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Friday, January 21, 2011

Shitty Week.

Couldn't help it. I know. It's silly, but I'm tired and frankly I'm getting punchy.  I'm feeling better now, but I've had nothing but saltines and sprite and jello for several days. Now my hunger drive is kicking in. Thanks carbs.  I'm looking forward to the weekend as this week has sucked in so many ways.

I have a family member going through a tough time. Someone I'm close to and do not know how to help. I would not discuss the issues here for obvious reasons. Let's just leave it with the fact that sometimes you cannot make someone want to be better. No matter how much you tell them, beg them, pray for them, they have to WANT to be better. And now I'm left with dealing with that helpless feeling. As a physician I am all too familiar with this issue, but it's harder when it's close to home.

On top of that, the office has been chaos. Busy is not the word and while that is a good thing as bills get paid and payroll gets made, it makes my stress crazy. I came back to a CRAP load of work despite leaving explicit instructions to be sure that things were covered. They weren't. Temper was lost. It better not happen again. THEN, other turmoil. Being an employer is not all it's cracked up to  be. I'll leave it at that.

Plus, stupid science fair projects. Who's idea is this, really? Do kids really learn from this or do they just learn how to jump through hoops? I guess even that lesson is valuable. But, what my ADD pubertal male child learned is how to procrastinate and get Mom and Dad to swoop in to save him. Damn it. That pisses me off. But, then I feel guilty because genetically he is doomed as I am scatterbrained, (at least I am now. Thanks a lot pregnancy brain that never goes away.) and his Dad is king of putting it off. He was the guy in college that wrote term papers all in one night to turn in the next morning. Me, I was the make sure it's done 2 days ahead and turn it in early. Or I used to be. Now I'm the overwhelmed full time doctor and business owner Mommy who barely remembers to put her deodorant on in the morning. (sniff. sniff.) At least I did today anyway.

PLUS, my body picked this week to get my period. I know, people get tired of this talk, but it is a fact of life and can make life less than fun. Sigh.

And, we're approaching the saddest time of year. The sports dead zone. The time between football and basketball play offs. Sniff sniff. It is a sad, sad time. BUT until then there are things happening in the sports world.
Warning...sports talk...Come on. You saw this coming.

So the big conference play off games this weekend.  I don't really have a horse in this race, but it's more fun to pick sides so....I have to go Bears. I don't have Green Bay hatred or anything, but there are and have been many Sooners on the Bears and so, da Bears it is. Although I'm not convinced Cutler has what it takes, I have been a defender of his when it wasn't cool and I think giving the Broncos the big finger is kinda fun.

As far as the Jets and Steelers I am voting for a meteor. Neither of these teams is fun. I cannot nor will I ever be a Steelers person although you gotta admit that Palomalo( no idea how to spell that) has fantastic hair. Ha ha. Sanchez is a frat boy and annoying as hell, USC and all that crap. But, I gotta say that Rex Ryan cracks me the hell up and I am kinda partial to people with potty mouths as I am one of that club.

The Mavs beat the Lakers. Smile. Hee hee. Hoping we can get another player in here and maybe we'll have a shot. Blah blah. This is what we Mavs fans do every year. Rangers are wheeling and dealing and we'll see if anything good comes out. On another note former Sooner Blake Griffin is AWESOME. Clippers in the news every night, now THAT is an accomplishment. He rocks.

And..that's it. You all probably think that I am a Sports addict. You'd be right and there are no calories in that, so I don't plan to stop. Looking forward to the weekend hanging out with my kiddos and hopefully practicing some TKD since I think there is a test next week and I have no idea if I'll be ready. I missed class this week due to the trip and the GI nightmare of 2011.  Now I'm going home to eat something that is NOT a saltine cracker. I got in all my water today. Yeah!

Have a good weekend all!


  1. Wow, that does sound like a shitty week!

    #1 You can't change anybody who doesn't want to change. It sucks, and it's hard to take it personally. But I've learned to say whatever.

    #2 Science fair projects are pointless. I never understand them and will never understand why they are neccessary. It's more headache than anything.

    Hope you have a better week!

  2. Man, that does sound like a stressful week. Science fairs are almost seem like punishment for the parents since most end up running around at the last minute for supplies or doing most the work. Hopefully the kiddies have some fun or learn something, otherwise why bother.

    Saltines, Sprite and Jello, that sounds like an intense bootcamp kind of diet. No thank you. Hope you are able to have a nice meal sometime soon.

    Wish you have a better weekend. It sure is nice to have you back...I always enjoy reading and learning more about you.

  3. what a crap week for you. sorry to hear that.. it can only go up from here, right?

    Oh... and are you telling me baby brain never goes away?? Aghhhh!

  4. Way cool to hear you say go Bears... I have enough Green Bay hatred for all of us.

    Sorry to hear that you had a rogh week. I hope things turn around for your family member, can be such an emotional drain when family struggles and resolution is evasive. And yes, science fairs blow! Other than teaching kids some presentation skills there is little educational value to them.

  5. I hope things get better for you soon. It can be tough to see others make poor choice after poor choice and watch them suffer for it. . . The helplessness and hopelessness can be overwhelming. Hang in there, pal. We love you!

  6. That is the worst part of coming back from vacation - all the extra crap you have to deal with. Sorry about the family member. It's tough to see someone make bad choices. But yeah, you can't do it for them, as much as you would like to.

    I don't miss those school projects, not one bit.

  7. I'm for Packers and Jets, though I don't have a horse in the race, either. Packers because my friend is a life-long fan and I think the public ownership thing is cool. Jets because I AM SO DONE WITH THE STEELERS. And although I am nothing at all like Rex, I like that he's Buddy's son - a little Eagles connection to hang onto.

  8. Glad to have you back in the blogging world.

    I could care less about the NFL right now - don't like any of the teams except the Packers, well, just because they are the Packers. Super Bowl will be for watching the commercials.

    Joke just for you (I'm sure you have heard it, since my Dad from Dallas is e-mailing it around):
    Q: What do you call 47 people sitting around a T.V. watching the Super Bowl?
    A.The Dallas Cowboys
    ;-) Jan

  9. So, sorry to read that you were sick, too. Miserable. I know. Hope you are on the mend. I have just, toady, been able to start drinking water without getting sick in my stomach. I am definitely on the mend.

    On another note: there is a great new book out by Katherine Ellison called Buzz. It s a mom’s memoir of her life as a mom with ADD and with a son with ADD/OD. Excellent and informative read. Medical, psychological social and neurological discussions. Top notch.

    I am a professional science educator and HATE science fairs for all the reasons that you described. For the most part they DO NOT generate more science interest or even literacy, but detract.

  10. Oh my GOD do I know what it is to come back to an entire clinic in chaos! I now have a fabulous assistant, thank heavens, but before? It is as if no one can make a decision if you are not there, personally, to make it. Even if you leave long lists of instructions. GRRR.

    Also gotta LOVE giving the finger to the Broncos. Hate those Broncos.

    And my 11 year old boy's science project is also due! Did we do this in school? I grew up in Oklahoma City where we colored until the 8th grade and then we all played football. Even the girls. And I turned out.. well, ok, anyway - I hate science projects. My husband is an artist and the project is on how people experience color. COLOR. Will artist, who just took a class called "The Language of Color" be helping? Don't hold breath.

    Keep at it. Screw the carbs. Carbs are like opiates but better tasting. I swear they hit the same receptor sites.

    xxo GP

  11. Sorry your week sucked Ann and you are still on the soda cracker diet!

    My mom always tells me "This too shall pass." Sometimes life has a way of piling up all the bad stuff at once.

    Prayers for a better week for you.


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