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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hodge podge for Tuesday and a few pics....

Such a busy day yesterday and such a busy day today. I'm super tired, but can't quit. Wish I could take a nap.  Finding it hard on focusing on a post today, so I'll just muddle through best I can.

The weekend was good. You've already figured out that the rapture was a bust. I did however get to avoid Chuck E Cheese so I was nearly as happy as if it had happened. I ended up at the gym for a workout and while I was tired about 40 on the elliptical I felt great. It was easy after that workout to pass on the cupcake that was offered when I picked up the girls.

Sunday we took the kids to Scarborough Faire which is a Medieval festival for the Dallas area every April and May. This is the first year we've made it. For 12 years since moving here we've had intentions of going there, but never actually been able to for one reason or another. It was a lot of fun. Think Medieval Times on Steroids. The place is HUGE with rides (all of which are built with ropes and wood, no mechanical rides. Pretty cool actually.) We watched the Fire whip show and knife throwing and Jesters and Jousting. The kids had a blast. There was one ride that was basically a giant bungee and trampoline where you could jump way high in the air. I wanted to do it, but the weight limit is 180 pounds and they weighed you first. So now I have a goal for next year. By then I should be well under that limit. We did a ton of walking and that was good exercise! But it was hot and I think I did not drink enough water. Still catching up.
My daughter on the fun jumping ride thingy. Yes, you jumped WAY high in the air

Yesterday I went to my daughter's field day in the morning. WHY they have to do it on a Monday I do not understand. But, after the guilt, "But, Mommy, you went to all of brother's field days and you didn't come to mine last year and that means you've never ever been to MY field day." Great. So how do you explain that Mommy's office is busy on Monday and last year was the first year they did it on a stupid Monday? You don't. You bite the bullet and just take off so that's what I did. 

She had a great time and enjoyed getting wet in the water games and playing all morning with her friends. Poor teachers. I have no idea how they got through the rest of the day with those kids all hopped up on fun from the morning. I am glad I went. I spent the morning manning a station with Spooners which is not the weirdo thing that popped in my head, but actually a curved board that looks like a surf board and is used on grass to slide around and balance on. I actually enjoyed it a lot and it was good exercise, good core work. I spent about 2 hours on the things showing kids how and such. I really need to get one for our house. It would be a blast on our hill in the back yard!

I weighed in for Allan's challenge yesterday and I was 192. That's 2 pounds down last week. That's a total loss of 82 pounds from my highest weight and 58 since starting this blog. I am enjoying the challenge, but have to keep reminding myself that the challenge is to stay on the plan. The challenge isn't just to lose weight. It is to stay on the plan.  Of course the plan is designed to be a balanced and healthy weight loss diet. Who am I to tinker or question it? I'll admit it is easier now that the menu is more varied to be tempted to substitute here or there or think about eating additional food here and there. I think the temptations have been greater for me now than in that first very restrictive time. Granted I am on plan, but I'm finding it harder in some ways now. I also found my water intake slipping a bit, so I've been watching that the last few days. That helps a ton with cravings.

My husband asked me why I find it necessary to eat what I'm told when I could eat whatever I want if it's equally nutritious. My answer was that I joined this challenge and I want to try to follow the rules. But, also it's about denying my cravings and teaching me that food should not be my focus. I should be thinking less about food and my options and more about more important things in my life.  It's about showing myself that I don't really need to eat as much as I once thought and to prove to myself that I can keep structure with my diet.

Friday I wore a new outfit and I have to say that I felt looked pretty good. Size 14 pants and size large shirt and I could almost wear the size 12 pants.

Been up late still watching the NBA games. HOLY COW the Mavs came back last night from the biggest deficit ever to win in OT in game 4 of their playoffs with OKC. SO glad I didn't go to sleep when they were so far down with 4min in regulation play as I was tempted to do. I missed TKD class today, ran late at lunch. I have a band thing for my son tonight, so likely no exercise today unless you count running from the Tornadoes everyone is predicting for tonight. We're on the southern edge of those buggers, but my Oklahoma friends and family are buckling down. Hopefully everyone will be safe. We'll keep a sharp eye on the sky tonight!

Alright, that's enough randomness for one day and just about gets you all caught up on what's up with me. Keep on working toward your goals. Never give up!


  1. I haven't tried any challenges but I like the idea of imposing discipline on myself. I could use the practice! Congratulations on your loss.

  2. Those are the best 2 pictures so far.. Awesome..

  3. Ann you look amazing and so cute!

    I am doing a challenge, stop by and check it out.

  4. Yeah!82 pounds total - THAT's some serious hard work!

    Hope you were safe last night and no damage where you are. We were "missed by that much"...way too close for comfort! Thankfully no car or roof busting hail, either.

  5. You look so cute! I love that outfit - big congrats for your skinniness!!!

  6. Awesome pics and great great to hear, and see, the continued weight loss. You are leading yourself to the success you desire! Just fabulous!

  7. You look amazing! Congratulations on your success and accomplishments.


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