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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm back!

We returned from our trip late Monday, or should I say, early Tuesday?  We got home around 1am. Needless to say this week is rough. Returning to work after a trip is never pleasant. Add to that the fact that I was tired and I think I picked up a GI bug, maybe a bad ham sandwich?, and this week kinda sucks. That's why I didn't get a chance to post until now.

We had a great time. We saw so many things. We walked and walked and walked.  We ate very good food, but I stayed on plan for nearly all meals, eating very healthy food. Yes I drank some alcohol, but I also chugged the water like crazy. This morning I weighed 203 which is down a pound from the day we left. I'm pretty happy with that number. In the past I could've gained 10 pounds in a weekend. Maybe I really am learning something?  I never visited the gym at the hotels because we walked about 5 miles each day. I figure that was sufficient.

Key West was lovely. We'd never been there. It's like New Orleans with the beach and beach bum attitude. There are all sorts of interesting people to watch. The scenery was beautiful and the weather was great except for the first day which was cloudy and cold. By cold I mean 60 degrees.  The first day we arrived in Miami and then drove through the Keys to Key West. The next day we toured the Hemingway House and the island. We took a sunset boat ride which was beautiful.
6-toed cat at Hemingway House

On the sunset cruise

Sunset at Key West

Sunrise on the beach

Only 90 miles to Cuba!

Butterfly Conservatory was so cool!

Saturday we drove back to Miami. We stayed in a very nice hotel in South Beach. We had a lovely view of the ocean from our room.  Again we walked and walked. We saw the famous ocean drive. We did a tour of the bay and the star's homes. We spent some time just enjoying the ocean.

Now I'm trying to find my way back to routine, although with this GI thing it's not happening yet. Just trying to get through the days. I haven't eaten much except saltines and toast and I'm having trouble getting all the fluids in due to nausea. Anyway, I'll get there. I'm just happy with the loss after a trip. Have a great day. I'll have more inspiring things to say later. I hope.


  1. Sounds like a lovely vacation. Glad you had a good time.

  2. Welcome back Ann! I loved the photos, what a nice trip you had. It is good to have time away to connect with each other and have some quiet time.

    Congrats on the weight loss, that is awesome!

    Sorry to hear you are still having some GI problems. Hope things get sorted out soon for you.

  3. Aww man...that looks awesome--especially considering the 4+ inches of snow outside right now! Glad you had a good time!

  4. Ah, you were 30 minutes away from me! Glad you lost on vacay. We often GAIN on vacay, so that's a definite victory. Glad you enjoyed your trip. And I love the pic ofyou and the hubby snuggling on the sunset cruise. Heh.

    Onward with the challenge!

  5. Welcome back! I loved the photos. How fabulous to have a weight loss after a vacation--you are awesome!

  6. It looks like a lovely vacation, sorry about the GI issue. Glad you're back!

  7. Welcome back! Thanks for sharing pictures and some of your adventures. Sounds like a fantastic time. I love the Keys! (Much like the Texas Gulf Coast, only a little more exotic.)

    Transitioning back from vacation is always tough. Just imagine your patients wearing swim suits - er, or not....

  8. It's great that you lost on vacation. I'm tring to make that change also. It's been many years since i've been in Key West, enjoyed your pics and they brought back good memories. Hope you feel better soon.

  9. Congrats on a vacation loss. Pictures look great and are making me jealous! Feel better.

  10. Welcome back-- I commend you on losing weight on vacation, that is a total feat. Keep up the great work.

  11. Welcome back, and gorgeous pics! I had the GI bug last week. Toast, goldfish and Gatorade were my best friends, along with Charmin. '-)

  12. You look so happy in those pictures! Bet you are missing the Key West weather right about now...

    Who goes on vacation and loses weight?!? Wow! Nice work showing you CAN live and still lose. :)

  13. Sorry about your bug, but glad you got out on vacation. Nice to have you back!

  14. Glad you had a great vacation.. and congrats on the loss!

  15. Welcome back.
    Just want to tell you I am sending you the Stylish Blogger Award.
    See post to collect.

  16. A weight loss on vacation (of any amount) is a good thing! And it looks like a beautiful vacation too. Feel better soon!

  17. I want to go to warm key west now! It looks like you had a fun time! So glad!


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