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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Leaving...on a jet plane!

This day was exhausting. I do not understand why leaving for a vacation is so hard. It's like my patients have some sort of early warning system so they know that I'm getting ready to leave and they have to get in TODAY. Phone calls, Medication refills, referrals, forms to fill out. And of course, patients that think their problem is WAY more important than everyone else and want the answer NOW!  On top of that we had our manager's meeting today at lunch so I didn't eat lunch and we spent it discussing various "issues" that need resolving.

Owning your own medical practice has all the stress and hassle of any other business plus the added joy of constantly being exposed to illness, life and death decisions and the fact that you could get sued and lose it all at any moment.  Sometimes I wonder if I would have gone out on my own if I'd known what I know now. On the other hand...I don't ask anyone for time off. I don't need approval to buy equipment. I can wear whatever I want. My hours are set by me and I can see as many or as few patients in a day as I want. Overall I love my job, but MAN some days are just...........hard.

On top of that, Big boy has a science project (in other words WE have a science project) due on the 21st and we had to get some more done before we leave because he has a camping trip this weekend. Sigh. So at 6pm I was still at the office helping him run some tests at the office. THEN we had to rush home so he could change for his Boy Scout meeting which started at 7pm. Ack.

I woke up this am and was on the treadmill by 6am. I did day 2 of week1 C25K. I am so glad I've started it over although I wondered this morning. I had the battle about, my legs are sore and I'm tired, but I forced my inner whiner to shut the hell up and did it anyway. Felt great and I am surprised about how much better my speed is this time.
After my run, note the sweatiness (Is that a word?)
I was on top of the world this am considering I knew I only had to survive this day and my vacation begins.  I even ditched my scrubs for actual clothing. I ate my breakfast-an oatmeal muffin, egg whites and yogurt with my coffee and water, of course. When I got to the office I was working on this really witty post and took these pics...

But then by the time I went back to the post, I forgot half of what I had planned and said forget it. Mainly I was playing with my nifty web cam. I know. I'm silly.

So I took some snacks to work today knowing I had that meeting, but didn't have time to eat any till late this afternoon. I had bought a new flavor of laughing cow light-chipotle and queso. YUMMY....or was it?  I wouldn't know because I guess it has horse radish or something similar in it because my tongue started to burn, throat itched, lips burning. The first bite I thought it was just spicy and then I realized it was a reaciton. So I threw it in the trash and ate my celery plain instead.  I guess I'm getting more sensitive to the stuff over time. Here I am about 8hr later and my tongue is still tingling, not in a good way. Ha ha.

The food for today ended with a banana and a frozen lean cuisine pizza AND a Mike's hard lemonade light. Yeah. I needed it and it was good and I was happy. Total calories were just under 1200. I got in all the fluids. I weighed this morning and I was 204, nearly back to where I was.

Now that I finally got all the packing done and other things off my TO-DO, including left over work from today, I am ready to go to bed. I'm so tired and we have to get up early. Anyway, I'm excited about the trip. I will try to post while I'm gone, but it all depends on....well..whether I feel like it.Grin. I'll take pics, especially of the new little black dress I bought for the trip, and I'll post all about it at some point.  Take care and good night.


  1. Have fun!

    And don't worry about TOO much on vacation. Promise?

  2. Hell to the yeah! I love that C25K is back in your life, I love that you made yourself do it this morning and kicked whiner to the curb! I am actually on the other side of that today. I have jogged for 6 days straight and found I NEED a day off for the soreness. Plus I want to rest up for a hard push this weekend!

    have a great vacation Doc! Hope to hear from ya but get it if we don't!

  3. How fun that is to play with the web cam.
    And how good you look!

  4. Have a great, great time! You will probably find that being away from home liberates your mind for writing, so keep something handy for notes while you doze in the warmth.

    Regarding eating and weight. Don't fret. Really listen to your body, pamper it, and you just might find yourself losing some weight - or not. Who cares? It's vacation. (I did manage to cruise last year for 11 days and lost 4 pounds without doing anything special but being more active while eating like a "normal" person - not like a gluttonous cruiser.)

    Bring back lots of pics!

  5. You look great, Dr. F. Have a wonderful time. Once you're packed and on the plane, you're really on your way! Enjoy...

  6. Looking good, doc! The bright colors really make your eyes pop (in a fashiony-kind of way, not apoplexy kind of way!). Can't wait to read about your adventures -- whenever you feel like writing about them. Enjoy your break, you sure have earned it.

  7. You have beautiful eyes.
    I can't wait to hear and see pix from vaca. I need it virtually.

  8. Wishing you a very relaxing, fun vacation! You work hard and you deserve it!

    By the way, you look wonderful!

  9. You are so funny - I love the pictures! Hope you have a wonderful vacation!

  10. Love the sweaty shirt - woot!

    have a wonderful vacation - hope you get to relax!!

  11. Sweatiness - yep, that is a word.

    Have a great vacation doc. Glad to hear you making inroads into C25K again.

  12. you crack me up with your wit and your sweet pictures. you are glowwwwing and looking fantastic! Now GOOOO and have a great fun enjoyable vacation because you deserve every second of it. Relax and enjoy! This is my 3rd attempt at commenting. Let's hope 3rd time's a charm and it actually completes the transaction. ha. you're probably already gone and won't even see this but just in case you do - can't wait to see cool vacation pics too! :D

  13. Have fun while on vacation! Take lots of pictures. Can't wait to see the little black dress!

  14. I hope you got a new bathing suit, have fun!

  15. Here are my captions for your picturse:
    Picture 1: Doc: Oh, really (Doc Thinking: "I have heard this before. If I had a dollar for everyone that started off like YOU just did!!")

    Picture 2: Doc: Yep. Oh, okay. (Doc thinking: Let me put on my "I am really listening face.")

    Picture 3: Yeah, I hear you. (Geez. I am listening to this, and I got SOOOO much to do * but I love my job!!")

    Picture 4: Say what. You are donating your lottery winnings to a doc in the heart of Texas???? ("Love my job, but I am out a here! Now,how many season passes can I buy for me and the fam to______???)

    Picture 5: Oh, I get it. Great sense of humor. If you win the lottery.....(dang it!!!!!!!; least I am gettin' out of here.)

    Have a great trip!

  16. OMG I feel like I've found a true partner in crime here. A) Grew up in OKC B) Also have a practice and C) when I was thinner, the Weird Size Dilemma of Where Do I Shop - totally me.

    Thank you for your blog. I will be checking every day in the completely obsessive manner that I do everything.

    xo GP

  17. Your pics are great, and I am inspired by you. :) Hope your vacation is FABU!

  18. Great pics of you here... looking forward to vacation pics from you; hope you are having a splendidly-amazingly-wonderous time.


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