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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What a great day! Nine days and counting!

Today is a good day. So far anyway. I woke up this am and hit the recumbent bike, did 6.25 miles, stretches and then hit the shower.  Woke up the grumpy children still in their holiday hangovers. Got 3 kiddos to 3 different schools. Ran to Target to get the book I had been waiting on. The latest in the House of Night series. (yes I know. It's a teeny bopper book series, but I like it.)  I was the first one to get one and the nice overnight stoker guy pulled one out just for little ole me.

Arrived at work with an empty in box. Oh hell yeah. That happens very rarely and I stayed up late last night getting it that way, but I was watching that most awesome football game. Man, I'm kinda glad OU didn't play Stanford this year because they looked WAY awesome. Tish must be proud.  And tonight we have the Sugar Bowl. I love football!

OH and the really exciting news is that exactly 9 days from now, I'll be on the beach. Yippee. First couples only trip in 10 years and my husband and I finally get one. We are going to Miami, and a resort in Key West. Never been, and I've always wanted to drive through the Keys. So frequent flier miles and Marriott Points and we have a cheapo trip which should be great. We'll be gone for 5 days, 4 nights while the Nanas have the kiddies. Yeah me!

And the funny thing was I don't even give a poo about getting into a bathing suit. Of course I've been fat so long I've let go of a lot of that insecurity. If you don't, you don't live. But this time I am worried I won't have enough clothes to take because all of mine are too BIG not small. I have swim suits and while they'll be big, I don't even care because I'll have FIVE whole days sans children and I don't care where I am, even sitting in a hotel room in Toledo, it would be fun.

I'm not worried about vacation and travel food. I've been there done that. And there will be all kinds of fresh sea food which is totally easy to eat on the 1200cal thingy. Just ask Allan. AND I found out that the Saturday we'll be in the Keys is their annual Sea Food Festival. I think they are having a 5K that Saturday. Hell, maybe I'll do it, or do the fun walk. We'll see. There will be a lot of very skinny half naked people I'm sure. Anyway...who cares. I envision walk/jogs on the beach and long walks through town and hikes in the National park and swimming in the heated pools and Ahhh....I can hardly wait.

I had egg whites and toast with coffee for breakfast. I had tuna, carrots and light ranch for lunch. A grapefruit for snack w/ string cheese. That was AFTER my Tae Kwon Do class which, btw, kicked my ass. We did 20 kicks of front, side, round house and back kick EACH leg. AND she made us do a kick and hold position in each one for 10 sec, 3 times each. OUCHY.  PLUS all our holds, forms and kicking drills. AND that was after the warm up, push ups and all that crap. It kicked everyone's booty today.  As of right now I've had 96 oz water, 20 oz coffee and I am due for my diet Mountain Dew.

Dinner will be...well, I'll figure it out. I have to finish work and then head to TKD to pick up the kids. Man my hips are achy all ready. Just keep drinking! Then it's home, dinner, homework, baths and then hopefully kids in bed and me watching more football. (No. I don't ever get tired of it.)

And so, I'll ask: What have you done to move you closer to your goals today?

This is what I'm waiting for!


  1. I'm jealous, sounds like you are going to have a fabulous time. We are stuck in ice here, but might actually warm up a bit the next few days and melt off for a bit.

  2. Jealous of trip. It's on my list.

    I am a House of Night fan too. 37 years old so no worries there.

  3. It sounds wonderful, Dr. F. And you deserve it!

  4. You sound so great Doc! Being child-free, I can only imagine how exciting it will be to be away with hubby without the kids. It sounds like an awesome getaway. Great that you're not getting stressed about what to wear, how you're going to eat, etc.
    Looking forward to your update after your vay cay. Enjoy!

  5. Losing insecurity along with weight, now that is a healthy living plan to hold onto & never let go.

  6. so jealous of you vacation, I haven't been on anything resembling a vacation since college. I count my last maternity leave as my last vacation...wow, that's sad.

  7. DO THE 5K! Say it takes you an hour, by walking at a decent pace. No biggie, but you will have a fun benchmark to beat on your next one.

    Looking forward to the cool vacation pics.

  8. So nice to see you so excited. Sounds like a great vacation, and I am happy for you, especially about your too-big clothes.

  9. Do visit the Hemingway house while you are in Key West. It's beautifully maintained and the guide is very knowledgeable.

  10. Oh Lordy! I'm jealous, too! The first/last time Husband and I went away together sans kids was eleven years ago (we've been married twenty five years). We're pitiful.

    That said, I'm so happy for you and yours - have a splendid time on the beach and oh YUM! Seafood! You should probably round up a smaller swimsuit before you go, though. Sunburn in delicate areas from oversized suit slippage could be painful.

  11. Sounds like a wonderful vacation is ahead of you! Isn't it great that your clothing issue is that your clothes are all too big?

    Congrats on all of your success Ann!

  12. I've never been to Florida - your couples only vacation sounds perfect! Love how open you are to possibilities on the trip - you should do the 5K for sure!

  13. Love the beach, too. Will be done in CA at the beach at the end of the month and in FL in April. Can't wait!


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