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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thank goodness it's Saturday.

Yesterday sucked. Sorry, but there's no other word for it. I got to work early hoping to get some work done, but I didn't get enough done. Then my Mom got sick and had to go home early (see works for me). Poor thing. I think she got food poisoning.

I was very busy in the office. I had complicated patients and difficult patients. Then I had to run to the bank at lunch. Then I had to run home. Then I had to drive to our satellite office. The office was packed. The weather was horrible. Thunderstorms, rain, hail, wind. That means our internet was an issue which means we spent much of the afternoon with no computers. Can I just say how much that sucks? Now that we have all our charts in the computer we're virtually paralyzed without them. I was triple booked and that means I was behind anyway. AH!

I was supposed to have a meeting at lunch with my Mom/office manager and insurance person, but with Mom sick, that got canceled.  Which is fine except I didn't pack my workout bag (the one time I forget!) so I couldn't go to the gym. Ugh.  Instead I worked through lunch and then went to the bank.

On top of all that, I had a migraine from the storm fronts moving in and by the time I got home I was miserable. We watched a little TIVO and then to bed. I've been tired from these late night NBA games. I needed the rest. But, it also means I had work to this morning when I got up.

I'm eating on plan and so far it's going ok. Am I hungry? Yes. Am I ignoring it? Yes. Drink more water.

Today the girls have a bday party to attend at the HELL that is Chuck E Cheese's. I hope that the rapture occurs before then, but if not I intend to drop them off and go to the gym for an hour. Much rather be pumping iron and sweating than listening to that racket. Plus I need to workout which I didn't do this morning since I had to catch up work from yesterday.

Tonight is the Mavs game. Go Mavs! So that's the sum total for plans for me today. Short and sweet and I'm just glad the weekend is finally here.


  1. Chuck E. Cheese is every parent's worst nightmare. Actually, you'll appreciate this. My 8 year old's birthday is during football season, so he has requested a touch football game as the centerpiece of his party the last two years. The other dads come to play QB and ref. The kids wear football attire. It's WAY fun. Then they come back to the house for food/presents/cake. Done. A good time is had by all. Cheap. No chaos. Love it.

  2. Chuck E Cheese is a demonic rat. I went to a party there once and the mechanical CEC turned it’ head, blinked and took m y soul. I saw a cute little girl taking to her grandmother and her equally but older sister go over to her and somehow grab the first little girl by the arm and fling her backwards under a table. And the birthday kid is somehow always getting in trouble. And don’ let me get started on the tickets and prizes sham, you get a fairer game at a carnival. The only good things about CEC is that they got rid of the ball pit and parents don’t have to clean up after their kids birthday party.

  3. I hope you enjoyed the weekend. Sounds like you needed a break.

  4. Eating on plan is good. You might need to skip a game and get some sleep though. :)

  5. Sorry I haven't commented much recently - been so distracted my Google Reader is filling up...

    Right now reading and commenting on my favorite blogs is the best distraction from my self - worry about surgery, complications, all the "what ifs". I'll be reading and if my comments start sounding totally weird after Thursday, blame the drugs ;-)


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