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Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Madness

I'm back. I've been crazy busy the last few days with hardly any time to post or read blogs. Friday was crazy with work and a board meeting at lunch. AND it was end of month which always means I had extra work to get done. The girls had their first sleep over Friday night and they were soooo excited. So was I since it was their first sleep over at someone else's house.  We ended up renting Inception which we hadn't seen yet and I loved it. The effects were really cool. I know I'm way behind the eight ball on this one, but it was worth the wait.

Saturday was a great day. We went to a car show- Shelby and Cobra mainly. It was a good time, nice day. They had free BBQ and drinks as it was sponsored by the bank. I didn't eat any of the free food, not even the ice cream. I did do some walking and took 2 water bottles instead of the soda they had. Then we went shopping for furniture at a place here going out of business and came away with new living room furniture. Yeah! It was about time.  Son went to help out with another scout's Eagle project where he was helping kids at the local homeless shelter make Mother's day gifts. I thought it was a really nice one and he enjoyed helping out.

Sunday, I spent the day cleaning the house and getting ready for delivery of the new furniture which will come on Thursday. I'm most excited because I've been wanting new furniture for a long time, but we'd been waiting for the girls to get a little older. Even so we got the fabric guarantee on the leather. Kids can really destroy things.

I've done well with exercise, but I must admit I have not been perfect on eating. I've eaten a little too much here and there. It showed on my weigh in as I was up a pound. I was frustrated and then realized that I am the one in control. The only one to be frustrated with is me. So this morning I hopped back on the plan, exactly. I walked on the treadmill at lunch and ran some errands.

I did receive my fitbit and today was my first day using it. Wow. 10,000steps is a lot of steps.  I'm still figuring out how to use the thing. I'll tell you already I don't care for the food entry on their website. It is slow and cumbersome. I am so used to my LoseIt program that I am reluctant to start over with a new program. Of course, I did read today that there is an interface in the works. How awesome! So far I'm at 6200 steps. And I haven't even gotten home yet. There's plenty of activity for me in the evening usually. We'll see. I'll sleep with it tonight for the first time and I'm dying to see how that works. I'll keep you updated.

Hope you all had a good Monday.  It has been a very interesting day, what with all the news and such. I'm off to get home and deal with dinner and kids and all the rest. See ya tomorrow!


  1. Ten thousand is a lot of steps! It's been a while since I used a pedometer and this device seems much more sophisticated but I still remember that warm glow of accomplishment when I got all the way to ten.

  2. You are going to be a step master in addition to the other hats you wear. Life never slows down.


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