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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I had a great weekend. Busy, but great. I did get a little much needed rest. I spent some time with family and that was wonderful. I even got in some exercise. Now I'm back at work and with end of month, blech.

Friday we spent the evening at my youngest daughter's pre-K graduation. It was very cute with songs they sang and tiny caps and gowns. She was so proud and we were proud of her. Then we had a movie on the lawn in the neighborhood. So we packed up some drinks and sandwiches for the kiddos and watched Toy Story 3 outside with the neighbors. Kids had a great time watching the movie and chasing lightning bugs. It was a perfect night for it with mild temps and a nice breeze.

Saturday morning, son went to the historic cemetery in town with his boy scout troop to place flags on all the veterans graves. The girls and I headed to Target to buy gifts for the 2 bday parties they were to attend. I got the gifts and then the girls dropped off at their respective shin digs. What to do with 1.5 hours of free time? To the gym of course!  I headed over to the gym only to regret it. THE CROWDS. Unknown to me, there was an open house and pool party going on. BOO! I had planned to do elliptical and then swim some laps, but I ended up doing double the time on the machine. TOO busy to do much else.

Then I picked up the girls and home we went. I had bought an art project (decorate your own flip flops) for the girls and while they spent an hour doing that, I chilled out reading my book on the sofa. Son was with his troop making coleslaw and pies for the big picnic on Monday.

Saturday evening, the kids hopped in the pool as the temp is finally warm enough. I was very glad to see pool season start. I love the evenings in the pool playing with the kids under the stars. However, Saturday my fatigue got the best of me and I went to bed early, like 8pm. I slept until 11am Sunday! I left out the part where I think I was hit by a 24 hour bug. I had diarrhea all day. Boo!

Sunday I crawled out of bed late, still feeling a bit bad. I ate some breakfast and then laid around until the afternoon. I had to get a new fridge for the office and it was tax free energy star weekend. So off to Sears I went. After Sears,  I took the girls to see Kung Fu Panda 2 and we enjoyed it immensely. Once we got home, I felt better and got in the pool for a bit although it didn't take much and I was tired. Son spent the whole night with the troop up all night cooking brisket for the picnic.

Every year, there is a Memorial Day picnic, community wide and free, prepared by my son's troop. They've been doing this for like 27 years. There's a ceremony to honor veterans and then they serve free lunch. The troop supplies brisket and the boy scouts cook beans and coleslaw, cobblers and pies.  Monday morning early, we picked son up, brought him home for a shower, finished his beans, cooked his cobbler and then back to the cemetery we went for the ceremony.

Son was picked for the honor guard for the boy scouts which was very cool and an honor. I was proud of him and proud to be spending the day honoring those who've died for our freedom. We spent Memorial Day this year doing what we're supposed to do on this holiday. It's not just about picnics and BBQ, although we had that to. But, we had some great conversation with our kids about what the day REALLY means.

I weighed in and did not lose any weight. Well, I lost .6 pounds. I figure I was retaining fluid from the GI bug and all the sleep the day before. I'm hoping to see under 190 after this week. I weighed 192, so I'm very close.

Work work work today as it is end of month and I am behind, but such is my life. Tonight is the Mavs game and I'll be up late watching. I hate Miami so much. I'm hoping the Mavs can seek revenge for 5 years ago. I want them to win sooooo badly.

I hope you all had a good weekend. I'm here trying to catch up on my reading and commenting.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend with the family and honoring Memorial Day.

    I spent most of those days either gorked out on diazepam and hydrocodone or overdoing it with my visiting sisters then having to get gorked out again. I hate playing patient, but it sure does get one out of house duties!

  2. Super impressed with your son's scout troop and their service project...what a great group of kids (and adult leaders!).

    We drove right by the Mav's arena on our way in and out of Frisco over the weekend and I thought of you. That's not strange, is it? ;)

  3. Doc, thanks for joining the June Boom!

    Sorry about the Mavs. I am 100% behind them!

  4. I loved all the school assemblies and my kid's performances along the way. Enjoy them all, they grow up so fast!

  5. Hope that bug is gone! Good work on getting closer~even by a little to 190.

  6. I'm in the June Boom Challenge too! And I just started my own blog. EEEK! I'd love for you to follow me too. So far I only have Alan (Pounds off Playoff). Is there some kind of unspoken blogging protocol to get people to follow you? I'm sorry but I'm verrrry green with this!

  7. Hey lady I gave you a blog award, check out my blog to get it. Your weekend sound packed full of fun stuff. What a great type of busy to be.


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