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Monday, January 10, 2011

White Monday?

Thanks for all the support on the last post. I'm feeling better. A lot better. Got through the weekend OK.  Stayed on plan and ended up exercising yesterday in the snow with the kids. That's right. SNOW. Unbelievable. Happens rarely here, but we got about 6 inches and all the schools are closed.

Had planned on a run on the treadmill, but in light of the circumstances, decided to push that to today. We spent a long time outside, running, playing, snowball fighting and the like. Kids had a great time, of course. All day my 13 yr old son was talking about school canceling, of course. And this morning around 6am he bounded into my room to announce his joy. Joke's on him. When I left the house for work I instructed him to unload the dishwasher and then get busy on his science project WHICH he needs to make significant progress on before he heads out to play with his neighborhood buddies.  I know. Mean old Mom.

But, since hubby and I are leaving on Thursday am, the extra time is great. You parents out there know it's my project too. I hate that crap. We try to make it his deal as much as possible.  Besides, he was outside for ever yesterday instead of doing his stuff. He's going camping with Boy Scouts this weekend so, he's got to get some stuff done!

Speaking of my trip, I'm a little worried about it now. I have a game plan. I will of course take my water bottle. I don't like to buy water unless I have to because of the environment and all that stuff. I use refillable bottles when I can. Plus, I'll pack my almonds and fiber bars and 100 cal snack packs for when healthy foods aren't available. Breakfast is generally easy to handle while traveling with fruit and egg or oatmeal. The good news is we'll be on our own schedule so we can eat when we want and where we want. Without the kids our options are significantly increased. I'm packing my workout clothes. The 2 hotels we'll be at have great gyms and with the challenge exercises being walking and core work, I can do that anywhere.

So what am I worried about?  Well, I am worried about that vacation mindset creeping in. Me slipping into old patterns where I think I need the junk for it to be vacation. And like I talked about last time, this is a vulnerable time of year for me.  I have to be careful of over celebrating and using food emotionally.

On the other hand, we had a long vacation in July and I rocked that thing. I lost weight. I ate well. We hiked and walked and played with the kids. We were super active so that made all the difference. This trip with my husband will include a lot of walking. We're planning some walking tours. We love history and learning about new places so walking tours are cheap and fun with the added benefit of good exercise. PLUS I love the beach. When we go to the beach I love to get up early and take tons of pics of the sunrise and walk for ever before breakfast.

I've changed so much in the last year or so. I want to move more, do more and I have more trouble sitting still. Plus when we're on vacation we love to go and do things. So, I'm looking forward to a good balance of rest and relaxation AND being busy.  I am easily bored so I don't do the lay around thing that much. I KNOW can't tell by looking at me. We're going to take some DVDs for evening chillin out time and maybe on the plane. AND of course I have a ton of books to read. I actually got a few for Christmas to get going on.

So now I'll head home for lunch. Very slow day at the office with the white stuff around. We North Texans don't DO ice and snow. It doesn't bother me much growing up in Oklahoma and living in 3 years in Nebraska, I'm over all that fear and I know how to drive in it. But, Nanny from Italy FREAKs out so poor thing, she's trapped with 3 kids in the house. I'm hoping she'll make those low fat yogurt muffins I love and some lentil soup.

Here are some pics I took. I drove by the old cemetery and decided to stop in to take some pics. Some people say creepy. I say cool.

Pond near my house

Have a great Monday everyone! What tricks do you use when you travel? How do you keep active when on the road?


  1. beautiful pictures! Enjoy your vacation!

    I find vacation to be tough.. mostly for me because our "vacation" is usually time spent with family since all my family lives so far away. When visiting my mom.. not such an issue. She eats healthy and lives on the beach.. so walking, easy. My dad on the other hand... not good. They don't eat well at all, exercise is nil, and their fridge is always jam packed with crap.. so no room for good stuff.

    We will be going there in August this year.. so I need to come up with a game plan. I look forward to seeing the responses you get here. :)

  2. Great pics! Looks like a lot of snow, to my eye. I suffer from "vacationitis" too when I travel. It definitely helps if you plan some activities to keep you moving and having fun -- it's like extra bonus calorie burn on top of working out. Other than that, I just try to remember that this is a vacation from work and day-to-day life, not a vacation from reality!

  3. Those pictures are cool and good luck on vacation. I like using the fancy hotel's fancy machines.

  4. Love the pics. I love taking pictures in graveyards :) As long as you plan ahead and keep the right mindset, you should be okayh on vacation. It sounds like you have that covered. We got about 7 inches in Northwest Georgia too. It's been fun. We're staying with my inlaws since they have a gas fireplace. The driveway is impassable so we're snowed in. Hope you guys are having fun :D

  5. I loove old cemeteries. Especially the ones with angels and statues and stuff. Great pics.

    Have fun, you're gonna do awesome!

  6. Love the pond pic, a little creeped by the cemetery. Laughing about the Italian Nanny freaking about the snow. Here in Northern VA, they often cancel school just if they smell a flake (being from Boston, I don't get that). They are predicting for tomorrow, we shall see.
    Good luck on vaca. So many times, I eat better on vaca because there is no stress, and that, my friend, is WHEN I EAT!

  7. Rely on your learnings and success of your last vacation & you should do just as well or better this time too. Enjoy the snow!

  8. Beautiful pictures! Sounds like you have a good plan for vacation, all that's left to do is enjoy it.

  9. I love pictures of ice and snow. Snow makes everything seem so peaceful.

    I have not had a vacation to diet on so I have no advise to give. But I hope you have good time and I beleive that you will do just fine.

  10. Enjoy the vacation. We all need a change of scene sometimes. It sounds like you are prepared to stay on plan, even if you are worried. We weight loss folks are always worried about trips, but they are a part of life, and just do your best. BTW, I love your cemetery photos. I'm an amatuer genealogist, so I have spent lots of time in old cemeteries. I love them. They're not creepy at all!

  11. Snow days are the greatest days in the school year!! How fun! Completely weird though that you had snow (even though the pictures are beautiful). Global weirding, again!

    I think you have a plan that will work for your trip. Bringing the snacks is key in my book. Just keep track, and give yourself a little slack, maybe 500 calories on one or two days. Work out like crazy, but enjoy yourself, too!

  12. Hey, have fun on vacation. You know what to do. You've gone to all those OU games and kept it together. Just keep moving, keep drinking water, allow yourself some fun, and just set limits like share desserts, keep junk food out of your hotel room, or whatever.

    And I like the pond pic!

  13. Gorgeous pictures! I know my boys are sad to be missing the snow up there since they are still with us in CS.

    You are going to be better than fine on the vacation - you will be in a sunny climate (nice!) with lots of fresh fruit and veggies available for meals - plus with all of the walking you'll be doing there should be no worries. Just enjoy yourself, treat yourself well with good food, and be the new you.

  14. Beautiful pictures! I love snow, makes everything seem magical. Have fun on your trip.


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