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Friday, May 13, 2011

Oh yeah, Baby!

Day 5 of phase 6 nearly done and I'm going strong. But, that's not the news. The news is:


I'm very proud of myself for several reasons:

1) I passed the dang test.
2) I had the courage to start this in the first place. Exercising in public is a fear. I mean, being the fattest girl in the room with all that fat giggling and sweating in front of lots of people is scary, at least to me. But I wanted to try it and I did. And NOW I love it.  For me COURAGE has been a key factor in the success I've had this far. The courage to try. The courage to keep trying. The courage to believe in myself as I have never done before. My friend Patrick posted today on courage. If you haven't read it, you should. You can find it here.
3) Not quitting.  Through my gallbladder surgery and several injuries I've had several road blocks. If I had allowed myself the option of quitting, I probably would have. It's proof to me that my mindset has changed and that this is for life.
4) I broke my board!  In the last test, I didn't break my board and I was bummed. Like really bummed. But today I broke that thing first try with a step behind side kick.

5) I did it on my own! Alone! I was on display. I was the only person testing. This was a special make up test for me since I was injured 2 days before the last test and so bummed back then. That means I was the only one on display, sweating and such.

Here's me from my yellow test last November.
I think there's a difference.

Today I'm doing well. I'm super hungry today, but I'm fighting it. Had to ignore fresh bagels with the honey walnut cream cheese AND homemade lemon cream cookies this morning in the office. Not only were there bagels, but the employees kept TOASTING them as each one got one so I was SMELLING them all morning. I love bagels. No really. I LOVE BAGELS. A lot. Like a really lot. I can ignore donuts all day, but bagels are really hard for me. But, I did it and so far I am on plan exactly.

I got up this morning and I was sore. But, I wanted to workout. Oh, I forgot. I had planned on C25K on Wednesday, but the breaker in my exercise room kept flipping so no power=no treadmill. See. I told you it's like there is a secret force trying to keep me from completing that thing. That means the plan was to do it again today which obviously didn't happen. We have the electrician coming on Monday.  So today, I pulled out one of my old Biggest Loser DVDs for some cardio. My legs were tired and I'd forgotten how many god-forsaken lunges are in that thing. But, it was a good workout and I was glad that I didn't allow myself to wimp out. 

Tomorrow is the trip to Six Flags with my son's band. The good news is that it's not supposed to be too hot. I've figured out how to stay on plan and I know it'll be OK with the walking and drinking. I'm still using my fitbit. MAN! It's hard to get 10,000steps in! That's a lot lot lot. I'm still trying. I had about 9,700 yesterday and that was the most I've done except the day at the Zoo last weekend. Bet I get them in tomorrow. I'm still learning how to get more steps in my day.

Hope everyone has a fab weekend!  What's in your fitness and food plan this weekend? I know weekends are the absolute worst for me to stay on track. How do you handle it? 


  1. You look so much slimmer from your yellow to green belt. Look at your face and waist. Excellent work.

    Amy @ findingfitme.blogspot.com

  2. Yay--Dr. F. You look fabulous! What a difference. Your waist has become very well defined--especially when it's neatly tied in that green belt! Congrats on your green belt, and have a great weekend!

  3. Awesome and a big visual difference !!!

  4. And a beautiful shade of green it is, too. Congrats. It's a lot of hard work to earn that, we all know!

  5. You look awesome in that green belt -- congratulations!

  6. Go you Mean Green! You look great!!

  7. Congratulations, that's terrific and terrifically inspirational.

  8. Congratulations - that is a huge accomplishment and you should be so proud of yourself...YOU DID IT!!!!! And may I just add, WOW, what a tiny waist that belt is circling!!! You have lost so much weight - no wonder your patients are not recognizing you! You look fantastic. :)

  9. That post from Patrick and a few other ones from other bloggers really got me to thinking, too. So happy for you that you made this belt. Road blocks are part of all this getting fit stuff because it is part of life. But we can rock this. We got COURAGE and Perseverance (at least most of the time)!!

  10. Congratulations to you! Oh, yes you do look much thinner, just look at your little waist!

    Way to go!

  11. You look great, congratulations!

  12. Way to go, Doc!

    I'm a temporary Mavs fan. Cuban voted for Seattle to keep our team and they must beat the evil that is South Beach.

  13. Congratulations!!! I love love love that you BROKE a board!


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