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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday. Busy!

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty great day. My mood was good and I ate well. I ended the day with under the 1200 cals and over the minimum fluids. Today was a good day, for a Tuesday.  I started my day with oversleeping. I got a new alarm for Christmas, one I can use with my iPhone. I haven't gotten used to it yet so I keep thinking I've set it right, but didn't. Stupid machine. Anyway, I woke up with plenty of time, but no time to workout which was my original plan. I got the kids off to school and in to the office on time. It's still really cold here, but the sun was shining so that was beautiful twinkling on all the snow.

Breakfast was on the run as usual. A light whole wheat English muffin with egg whites with my coffee. Lots of water. Apple for snack on the way to TKD with a big glass of water. TKD was a booger today. We had to do 100 crunches, leg lifts and push ups along with all the usual stretches and warm up. Today my asthma is bothering me a bit so it was tough. In class we did a ton of kicks and all the other stuff. I was glad I went after and felt good. Sweaty, but good.

The office was a mad house today. Everyone had more than one problem. Everyone had vague issues that are hard to sort out. Sweet lord, some days I'd give anything just to have a simple strep throat. I didn't get all my work done so I'll be doing a bunch of work at home tonight once the kids are in bed. I have to get everything caught up before I leave for my trip.

Lunch was a quick sandwich and yogurt. I rarely eat sandwiches anymore. I try to avoid the carbs, but I wasn't very hungry and it was fast. I was in a hurry to eat and get back to work.  Dinner tonight will likely be salad and tilapia with some sort of veggies. My eating is going great so far this week. And, I've lost a few of those pounds from last week. I'll have to weigh in for the challenge early since I'll be out of town on Sunday and so far it's looking like a loss.  Tomorrow morning is a for sure workout. I've got to do the C25K as I didn't get it done yesterday as planned. Why is it sometimes things just get in the way? So frustrating, but that's my life and I have to deal with it.

We leave for our trip on Thursday so I have to get packed sometimes. I hate waiting to the last minute to pack. Unlike my husband who would pack in the car on the way to the airport if it were possible. I plan to start packing tonight, at least deciding what clothes to take. I have to find a swim suit that will work. I think I have one that should work. I haven't tried one in a while.

Anyway. I'm off to pick up kids at their TKD class and then I start my second job, ha ha. Night shift! Dinner, homework, baths, bed, etc, etc, etc. Hope you all have a great night!


  1. Holy cow...your post made me tired with all the business! :)

  2. Wow you are one busy Dr!! I have to agree with you i like to pack ahead of time so i have time to figure out if i need to buy anything :)

  3. What a great last two days. Packing always gets me even more excited for a vacation!

  4. Countdown to vacation! Seriously, if anyone deserves one.... You pack a lot into one day, and on 1,200 calories! Don't know how you do it, doc.

  5. so I have a thought here. It seems to me like you have the same issue I have. You like being busy and you do well diet wise as long as you are busy. It keeps you mind from wandering to food. I gripe and complain a lot about all the activities I am obligated to, but the truth is, subconsciously at least, I like that, it keeps my mind busy. You had quite a bit of lax time during the holidays didn't you? that was the time frame that you got down on yourself for eating it seems. am i on to something hear.

  6. Please try on that bathing suit, don't be like me, you've worked too hard to have a crappy bathing suit. And please, get some rest.

  7. I love what I'm reading here! Avoiding carbs, fish and veggies, TKD, working hard, feeling rewarded with the work you do. That's what it's all about! Keep it up Dr. F!

  8. My husband packs like your husband. Of course, sometimes he forgets things like oh, say, underwear or his shaving kit, but that doesn't seem to bother him too much. Hope your packing goes well! :)

  9. Yep busy life of a Mom, gotta love it. I just realized I am going to have to buy a new swimsuit this year, dammit, I hate shopping for those things.


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