I eat the yogurt slower now....like I"m "cherishing" ever bite! :-)

  4. Same with me! It's like I've never tasted yogurt before and eat bite is a revelation. :)

  5. I need to go back and read what plan you are doing now-sounds drastic! Good luck with your challenges this week, sounds like you have worked out your plans and I know you can do it!

  6. I read you nearly daily but somehow missed the Plan you are on or the challenge. . . .Can you fill me in or send me to a website?
    You are a true inspiration to me.

  7. Seems like the whole month of May will be one big challenge for me. Here's to us both having resounding success!

  8. The not eating part hasn't been too bad. I think about it at night, but since there's nothing in the house to worry about, it's not too hard. I went walking yesterday and it felt great, not sure if the rain will slow us down tonight or not though. I'm liking getting back to basics and starting out strict and working back up to eating slowly, what a good idea, isn't it?


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