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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

To tweet or not to tweet. Question Day and...Randomness.

Having a good day. Exercise-check, diet-check, water-check and pee pee pee.  Blah blah blah. Only 8 more days until my trip, but I'm not excited about it or anything. HA! Tomorrow is my birthday. I am honestly not too happy about being OVER 40. I was ok with 40, but OVER it, ugh. Tomorrow I am taking off from work to spend time ALONE. Luxury, I know, right?  I am having a massage and then seeing a movie. I think I'm going to lunch at the Middle Eastern restaurant I love. Now all y'all just stop it. They have this MOST awesome hummus and tomato/cucumber salad and a grilled fish that is great. I CAN go out without blowing it.

I'll work out in the morning. Plan on starting the C25K AGAIN. I had nearly finished the damn thing when the gallbladder tragedy of 2010 struck. So I'm going to start it over. It will fulfill the walking for the P4 challenge and it will be good for me as I can't run like I was.  Today I did TKD practice and the squats and lunges on the challenge thingy. Every time I think about skipping it or eating badly I envision Allan's face and suddenly I lose my appetite. Haa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Sorry. Couldn't resist. You know I love you, Allan. And I am thankful for the Challenge because I was dangerously close to losing it over the New Year celebration. It is just not good for me to feel too relaxed and free about food. Not good at all.  I gained weight. Poo. But, I'm back on track. Yeah.

So I've been thinking about getting on Twitter. What do you guys do? Are you tweeting? Do you like it? Here's the deal.  I love facebook, but sometimes it's so slow and there's nothing new. I love the blogs and my long list of blogs to read, but again sometimes there's nothing new. I have very little patience. I know the pun. Ha! BUT, I get bored easily so the idea of being able to just shout out to people whenever I have a stray funny thought and getting a response is intriguing. But then, I don't really know how this crap works and all that. And do I REALLY need something else taking up my time? I don't know. Just a thought.

And now, Spunky Suzi's question day.

1. What have been some of your healthy choices so far this week? See paragraph #1. Tracking my calories and getting back in the am workout habit.

2. Is there anything healthy you haven't been doing or have been inconsistent?? Are you working on it? I haven't been consistent as I want to be with the MOVE more part, so I'm working on that, yes

3. What are you planning for dinner tonight? Soup- I think.

4. How many meals do you make sure your having vegetables with? I have veggies with at least dinner, ALWAYS and I try to have them with lunch as well. I love em.
5. Do you love to cook? Or would you rather eat someone else's cooking or eat out?? I love to cook, but don't always have time. I love eating something that someone else has cooked. I like to eat out, but I completely loathe fast food these days. That stuff just tastes like crap and leaves you feeling like hammered crap. I can't do that stuff anymore. Yucky. But a nice seafood place or yummy grilled veggie fajitas at the Mexican place and I'm totally in.


Sports talk:

Did you watch the Sugar Bowl last night? It was a good game but I was so hopping the evil Ohio hoard would lose. Alas, they didn't. Mavs news-Dirk may be back this weekend. I sure hope so. But I also hope they do SOMETHING about Caron being out the rest of the year. I knew better than to get my hopes up too far. Such is the fate of a Mavs fan. Rangers had good news today. Signed a pitcher. Not the Cliff Lee now hated traitor, but should be good. And Cowboys....we got the #9 pick and the SAME coach. Yippee. Sigh.

Tomorrow is the Bimbo commercial bowl with 2 teams that are frankly and embarrassment to be in a bowl-Middle Tennessee and Miami, Ohio. Really? REALLY? We're calling this a BOWL game. Toilet bowl, maybe? And Friday of course is the Cotton Bowl NOT in the Cotton Bowl. What has this world come to? AND I'll have to root for the dreaded Aggies, big 12 and all that, but at LEAST it's not the BLECH other more hated TX team. Smile. How much does it suck for Mack to be watching all the bowls from the sofa. Hee hee.
Sports interlude over...

Ok. So today's post is random, but that's how I'm feeling today. And sore. I'm kinda sore, esp my legs. All those kicks yesterday. OUCH.  How're you today and did you answer Suzi's questions? And is there ANYONE else out there that loves Sports like I do? (Except you Alan. I know you do) Have a super-de-duper day!


  1. Hey doc, hope you have a fantastic birthday! :-)

    I did catch the sugar bowl. I'm a pretty die hard college FB fan. I too dislike OSU...

  2. I love watching (and playing) the sport that no one gives a crap about - volleyball. indoor/sand/grass whatever - high school, college, AVP - I'll watch any of it on TV - it's just hard to find!

  3. Happy birthday! I found 41 hit harder than 40. But I think maybe it was in part that everyone makes such a big deal over you at 40.

    I thought of you this week, your gallbladder surgery, when I found out I need hernia surgery. I am less than thrilled about the time I will be taking off from exercise. Sigh.

    Twitter. I have to say that I soooo did not get it at first. (Blogged about that once.) Then I tried again and now it is fun. If you join, let me know and I'll follow you. I can also give you a few newbie tips as I am slowly figuring things out. I like FB for the real me because I can keep up with my son in college and some distant relatives, but for the blog me, I'm out there but inactive. Too many places to read and post and only so much time.

  4. Happy Birthday first and foremost!

    I wish I got Twitter. I have been wondering the same as you if it would be helpful. I wonder if there is a youtube video on it. LOL!

    Have a great day tomorrow whatever you do!

  5. happy bday!


    I swore I'd never join Twitter. Then I got hooked about 6 months ago :) its been a great community! love the support on there

  6. You are hilarious. Love your sports interludes, even if I don't watch much. I will be watching that Cotton Bowl, though. :)

    So you're OVER being OVER 40? Sorry, I couldn't resist. Hope you have a great birthday tomorrow!

    I don't tweet. I also don't have a smart phone, so that may be why. Or I can't keep up with reading and commenting on blogs. You can? You must not be reading enough. Here, let me send you some from my reader...;)

  7. Hope to see you on twitter Doc - it's a better way of communicating than just posting comments, but a word of caution - it can be mightily addictive. If you want to monitor your twitter and facebook accounts in one place download an app like tweetdeck for free and you can consolidate them rather than have to be logged into different sites.

    Very happy to hear you getting back to C25K mate. I haven't run in 10 days with this flu i've got so i might have to go back a week or so myself. If you decide to join the tweetfest, my handle is @cannymonkey.

  8. Love the sports updates...

    Just checking in from Philly (your favorite sports town) to wish you a happy birthday from one wayyyy more over forty than you!

    Cliff Lee says hey! Oooohhh I hope that didn't hurt!

    Congrats on the C25K!

    Pam S.

  9. Happy birthday! Your plans sound heavenly. Enjoy yourself.

    I almost spit my water out about losing your appetite invisioning Allan's face. Hilarious!

    I am not on Twitter. I have a feeling it would be just another thing that I'm addicted too. My family would probably disown me at that point.

  10. Happy Birthday Doc! I hope you have a great personal time day. I used to get that pretty regular when I was young and single. I am curious about the C25K thing. how does it work?

  11. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy what sounds like a fantastic day of alone time.

    I, do, love some sports, not all. Crazy about football. You and Alan take the cake on that one. Last place Vikes in our division. Who would have thought?

    No tweeting for me now. Just not enough time in the day. Good luck balancing it all if you do. I can't manage the lure....

    Happy BD!


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